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Laura Doyle, Surrendered Wife author here, and when I was taping this show about a month ago, several RPWs asked me to let them know when it was available.

So I'm excited to announce that Empowered Wives, the inspiring new TV series about how to attract your man’s time, attention and affection is now streaming on Amazon!

Lots of women have the same relationship struggles as you. They just aren’t talking about it…except on the new series Empowered Wives.

Watch all 19 relationship-changing episodes now for FREE if you’re an Amazon Prime member, or with a free 1-month trial of Prime.


I wanted to thank you RPWs for always supporting me and being so encouraging. It means a lot to me!

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Is this only going to be available on American Prime?

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I'm working on UK and Australia. Any other requests? Thanks!

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Canada please!

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    You may need a documentary on alternative weapons and civilian counterterrorism.

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    I've been honoring my great uncle by making jokes everywhere. When most men go bald they grow a beard to compensate, but he grew an oxygen tank instead.

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    Hopefully not like the hit man in the Cormac McCarthy novel ...

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    I'm getting "page not found".

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    I fixed it. Should work now. Thanks for letting me know.

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    Thanks for the correction! Did I mention RPWs are very supportive? I feel the love.

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    I am not even married and this is still exciting!

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    Watching it right now! Would love to hear other people's reactions and opinions. I've just finished episode 1. My god, I feel so so so bad for poor Carla! Do we have an update on her and her marriage? I can see why it was the right thing to do to encourage her to continue down this path she had already committed to, but it honestly didn't sound like things were going to change for her :(

    I really admire her interview style. It's so thoughtful and quiet while still guiding the conversation and pushing the guest to dig deep.

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    I agree. Poor Carla! It's been YEARS and her husband is still cheating on her?? I'm all about making marriage work, but it doesn't sound like her captain is the best person to lead her.

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    Even the bible let's you out of marriage because of infidelity.

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    The real question is: how do I get my girlfriend to watch this?

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    Just put it on. When she asks why, say "take the hint."

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    I am sharing this with my wife! Thank you Laura!

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    Hi Laura, thank you for sharing this! Will your series also be available in other languages? I'd like to share this with my wife but her English is even worse than mine...

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    Ah, good question. What language does your wife speak? So far it's just in English.

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    We are German native speakers.

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    Closed captioning should work for now

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    Karla wants to know how to restore intimacy and be vulnerable with her husband even though he's having an affair. Is Karla's marriage even worth saving?

    If he's having an affair. She needs a good lawyer not intimacy skills.

    After 40 years of marriage, Margee is separated and wondering how to get her husband back.

    There is no educational value in the second kick of a mule.

    Allison wants to know how to deal with a controlling boyfriend--so controlling he even spies on her!

    Allison needs an restraining order.

    I got 15 more to go... lol

    Wait a sec...

    Subrina recently went through a breakup, and is having trouble meeting people she connects with.

    That's because Sabrina spelled her name wrong.

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      ok I watched episode #1.

      Karla has a problem accepting reality. Karla does not understand her marriage ended 2 yrs ago. Karla is happy when her husband (who doesn't live with her, she sees only once a week and... has a girlfriend) throws her a few emotional scraps now and then.

      Karla.... he's nice to you once a week so he can keep you on an emotional hook so you won't divorce rape him.

      Karla is under the delusion her husband is going to come running back. Not after 2 yrs with his GF and who knows how many plates.... no he isn't. To convince her that she is on the right path is a little cruel.

      He's been fucking someone else for 2 years.... and she wants to feel vulnerable and secure with him, and be the only flame in his eye.

      I could go on but .... my ears are bleeding.

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      Even if you have a saintly spouse who wouldn't dream of divorce-raping her (cheating ass of a) husband, splitting financial assets can be BRUTAL. There are, for instance, tax implications. Your investments may appreciate in value over the years, but you aren't taxed on those capital gains until you sell. And if you have to sell a lot of stock in the same tax year (for instance, to wrap up a divorce) you may be hit HARD! Doubly so if you're paying penalties for cashing out an IRA or 401(k) early.

      If Mr. Carla can put off the asset division until retirement, when his income likely will be lower, he can realize significant savings. If he manages to live longer than Carla, even better yet! (BTW, that cuts both ways ... if he dies suddenly, pre-divorce, Carla stands a chance of making out like a bandit, especially if he hasn't taken steps to protect his girlfriend, such as drawing up a new will.)

      So, yeah ... this is most likely a "cheaper to keep her" scenario. It would be interesting to see the outcome of Carla demanding more intimacy, and whether her estranged husband will feel compelled to slip her the D to maintain the status quo. If so, he'd be rather like the wives of old who were obliged to put out occasionally in order to keep their meal ticket around. We've come a long way, baby! :-D

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      Dammit now I have to actually watch it after that teaser/spoiler.

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      Oh great! So he watched the 'Carla' episode, and now he thinks I'm gonna let him have a side chick, because Carla lets her husband get away with it.

      Time for a reality check!

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      But.... Karla lets her husband have a girlfriend. You're being a bit unreasonable. I'll still date you once a week. I promise.

      It'll be awesome. Just look at how happy Karla is when she accepted it all. Give it a chance baby!

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      Also all the women on the show are fat, old or have bad haircuts. You can control 2 of those things. Why take advice from some fat lady with a bad haircut?

      You should probably just disregard all of my posts then, lol.

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      Episode 6; Sheila needs medication.

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      It would be extremely interesting to see you and Sue Johnson talk about your work and possible similarities you've found in a google hangout:


      She's a couple's therapist, but hers is different from anything else out there, it doesn't seem to bash men nor women and she claims a 70% success rate.

      If you're interested, it looks like it might be possible to get a hold of her through twitter:


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      Empowered Wives

      It doesn't have anything to do with super powers or hero crime fighters does it....

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      Superpowers yes! Crime fighting not so much...