We Are Not Interested in Opening a Dialogue With You About Feminism and Gender Roles, Feminist (self.RedPillWomen)

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Go Away

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Hi. No offense, but did you know you are a bunch of anti-feminist misogynists from the stone age because you choose not to worship yourself and step all over other humans for your own happiness? Are you aware that you're in borderline abusive relationships because you didn't castrate your husbands? LIke, you don't need to give head, unless you get hammered and suck some Ds in the club!

Because no offense, but I have it all figured out and men like to be smothered, shamed, browbeaten and emasculated. My boyfriends knew they need to either put up with my Alanis Morsette CDs or GTFO, and you should feel empowered to gain 50lbs and demand your men lie to your face about finding you attractive, too!

Also, you slut shame girls who are just trying to not exercise any amount of self control, why do you care who I sleep with? They're all betas anyway, because I only sleep with men who wish they were women.

Like, no offense. I'm just trying to understand this. Why am I so much better and smarter than you?

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    So true!

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    First paragraph in I hadn't realized this was satire yet. The horror.

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    I almost lost it at first until I recognized the sarcastic attitude.

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    Same here! My jaw dropped. Lol

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    Lol good one

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    OMG this is too perfect. Well done! :-D

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    This is the best phrase I have ever heard a woman say... "I'll bet my best pan" If I ever heard that in person I'd break my rule and buy her a drink then and there because the smile it put on my face is worth the exchange.

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    its been done to death. they come here thinking they are going to evangelize us


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      hell me and you alone could take 100 of em ;)

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      As if they could find boxing gloves in ham size.

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      Edit: out usernames are similar. Whey cool ;)

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      Haha. True. Cool indeed. Mine's a joke on the book "Eat, Pray, Love".

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      Mines just a made up motto. Eat to live, play like you're 5, and crush everything you do in life. I lift too so I can appreciate your humor lol

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      Haha i just started lifting 2 months ago. Trying to get from skinny-fat to ripped within a year. Lately I've been reconsidering my schedule. I go every single day but I'm starting to think I'm hurting myself too often and I need 1-2 rest days in a week. I usually end up cutting myself short and I'm trying to decide if more vigorous workouts - but less frequently - is better for me.

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      If you're that new to lifting focus on compound lifts, don't go everyday because there isn't a proper lifting program that calls for lifting everyday.. The closest to that you'll get are PHAT and variations of a split, but splits are generally better for intermediate/advanced lifters as it is more to bring up lagging muscles. 3-4 days a week, compound lifts (with pull up/chin up and dip work too) will be much more beneficial to a new lifter. Even after that you still want to incorporate compound lifts into splits if bodybuilding/aesthetics is more your goal. Skinny fat is the hardest thing to fix, unfortunately.

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      Definitely! I think our ideas of a "strong woman" are totally skewed these days.

      The most emotionally strong women I've met in my life were family women who always put their spouses and children first. My aunt is such a woman. She spent a good part of her career helping special needs children, now she helps adults learn how to read. She's also is a very brave and emotionally strong person.

      In addition to this, even though she's in her 70's, she always has time to bake and make amazing dinners. She's into so much health stuff that she's probably going to live to be 100.

      Meanwhile, society's "strong women" are the kind of throw temper tantrums like a three year old when their husbands won't buy them shoes, and cause damage to their families by only thinking of themselves. I know a woman who calls herself a "Strong Woman." Her only contribution to the family is the money from her part time job (which she mostly spends on herself), and the dinners she cooks once a week. The rest of the time she sits around watching sitcoms and playing cell phone games. She makes her husband (who works 50+ hours a week) do all the cleaning and doesn't let him have a voice in how he spends his money.

      Sadly it seems like most of the strong women I know are older ladies. I'd say 70% of the females in my age bracket are completely unfit to be mothers or wives.

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      I think it's crazy how people keep acting like RPW are battered housewives or something just because they like taking care of their men.

