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Taking care of your man, home and family are great but every woman needs to focus on self care too! Only you have the power to make yourself happy! Devoting regular time to yourself ensures that you are rejuvenated and ready to handle all of life's responsibilities with a pleasant attitude and feminine grace. How to work on your self care: Step 1: Make a list of at least 5 things that you enjoy doing. These should be things that delight you NOT things you think you should be doing. Dare to be frivolous! Step 2: Carve out time this month for the things on your list. Step 3: Indulge in the things on your list! Feel refreshed! Make tending to your happiness a part of your daily routine. You'll find that you have more energy and a better outlook on life! And don't forget to report back!!

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I have been slipping with self care all over the place. We are in the middle of a big move and he left three weeks ago to start his new job. When he came to visit last week he commented that circles under my eyes looked like I got in a fight with someone and he was concerned I wasn't taking good enough care of myself in his absence. I also lost weight twice as fast for those weeks as I am supposed to be, although I did make some tweaks this last week and slowed it down to the goal range. I am leaving my hometown, friends, family, professional connections, my church, everything. The move is an amazing opportunity for us and going to improve the quality of our comfortable lives even more. Still, I have lived in this place most of my life and this kind of change scares me. I am packing up everything and wrapping up my life here to move next week. I've been doing poorly managing doing things that delight me as well as doing the things I just have to do to be healthy and beautiful. I think I am going to make a list of five in each category that I know I need to be mindful about.

Sheer Delight: 1. Practice singing 2. Take hot baths with essential oils. 3. Journal 4. Cross stitch 5. Play Lord of the Rings Online

Delightful Necessities: 1. Sleep seven hours a night. 2. Hydrate like my life depends on it. 3. Go for a hike. 4. Eat more fruits and veggies. 5. Have some internet free days.

For some reason it feels much easier to take care of myself well when we aren't apart. This will be my plan for surviving the next the couple of weeks.

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1) Walk on the beach/take in the salt air

2) Drink coffee and read a book while my mom babysits my little one

3) Make and send a thoughtfully put together care package to my husband who is currently a million miles away on a business venture

4) Shave my legs (lol)

5) Dance with my daughter

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  1. Morning yoga and meditation
  2. Reading a book in a hot bath
  3. Spending one-on-one time w a girlfriend
  4. Walking on the beach or in nature
  5. Paint or make something crafty for myself

Geez that was kind of hard to come up w after the first 2... I must be out of practice!

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This post appeared right on time. I have fallen out of the self care wagon and I need to get back on!

So my self care list for the next couple of weeks are:

1-Enjoying the last couple of beach days.


3-Reread childhood favourites.

4-Have a pamper day.

5-Dedicate a few hours a week for creative work.