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Hi, I'm /u/hockey_puck. I'm 25, and have been married just shy of a year. I work part-time, as we are not ready for kids just yet, but most of my time and energy is devoted to my home and my husband. I found this sub a few weeks ago, and couldn't be happier! I was raised by my grandmother. She was basically a Polish June Cleaver--amazing cook, stylish, well-put-together, and classy, a lovely and kind person, and had very traditional values which resulted in a happy, loving marriage that lasted 36 years until my grandfather's death. As a result of being driven by my lifelong admiration of my grandmother, as well as being brought up around such "old-fashioned" values, I always felt like a little bit of an oddball around my peers. My friends make a lot of "stepford wife" jokes at me when they see how I live and how I treat my husband. I always felt like somewhat of a freak, like maybe there was something wrong with me. There were times I tried to be "like everybody else," but I always failed (thank goodness) and returned to my old ways. Even my husband, who was raised by a rather overbearing and bold single mother, had trouble adjusting to my need to live like my grandmother did--he thought it was cute, but silly, and was expecting a wife to act like his mother had! But I persisted in treating and caring for him like the head of household he is, and though he is still occasionally concerned that "a modern woman can't be happy that way," he's grown to love it. And then I found this sub--it's such a relief to know that there are so many other women like me! And so many wonderful resources to help make me a better me! I have spent much of my downtime reading all the available resources and insightful posts on this sub, and though I still have lots to learn...I'm excited and very happy to be here!

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Hello! Congrats on what sounds like a lovely family! Just a little hint to tell you your emotions and anxiety should take priority over the other "feminine stuff". Your attitude with your home and family shapes your husband and kids, their moods and how their day goes.

This can help you out next time you think you will get heated up: http://www.reddit.com/r/RedPillWomen/comments/2gceiq/rpw_101_cultivating_a_feminine_frame_of_mind/

So neat of you to learn all this new stuff (I wish I could plant vegetables), I hope you stick around to better yourself even more!

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I'm 22 from a South American country so excuse my english! I discovered TRP between all the drama that sometimes people like to make. At first I was mad some men were so dominant, but soon I realized that it wasn't bad, and that my attitude was doing some harm on my life.

I was always the weird one as a young girl since I didn't want to sleep randomly with guys, I felt that was humilliating and I wanted to be with someone who made me feel truly happy, mind you all of those friends who were in the cock-carousel now blog about how lonely they are and why no one gives them attention, I just giggle and enjoy my happy, "weird" life.

I have a boyfriend of almost 3 years and thanks to this subreddit I have learned how to control myself, to help him like a good SO would and we are as happy as ever. We are starting to work out and let go of bad habits, but we are on the right track.

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Im 21, and I just want to explore more traditionalist ideas about relationships and marriage. I live with my boyfriend of 3 years, and I want to step up and do more things for him. Ive always been traditionally feminine, generally introverted and caring, but I can always use help treating him right.

On another note, anyone as pumped as I am for christmas?

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Christmas? It's not even Halloween! Do you work for the retail lobby lol

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Already getting ideas for manly Xmas gifts for my man and getting some online shopping out of the way ;)

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Hi, lurker here! I'm actually not as old as some of you, I'm still in high school and I'm 16! (Don't judge!) I don't really post, but I like to look around this sub for ideas and advice on the kind of woman I want to grow up to be and how to treat my boyfriend (though we're young and probably have a less mature relationship than most of you, I think it's still important to have good relationships at any age!). My mom is a strong feminist and while I love her and respect a lot of her decisions, some of the advice she has given me in relationships and treating males is very very biased, so I come here for a different viewpoint. Since I'm still young and it's a bit of a confusing time right now in my life, I don't really consider myself fully red-pill- maybe more purple pill with reddish tendencies? But little things here and there, like respecting my boyfriend when we're in public no matter how annoyed we may be at each other, tips on how to make his birthday special, and quitting playing games and lying, has made our relationship very strong and loyal. It bothers me when girls who have boyfriends talk about other guys and ogle at strangers, and very much take them for granted- I've heard some talking about how ugly the jewelry they got for their birthday was... I feel so bad for the guy they are with. Though my guy isn't extremely "alpha", I treat him like he is. And, I get more out of my relationship when I put him first: we are stronger, we are there when we need each other, our arguments are dealt with respectfully, and we are both happy. I was surprised at how easy this was after I swallowed my pride- just being a decent person and going a little out of my way to make him feel better and not expecting him to do things for me, makes my life a lot better and I feel like my relationships have become more healthy. So thank you RPW for all you have contributed to me, and I hope someday I will be able to contribute back when I get older! :)