      There is absolutely NOTHING on this subreddit that advocates tolerating or giving abuse. If anything, most of the time when a woman says she's getting abused all the RPW say "Get out of that relationship!" Most people on TRP in general state that abuse is the action of a man who isn't actually alpha, because an alpha male is confident and emotionally stable - not the kind of person who would lash out at his SO.

      Also, the women on RPW is a reddit for women who believe in RP ideas, if you don't like it, you can get out and go to a different reddit. We're not forcing people to be here.

      This is basically a place where the Provider/Supporter relationship is promoted. I don't see anything abusive about that.

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      here is the kind of thing that ends up in the modmail when we ban a feminist who is "just trying to open a dialogue with the kind ladies of our sub about feminism" and "tear down walls" between us and feminism (direct quotes from this kooky bitch)

      "And you do realize I can just make another account right? Free speech my friend. I'd like to reach out to the kind people in your subreddit, maybe tear down a few of the walls between anti-feminists and feminists. See that we're all people and although people have different views, we can all appreciate each other's opinions and lifestyles."

      and the big reveal...

      I'll just make another account specifically for your brain washing hate spewing subreddit. Maybe I can save a few lost souls before it's too late! And then when you ban that one I'll make another, and another, and another :)

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      Who the hell even has time to make multiple reddit accounts to spam a sub with? They don't realize how pathetic that even reads

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      Not to mention the fact that with a new account, the automod will automatically remove all comments, so it's a pointless endeavor.

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      Save a few lost souls??? Oh, sweet Christ. I'm going to lose my lunch. Is she going to be like a feminist version of Jehovah's Witness? What... I just... The incredible stupidity of this leaves me speechless.

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      She just wants to help us, how sweet. I bet that's going great for her so far

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      If any of you watch game of thrones... I feel like we need to send all of them flying. Maybe when they hit their head... Nah, too much hope.

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      yes mother! i want to make them fly!

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      They either read the sidebar or GTFO. Most everything is explained there.

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      I find it hilarious that when this kind of people sees an rpw in a happy relationship in person, she'll go to her for advice and be all "whoa, you're right, it makes sense/works/etc"

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      Right? It's funny how people on the internet freak out over our "abusive" relationships, but NO ONE thinks my relationship is anything less than amazing when we've met them in person. My husband is awesome. Suck it, bitches!

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      But, but, but, they just want to tear a few walls down!

      Oh yeah? I BUILT those walls to keep feminists OUT.

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      Some walls are load bearing and cannot be broken down without damaging the I integrity of the greater structure.

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      Can we have walls with spikes on them?

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      All you'd have to do would be to put a penis and balls sculpture. The feminist woman would be scared by the phallic oppression and the feminist men would be terrified by growing balls

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      Yes, I think we might need spikes :)

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      Yeah, stay the fuck off my pretty walls

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      Good neighbours, fences, ect.

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      Funny how their own fences are rather high, and with the equivalent of crushed glass atop them in the form of trigger warnings, etc

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      Hear hear!

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      Sometimes when a random guest comes in and starts asking loaded questions I just want to scream 'READ. THE. SIDEBAR'. It's not too much to ask. When I first subscribed I had to read the sidebar once, twice, thrice...

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      Honestly, I think the feminist need to learn how to eat a dick and not mc beetus and maybe they could keep a man happy and not be such panties in a twist bitches.

      Okay rant over.

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      Feminism fights for women to have choice and a choice is to to stay at home and cook if thats what makes you happy. I mean its a lot more than that but I hate it when feminists get all grumpy about women choosing stuff like this. Its a choice to live your life in a certain manner and feminism should respect that.

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      Typical. I said go away

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      Aww it came to late... what'd it say?

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      the same old bullshit whoo ha that feminism is about "choice" and how much feminism "respects" the choice to stay home and cook if thats what you want, which is of course complete and total hogwash

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      Yeah, if that were true they wouldn't be here trolling. Just sayin'.

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      My response exactly!

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      Maybe there needs to be a purple pill woman, for those who want to debate...or just leave these questions to the general purple pill.

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      No offence intended, but why are you ugly and stupid and probably a man?