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Hi, just wanted to share what might be a helpful link if anyone out there is like me.

I used to go to the gym basically daily, I lifted and was a runner, but at the same time I was overweight. I still loved it.

But I've gotten so out of shape. I'm thin now (BMI went from about 30 to 22), but sooo unfit.

I don't want a gym membership because I'm moving soon, I don't have the space to buy equipment, and I've been rationalising being out of shape because I'm thinner! Which is awful. But I found this at-home daily body-weight workout, I've only been doing it a few days but I feel great.


It's intense for someone who was sedentary, and I have had to just do as much as I can, but I'm already getting stronger every day.

Just love that it's at home & doable with no equipment at all. And thorough! So wanted to share, in case anyone else wants to start. :)

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Check out Kayla Itsines’s BBG! She’s got a program and tons of people who post their results on Instagram. It’s not free but if you search on google you can get a PDF of her program for free.

It’s super fun to join the girls doing it on Instagram and they are a really supportive and empowering bunch. There’s not just super in shape girls doing it either. There’s a lot of 300+ lb ladies who cut down to under 150lbs by doing these 30 minute workouts 4-5 days a week and eating right and you watch them going “well what’s my excuse, she’s doing it!”

Nice thing too, there’s no hook. I was looking at doing beachbody (P90x, 21 day fix, etc) and discovered that the community has turned into an MLM. With this program, there’s nothing like shakes or high pressure sales tactics to buy into, (you can find the program for free but the app is $20/mo) just do the workouts and engage in the community if you’re feeling unmotivated and they’ll push you to keep working on it!

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Ooooh thanks for the tip, I am searching now!

EDITED TO ADD: a lot of this does require more equipment then I have access to atm, but I will save for later. :)

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If you have access to stairs or a chair and water bottles instead of weights it’s doable for the most part. Good luck!

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Thanks for the recc! Never heard of Kayla, but I've been looking through the IG tags all day and want to start this next week!

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r/bodyweightfitness is a good source for routines and advice.

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thanks! I actually picked up some weights this weekend and had downloaded apps but I like this list better than what I've found on the apps so far

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I am always looking for good body weight routines! Thank you for sharing!

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Definitely will depend on how fit you are - I have to stop for rest / water, but I was literally sedentary before. Today, my session took an hour.

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What would the tricep excerises entail? I'm not sure I understand.

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There are tricep dips, as well as push ups which will work triceps. Also, wall tricep push-ups.

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