[FIELD REPORT]Raised to be a strong independent women. Swallowed the pill 3 weeks ago and things are going great! (self.RedPillWomen)

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I started lurking at rpw a few weeks ago and started making changes on my relationship and how I was behaving.

I started cooking all meals, started using more dresses and high heels, spending more time doing my hair and makeup, keeping the apartment clean... My boyfriend of 9 years -who never notices anything - is really happy with this changes.

He plays videogames online every night after work and before I go to bed I always ask him what he wants for dinner (We eat whatever I cook for lunch but at dinner each of us have whatever we want) and his buddies can hear how attentive I am with him, he loves this. Last week, for the first time ever, he told me that he wanted to spend sunday night together. He usually goes out to ride his bike or out with his friends. Today he grabbed my butt and told me that when he comes back from the gym we were going to have sex - We've been dealing with a dead bedroom FOR YEARS! I am soo happy!

My mom raised my sister and me to see men like less than us. "The only use men have is for opening tight jars" she says. She gets really angry when my sister or I do something nice for our SO and I felt guilty whenever I did something to make his life at home easier. Not anymore! I am really happy with how things are progressing and I plan to keep doing them.

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Exactly! I always thought that men and women had roles in relationships but had the idea of men and women being equal (or even that women were entitled to everything and men were the enemy!) so ingrained that I refused to behave this way.

I still have a lot of work to do on myself but so far this has been working way better than what I expected.

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I like you post... even if the bot doesn't!

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Bad bot!

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If I ask him to go out on his day off he always says yes but I would like him to bring up the idea. This sunday was the first time he did it, I hope it becomes more frequent.

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    That makes a lot of sense. He plays Dayz and I was horrified when he told me the stuff he and his friends did to other players. He has never been aggressive in real life but in that game he is completely someone else.

    I appreciate your suggestion, that is exactly what I plan to do. I don't want him to stop playing completely but I want him to want to spend time having new adventures with me. Thanks!

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    "When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer." Benefits of a classical education.

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    Hey, I appreciate this response also! Thank you for the constructive input regarding an SO/LTR and video games. Really gives some insight and fresh ideas :)

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    Bad bot! Go away :P

    Ahah jokes aside this is lovely. I am thinking of eating different stff too because we have 30cm in difference and he clearly needs to eat more than me :)

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    That is one of the reasons why we do it! It is a 36cm difference for us, he usually wants a huge dinner while I just have a bite of something and a glass of almond milk. Don't you love how men eat? I love seeing him eat those huge portions.

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    Yes! He sometimes feels sorry that I don't have what he eats but I'm like "Nooo you gotta eat, you gotta grow, become strong" ahah :)

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    A year ago we went to the mountains with another couple and I mentioned during breakfast how attractive I found a man who ate a lot. From then on, the other guy (who is way smaller than my bf) tried to eat as much as him, we could see him struggling to finish his plate. My bf felt like a stud after every meal lol

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    yeah eating a lot and enjoying meals is very manly.

    I love food but it's better to enjoy it quietly and not too much otherwise the waistline disappears D:

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    I quite appreciate this post... Just remember this: while you have accepted the idea of being interdependent with your mate, remember that this doesn't mean you need to be less strong. Just let that strength show in different ways, and you'll boht stay very happy.

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    Yea I mean, I still have my career which I love and we enjoy having conversations with different opinions, but when we are at our home, he is the captain

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    As a personal note, please do not take what is mentioned here to ever pressure you to sacrifice that career. My parents were very much RP with me, though I did not realize it at the time, and my mother is a lioness. Working in the medical field, she's a no-nonsense, highly motivated individual... but whenever anyone tries to note things about her family life, she just notes that her husband is the man of the house, and that means a lot more than people try to have it mean these days.

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    Glad to hear some simple changes on your part have rekindled the romance. Keep it up!

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    It is so simple and I had it so wrong for so much time!

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    Nice job

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    I love you RPwomen!

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    Congratulations! It's hard to imagine, but there is nothing better for a relationship than one person being the Woman and the other being the Man.

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    My parents divorced 20 years ago after my dad cheated on her and she just broke it off, never tried to fix their marriage. She has a very overbearing personality and no amount of love is enough for her (If she suffocates me I cant imagine how she was with my dad), she still blames my dad on everything and has never acknowledge her fault on the divorce so for her all men are cheaters and since she doesn't want us to get hurt she doesn't want us to get really close to any men, she wants us to find a man who does everything for us. It took me a lot of therapy to change my view on men.

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    I recently started dating a girl like you, shit is heaven. You ladies are worth your weight in gold