DISCUSSIONWhat are some of the "little things" that you do for your SO that are more personal? (self.RedPillWomen)

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We know massages, cleaning, cooking, etc. are fantastic, but what is something you've done based on his likes/dislikes that's more personal?

For ex. my bf and I have been talking about what type of homes we like, what types of decor, etc. he mentioned he really likes how pristine and put together hotels look, esp. their bathrooms. So I went into his bathroom and arranged his towels perfectly, not even a centimeter off (yes I'm a perfectionist haha). Later we were brushing our teeth and when he went to dry his hands he just stopped for a moment and stared with his hand outstretched towards the towels.

He was so happy! I was still brushing my teeth so I had to kick him out because he was ready to kiss me just like that. When I came out he was all kisses. :)

Do you guys have any stories you'd like to share of the personal "little things" that you've done for your SO?

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That's sweet! I help fold his laundry if he does it while I'm over. I love tedious stuff like that where he doesnt, so he's always thanking me with a bunch of kisses. Whenever we have sleepovers, he sleeps HORRIBLY. I am such a morning person and up before him so I get up, usually make some cinnamon rolls because that's his favorite and coffee! I'm not a coffee fan but I bought some quality stuff for when he stays over. I accidentally bought beans instead of ground so I use my mortar and pestle and give him super fresh coffee. He looooves it! I also bring him and his roommate beers occasionally. We love beer

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Love this!!

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That's actually so sweet of you. I posted a similar kind of question not long ago so I can't wait to read some of the answers on here. I would love some ideas, my man is so sweet and I would love to step my RMV up.

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Thank you! Yeah I'm looking forward to hearing some other people's stories. I'm so happy with my man right now, I feel so overwhelmingly happy! I can't share it so much with girls I know in real life because they're often blue pill and unhappy in their relationships. It takes work to remain happy and handle/prevent problems but its worth it!

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That's wonderful that you are so perceptive -- and that he is appreciative, too!

I have to laugh at the idea of towels -- if you don't mind a story.

I had a mish-mosh of towels when I was solo. Many of my bath towels were beach/novelty towels -- usually bought as souvenirs when I went to the beach.

It's not sophisticated decor by any means, but the cheery colors and happy memories usually brought a smile to my face. Not a bad way to start the day.

When my SO became part of the picture, I put the beach towels away and put ordinary white bath towels in the bathroom. After he showered, he commented "Didn't you use to have beach towels or something like that?" I said I still do, all the towels are under the bathroom sink if he needs them.

He stepped out from the bathroom with a sailboat themed towel tied around his waist, and a big smile on his face. "Yeah, the white towel that's in there is kinda small. But this one is nice!"

Oops. Right. My man is a lot bigger than me.

Some time after that, I was wandering around Target. I got to the Bath section and realized I could by some light blue bath sheets so my bath decor doesn't look like it was done by Rainbow Brite.

A couple days later, I go in to use the bathroom after he showered...and I ended up giggling. A sunset-themed beach towel was on the towel hook, and a colorful striped towel was spread out over the shower rod to dry. The Rainbow Brite look was back.

He asked what was so funny. I said that we do have blue bath sheets now. He doesn't have to use the beach towels anymore.

He paused. "But I like the beach towels. And they are bigger."

And sure enough, the beach towels are a few inches larger. So, Rainbow Brite it is, at least for now.

The sailboats still bring a smile to my face :)

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My SO loves music, and has many different types of headphones (that apparently do different things, like open hear, sound cancelling, etc). Anyways, because he uses them so often all the chords get tangled and strewn about his desk.

Whenever I'm over at his place I'll wipe down all of his sound equipment + dust, then start unknotting all of the chords and put all of his headphones neatly on his headphone stand that I got him for Xmas. Whenever he sees his clean desk + organized headphones he's so grateful and literally kisses me to death.

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I think you would benefit from putting in the work this way:http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Tangle-Free-Headphones-with-Embroidery-Floss

It works wonderfully!

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Thanks! I'll ask him if he'd mind, but that looks super handy :)

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Aww that's so sweet!