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Maybe Magenta pill? Welcome, it's great to start early! I met my now husband when I was 16 and started dating him when I was 17. Many women who have successful RedPill relationships marry early or have a serious LTR while other women are hooking up , sleeping around in college, "experimenting", etc. Of course if you've been reading, then you know that lowers your likelihood of finding a committed relationship, so stopping that before it starts is a great idea!
Soak up this place, learn, don't be afraid to ask honest questions. I myself am 22 and married to the man I dated that whole time at that age. If you are mature , you can start the foundation for a wonderful relationship. Your friends may not understand the seriousness of your relationship (or future one, it's not guaranteed this is your future husband lol) but who cares. I mean, you've heard of high school sweethearts right? It happens. My mother in law and father in law married right after high school. They are in late 40's now and are still going strong. And you can tell they adore each other.

Besides women in the past used to marry young. I know an older woman 79, who married her husband when he was 17, her 19. They were together up until three years ago where he passed away. I think much of what the media and culture tells you you can't be mature at your age. "Oh you're just silly kids, you don't know what you want". Yet we expect 18 year olds to be mature enough to die for our country, or decide the fate of elections, carry jobs, and decide a career path for the rest of their life.

Basically, I don't know you, but I want to make sure you know that just because you are young, doesn't mean you are immature, and you are certainly welcome here.

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Thank you for understanding! Spot on with how I feel about being unsure about my life path. Even if I'm not ready to be married or experience a real relationship at my age, it's still good practice for when I actually am ready- whether me and my current boyfriend do end up as high school sweethearts or not. And good luck with you and your husband! You two must love each other very much.

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We do, wholly and completely

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16 is a great time to start becoming a RPW! I didn't get here until I was 26. While others are "experimenting" with hookup culture, you get a head start on "experimenting" with being a mature woman. Good for you!

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Thank you! If you started a little later in life and still made it, I know I can too! :)

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Hi everyone! I'm a long-time lurker but only recently joined Reddit so I could join the discussions. I'm an 18 year old nursing student at an all-female school, and very inexperienced in relationships (as in, never been kissed). I am new to RPW but I've been reading about traditional femininity for a while now, in the form of books like Surrendered Single and Fascinating Womanhood. What drove me toward this was my parent's divorce. I'm fine now, but there was a period of time where I had a lot of anxiety about relationships and marriage. Needless to say, TRP and RPW have given me amazing insight on both topics. I was raised in a very progressive household with an outspoken, dominant mother and a father who silently resented it; I definitely don't want that! RPW has become a main source of relationship advice and self-improvement, so I look forward to participating on the sub :]

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I have sort of already introduced myself previously. I have always realised that I needed a strong dominant man and that I was only attrached to that type of man. I have explored BDSM because of these fantasies and met my Man through BDSM. I still have a lot of learning to do and often find myself uncomfortable with the ideals but now I examine my knee jerk response to much of what I have read. I have to admit I have a very hard time going over to /r/trp because of the attitude over there. I also admit I am ofter afraid to post because I am afraid of the critisism I am not sure I am prepared for. I would eventually hope to find a friend/mentor to bounce ideas off of or ask for advise as I am fairly introverted. That all being said I am learning a lot and my "field report" is things at home seem to be getting better every day.

