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Long time lurker but I have been having so much success and understanding of my life and relationships the past few years that I wanted to share.

I used to run with a moderately liberal crowd (no land whales or crazy hair or piercings, but mainly attractive single girls who were career oriented) and I was always so confused as to what I wanted in life and in relationships. Late-20's now.

My girlfriends and I tended to be ambitious and also let our ambitions define us first and foremost. One of my girlfriends is the founder and CEO of a nonprofit and she will let you know all about her successes when you meet her. I was also one of those "charity oriented free spirit" girls in my mid-20's that wanted to do good for the world to create my self worth. However I was socially awkward because all I could talk about were my projects and I wasn't really a fun girl to be around. Little did I realize that guys flocked to the girls who were able to have a good time and be a good companion, not shove their moral stance on the world down your throat (my girlfriends did this too).

I've better understood my role the past few years, I work full-time and I still do a kickass job at the office but the difference is outside the office, I can be a real person and enjoyable company. And now I have an amazing boyfriend who has been discussing marriage! Also I keep in touch with my girlfriends (who are still single) and now I really understand why they're single. Even if they're fun to be around with, they have an inflated sense of self worth because of their jobs. My nonprofit friend will sigh, look at her watch, and say she has to do "CEO things" when she's bored of other people. My other friend thinks she's waaaaay smarter than everyone she knows, she's really aggressive and condescending, says everyone is stupid, gets impatient, doesn't let guys do things for her because they always do things "wrong." Her 5 year LTR just suddenly ended and the guy has not tried to reconcile with her at all.

I feel like I can pinpoint exactly why women are single nowadays! It's just so fascinating to see what the actual reasons are and most of them are due to entitlement and overly inflated sense if worth. Also things like not being soft and fun to be around. My friend always complains after she goes on dates that she didn't have any enjoyment because she was criticizing the guy in her head. And funny enough, ever since I've changed, I've gotten asked out SO much and by really high quality guys, ones who are intelligent, attractive, and successful (before my current boyfriend).

Thanks ladies!!!

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I agree :). I can't think of the last time I argued with my bf thanks RPW🙏🏻

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If more women realised career ambitions weren't the be-all end-all of being happy, the world really would be a more cheerful place! It's funny we ascribe so much importance to it and at the same time, my girlfriends are always more excited to talk about relationship stuff than job stuff.

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Love hearing this!! I am also late 20s and fairly new to this sub - like you, I was very career-oriented in my 20s. I'm currently in "cocoon mode" and working on improve SMV and RMV for the next 6 weeks. However, after this 6 weeks, I want to proactively start meeting high-value men and (hopefully) dating them. Can I ask you how you met your current SO/other high-quality men? I don't seem to run into them on a daily basis, unfortunately. :-/

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I actually met my current boyfriend online, but I was also asked out by colleagues, people who work in the same building but not office, friends of friends, even at a concert! I just learned how to be more sociable and approachable and they literally came flocking.

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There's a blog called The Rules Revisited and I found a youtuber called Amy Young through him. She actually has a great video about meeting men. High-quality men are all around, but you're still going to meet men you're incompatible with while you're looking. Be a bit proactive and you'll find a great man! :)

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That's fantastic!!!

I also struggle with pinning my self worth way too much on how my career is going, and not only has RP made my relationship better, but moving the emotional center of my life to my BF (and family) has actually made work less stressful and more enjoyable.