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This is nothing new or groundbreaking, but I just wanted to share something my boyfriend said to me a couple months back

sitting on my bed Him: you know, whatsherface92, you could be the village bike if you wanted to be. I mean, you could be a slut. But you're not. That's one of the things I love about you.

My BF has never even heard of TRP to my knowledge, but this comment has stuck with me as being such a clear example RP thinking. He loves it when I get down and dirty, as long as it's with him!

Every man wants to be with a woman that could ride but doesn't. She's with him, his woman. He's her man. She's a lady in the street. She dresses well, has manners, education and homemaking skills. However, behind closed doors she'll willingly get on her knees for him.

Anyway that's it from me, just thought I'd share a recent TRP/RPW experience :)

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A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. That is the ideal woman that most men want. If you take care of your man, nobody else has to.

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A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets.

Times New Roman on the streets, Wingdings in the sheets. ;)

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Lol. And DON'T be Comic Sans ever.

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Yeah, Comic Sans is on the wrong side of the hot-crazy matrix.

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I just laughed for way too long at this...

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Man here. Over in TRP there's a lot of talk about women's dual mating strategy (AF/BB), but we need to recognize that men actually have a triple mating strategy. Men want three "women" (or, at least 3 female roles filled)

  1. Caretaker
  2. Cheerleader
  3. Vixen

And just like how men should strive to fill both the AF and BB roles to make a woman happy, women should fill all three roles to keep a man happy.

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    Like everything else, it's an analogy. Whatever model works for you I guess. The way I see it though, cheerleading is more than caretaking. A woman can clean, cook, do laundry, pack lunches, and still fail to make her man feel admired and encouraged. I think it's important to remember that distinction.

    Edit: my phone is an asshole.

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    I was thinking that too

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    That's an interesting point, how do you define the role of the 'cheerleader'?

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    Encourage, support, make him feel like the star quarterback. For example when you're with him in a social situation tell positive stories about him, make him feel admired. Or listen to him tell you about some minor victory or achievement at work and make him feel like you're proud of him. It fills my heart with pride and confidence when my wife responds to something I tell her about my day and she says something like "well, that's because you kick ass and they know it" or something like that.

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    Ah that's sweet, I tried to do that a lot with encouraging my bf with this projects at his placement and making sure he feels confident enough when he goes back to uni in the autumn.

    A silly part of me was thinking of This

    Thanks for the info, I'll keep that behaviour up

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    A silly part of me was thinking of This

    Hey, if that's what he's in to, I won't judge... :P

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      We could just as well say AF and BB are both just aspects being a good man. But if you fold everything in to one it becomes simplistic and meaningless.

      Edit: I mean, you still have to break it out in to the three types and all you've done is overload the word "caretaking". The result is the same and you're just arguing semantics.

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        This is just hampstering about how haaard it us to be a woman.

        Umm, what? First off, as an RP man, you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere where I've expressed anything about how "hard" or is to be a woman. Secondly, I'm talking about the three female archetypes men seek from the women in their lives, not groaning about how hard it is to fill them.

        You take care if him and his children. That's it.

        Right, but what all goes into "taking care of him and his children"? The point is to elucidate, not obfuscate. Reducing it down to "just take care of him, durr!" isn't a very helpful expansion. It would be like if we told men over in /r/TheRedPill "just make her happy, durr!" Not very enlightening...

        but you're just trying to inflate the importance if the job and make it seem difficult.

        I'm not "trying" to do anything.

        AF/BB refers to two distinct types of resources women seek to extract from men. Genetics and materiel. Or information and energy.

        And the three I mentioned above are the three... Oh nm, I just realized I'm bored trying to explain it.

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          Stop discussing video games on reddit and read more sidebar on the main sub. Get out of the anger phase. Your bickering over simplistic metaphors is unbecoming of a man. I'll let you have the last word. Peace.

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            I'm not really sure what your point is. That there are qualities men look for other than the three I listed? Obviously having a compatible, or at least complimentary personality, interests, etc, are important. But they aren't really a "female role" that men want filled by the woman/women in their life. It's more of an androgynous role that people seek, sort of a "friend" or "someone I get along with" role. This is prior/basal to the gendered roles, and is sort of a prerequisite for any social association, romantic or otherwise.

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              Ooh aren't you a special snowflake?

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              Exactly. Everyone else is obviously turned on by ignorance and stupidity...

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              All snowflakes are special.

              Also, this might interested you since you fall into the pattern: http://chaoticia.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-popular-female-understanding-of.html

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              Not watching TV, reading non fiction and thinking about human behaviour, while might be nice, doesn't necessarily make you intelligent. It makes you have certain preferences and maybe you want your future gf to have the same but, again, it doesn't automatically make her intelligent.

              Intelligence can be be found in the most heinous of people and lack of intelligence can be found in some of the most amazing people. You'd do well to remember that.

              I don't care for TV don't read fiction I changed my profession to one that literally focuses on human behaviour but I'm not particularly intelligent I would say my intelligence is more emotional intelligence. So if you choose a girl because she follow the same pursuits as you she might not be "intelligent " as you want her to be she might be someone whom does those things because it "appears" to make her seem intelligent.

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              I'm planning on saving myself till marriage because yay religion :) but thats something I'm constantly freaked out about, what if I turn into all those tv shows of married couples and don't want sex. I mean I assume for the first bit we will be at it like rabbits but I don't want to be that person who constantly turns down sex. Its encouraging to read something like that and see that its all just attitude

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              When it comes to sex, absolutely. But there are times when just a drink and a massage are whats wanted and that's why I have always said 'courtesan'.