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  • make playlists
  • buy snacks
  • send him scandalous pictures
  • make his lunch
  • send him articles I think he would find interesting
  • iron his shirts
  • walk the dog before he gets home
  • cook his favorite meals, especially if they're not what I prefer
  • do face masks together
  • scratch his head
  • put all his watches onto his watch stand
  • re-stock the baby wipes in his bathroom
  • re-stock his travel kit with travel size shampoo, conditioner, etc.
  • buy impromptu sports tickets
  • wear the shirt or hat of his favorite team
  • get outraged about bad calls together
  • make the bed all perfect with throw pillows
  • re-fill the humidifier

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Yes to face masks! I'm glad I'm not alone. I love giving my SO the cute animals like the panda.

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Mine likes the Aztec Clay Masque!

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We like that one too. Good stuff :)

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I always notice when he is getting low on personal items and make sure he doesn't run out of anything he uses regularly.

I "dress up" for sex (hair, makeup, heels etc) and find naughty little things to wear to keep it fresh. He loves barely there things and always responds with enthusiasm.

I tan regularly because tan lines turn him on.

I ask him what color he wants my nails before I get them done. Little "submissive" things like that is a turn on for him and its no skin off my back.

I get him thoughtful gifts. I don't waste money, in fact frugality is a quality he likes about me.

He gives me so much, that finding new ways to treat him well makes me happy.

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I buy him snacks I know he likes. Donuts and cereal. I don't really eat either. So, when he sees it's in the kitchen he knows I bought it just for him :) it's the little things, ya know?

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Aside from laundry, meals, and general errands, I make the bed with the tags on the blankets (like the ones about how to wash the item) on the foot of the bed. I don't care but he gets pretty annoyed by it. He noticed at one point and was touched!

I also try to get him fancy coffee and on the weekends, I try to find new ways to make it very fancy. I don't drink coffee, so he was really touched when I explained to him my new slow drip process.

When he orders a new video game (like twice a year) it arrives at the house while he is at work. I open it and put it in the PS4 and download all of the updates. He always is so surprised by this and happily tells his brother that he can play it right away because I already updated it. (It can take an hour, easily!)

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I agree with him about the bedding tags. I have no idea why but I have to put them that certain way. I put the pillows into their cases tag end in too. Which is funny because I don't think that my SO cares which way they go.

The video game idea is great, really thoughtful!

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  • Wear clothes or lingerie he really likes

  • Start his shower after work, join him (when possible), wash his hair, scratch his head, rub his back, etc.

  • Wearing only lingerie (or nothing) when he arrives home from work (if I know his mood and/or plans)

  • Sing love songs to him, he really likes my voice and always rewards me with kisses and cuddles :)

  • Remember which items/brands he likes (food, household items, personal care products, etc.)

  • Keep a list (on my phone) of things he needs replaced or repaired, try to have it taken care of ASAP. Super handy because it helps me to remember random things like ear buds when I'm at Target.

  • Use body care/hygiene products he likes. He loves the way our bedroom and bathroom smell when I shower. Sometimes I time it for when he's expected home just because he likes it so much.

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I usually try to cook a quantity that yields 3 meals, one for my fiancé, one for me and one to take along. If he does not eat them both I putt into a container so he can take it to work with him. Seems like nothing special but he loves it.

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My husband is very tall and not so very flexible. I often will put his socks on in the morning since it can be a challenge. He also loves when I shave his head for him because it's easier for me to not miss spots.

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My husband always mentions things that he's looking into to buy or what not, I make mental notes and then later put them in my phone so I always have a great gift idea for any occasion. He rarely gets to do things or buy things for himself so I take care of it for him.

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I make handmade greeting cards for special occasions. He genuinely appreciates the effort I put into them and a lot of kisses follow :) He is also a photography enthusiast and I will be printing his best work for him to display in his room.

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Last night, I spent the night at my mom's just to visit with her (she's about an hour away from where we live). I drove up early before he got up so I could make him breakfast. He's really slow to wake up and loved it so I'm definitely making a habit of it from now on :) I'm also packing for both of us for our upcoming trip so he doesn't have to worry about it, we can just get in the car and go. I can't wait to expand my repertoire and see how our relationship dynamic can get even better.

Something I do on a more regular basis is be the one paying for meals when we go out because he's in school right now and I'm working full time, so he doesn't make as much money. While some men might feel threatened by that (understandably), he loves that I let him be thrifty and I don't insist the money stays even, because when he is making more money he already knows I want to contribute, not just leech off him.

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I keep his water bottles filled up. We usually only drink out of the fridge filter and it's kind of slow, so it's nice for him if I have them ready to go. It's just a little thing but he's told me he appreciates it.