              In that way intimate moments are an experience on a variety of levels of both sensuality and enthusiasm no matter the outcome. I always viewed whores and sluts being willing participants but not very skilled on how to contribute or initiate any more then 'availability'. An 'always on' switch is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope you guys have a blast enjoying and discovering each other more and more :D

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              Interesting stuff, thanks :)

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              Had to say thanks - My fiance and I have been struggling for a long time to find a term that we felt fit my relationship to him. Your description and 'courtesan' struck a nerve with me; I'll be making that suggestion later tonight. :)

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              My hubs calls me his personal slut. :)

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              A personal slut is the very definition of wife.

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              Guy here. There ya go. Sexuality is very important to a lot of us. We want to stop begging and fighting for it because 'gf at home'. For me, availability of sexuality and sex goes charging straight to my loving heart if you're my gf. That's one of the reasons we're looking for sex early on. We want to check if you're generous, enthusiastic and non-prohibitive about it in a ladylike way. Too many restrictions - in the beginning - and we know it's going to wane afterwards. Red flag. You love me and I love you, and then it turns out you're my sex goddess? To me, that's how diamonds are earned. They're a girl's best friend, right?

              Well, a personal slut, a sexually compatible, liberated girl is our best friend!

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              That's one of the reasons we're looking for sex early on. We want to check if you're generous, enthusiastic and non-prohibitive about it in a ladylike way. Too many restrictions - in the beginning - and we know it's going to wane afterwards. Red flag.

              I would love to hear what that means in practice. How early on are we talking about? What are these "red flag" kind of restrictions?

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                  For me it's 2nd-3rd date, if she can withstand her desire, I either conclude she doesn't feel enough desire for me or she has too much ease curbing it. Especially if she's disclosed she's had fwb before.

                  Restrictions: ouch, be careful, wait lemme fix my hair, wait my hip, wait my foot, wait my anything, there's a (dramatic) reason I don't do this and that, promises of "yes I love xy" but never suggesting it, giving bj's like she's forced to eat her vegetables but claiming she loves giving a bj, I love sex but not on Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and not before xy am or after xy pm. Etc.

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                    Unicorns I'll be hunting then, but maybe there's some cultural differences as well. We'll see, there's enough leisurely options till then and I don't mind being single, till then.

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                    Virginal girls (which we have a few of here, so watch your advice) are not like virginal boys, they aren't eagerly waiting to just give their virginity away and will probably not be emotionally ready to give it to you no matter how much of a dreamy hunk you are after 2-3 dates. The fact that you mention FWB tells me you do not know the audience you are giving advice to. When you are ready to settle down (if that time comes) be aware that you may not be able to stick to this rule IF you are expecting a high value lady.

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                    | Virginal girls

                    No, I don't take virgins into account, I'm talking about mature women, because RedPillWomen not RP Girls. So, virginal girls, ignore my arguments.

                    | When you are ready to settle down etc

                    Of course you'd say that. I assume you'd even hate for me to find a woman like that, because she'd be breaking some sis code? ;-)

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                    My bad, I meant virginal women. We do have some virginal women here so please take that into consideration when giving advice.

                    Also, the second part made me laugh!

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                      Hi, you're assuming wrong but that's ok. I think the miscommunication here is that I assumed the demographic was older, say 30 to 50, not 20-ish. I'm 47 and single now. The 20-ish demographic would indeed be served with different advice. Not the kind I stated above.

                      Logic sounds plausible but doesn't attach to (my) preferences, which have nothing to do with logic.

                      I don't expect the first time to be mind-blowing in a technical way. The first time I'm not mind-blowing in a technical way either. But good sex isn't only measurable in 'tech', don't you agree? I can enjoy sex just because my partner os agreeable, or even enthusiastic, maybe even generous. Those are just as important to me as skill. So, I could expect more from a mature woman in the way of knowing what she likes, having to assess or discover less of her own boundaries, keeping her calm and appetite during lovemaking, or being unafraid to enjoy the process with abandon.

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                      The red flag restrictions are the, "I did that with my ex boyfriend and didn't like it so I'm not going to try it with you." That's how a girl tells you she's more interested in sex with her ex than she is with you.

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                      ^ This post here is a fine example of why you don't take advice from random guys here arguing for their best interest

                      Just look through his post history, he's a mess

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                      Very irrelevant argument, ma'am. Or does it hurt a bit being exposed?

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                      lol it is very relevant. You have multiple kids from multiple women. No RPW should listen to a male equivalent of a slut.

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                      Wrong. Read again, ma'am. I have and raise one kid, a son. (By one mother, lol.) The 2 daughters I helped feed and raise were the girls from my ltr gf after that.

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                      raising another man's children? that's pretty fucking beta bro, you need to visit /r/theredpill to learn why

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                      I don't mean to be or become alpha, I just mean to choose more carefully and oversee things I neglected before. When I'm in love with a woman that has children that I've come to cherish as well, I can't help but her raise her kids (if she's okay with it), as she helps raise mine. This happens during the relationship process, not the hunting process.

                      Sometimes alphas are described as loveless egotists. But in my definition an alpha (any great or skillful man) should be capable of an enormous amount of love (and related skills). He just shouldn't be a pushover to his woman.

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