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Don't go over to TRP if you get offended easily, in fact you should probably develop a tougher outer shell if what they say upsets you. Women in a male space always shut the conversation down because of their "tender sensibilities". Don't be that woman.

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I never say anything, just lurk and read, trying to understand. It's simply hard to read so much anger. So yes I do avoid it for the most part. :)

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Yeah, they are going through the stages of grief, and anger is the biggest one of those.

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Hi :) I'm 22 and from Germany. I'm dating a red pill American guy and almost couldnt be happier. Cant wait to upgrade our long distance relationship to regular distance (?) next spring. I was raised by a single feminist mom but i kept noticing how that's just not what is going to make me happy (and i seriously doubt she's happy). so when i kept telling my boyfriend how he made "my woman senses tingle" he introduced me to the red pill and RPW especially. I've posted on here before but i know i still have so much to learn. I'm working on improving myself and i enjoy applying things and concepts i've read about here to my life.

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I'm 31, I've been with my husband for 10 years, married for almost 2.

I have found my people with y'all!

To be honest, I'm very thrown off by a lot of the red pill dating stuff, but when it comes to marriage, I feel like y'all totally get it.

Probably about 5 years ago I started to really get into the submissive wife role and it has made our relationship so much better. We fight less, my husband is more confident, I'm much more relaxed. It's just a good deal overall.

I make all his meals, do the cleaning, laundry, etc. Serve him whenever I can by being attentive to his needs. But I definitely have some room to grow!

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Hi everybody!

I found this sub after posting a thread seeking advice in the relationships sub; I was sent a PM telling me I probably belong here instead. I hadn't heard of it so was interested to come have a look - I subscribed and started reading a bit. The PM I got was not an 'oh my you belong with us so much' PM; it was a throwaway and it was telling me that I was a gender traitor. I have to say, I'm fascinated because nothing here seems particularly gender traitor-y to me!

I suppose I'm a pretty traditional girl, although I was brought up by a feminist mother, and my Gran was very involved - she is super radical feminist and genuinely hates hates hates men (other than my Pop, because they have been apparently quite happily married for well over 50 years and he is no pushover.) My parents have been married for 30 years and my Dad is a pretty old-school super-strict religious type. You know, the 'wait until your Dad gets home' kinda guy. This seemed to work for Mum even though she was sure she was going to raise feminist daughters. I'm not even sure what she thinks now!

In terms of housekeeping and other girly things, my mother unfortunately has a degenerative disease that she got soon after my birth. As a result she is physically disabled and I have been doing housework, cleaning and a lot of care for my family, in particular my younger sister, since I was small. I’m 27 now and have been cooking meals for at least five and often for many more, for in excess of half my life. Even when I moved out I cooked for my family every night! So I have pretty established habits for all that. Most of the time it’s fine, but there are always ways to improve and I am constantly learning new and better ways of doing things, which I love. I’m also very crafty, as I worked hard to make sure we had hobbies that included my mother and we could do together (i.e. no running around!)

While I’m not sure where I stand on all the RP things just yet, I’ll certainly be looking into it thoroughly. I am busy doing quite a lot of marriage preparation as I got engaged earlier this year, and we are marrying next year. I found reddit because I was looking at some wedding planning blogs. I spent a little time in the wedding planning reddit (as u/mushroom_pie – I lost my password, oops!) but I have to confess that I’m much more excited about planning and preparing for marriage than the wedding, so mostly I like to just browse.

I have one child, who turns 11 soon. I was obviously quite young when I got pregnant, and I was married not too long after, for every single wrong reason ever! He left us not long after marriage and finally (despite saying I didn’t want to ever be the one to initiate a divorce) I decided I needed to make things permanent and spent a lot of time and effort getting a divorce. Since then I have had two relationships. I have had one semi-long distance thing with a man who was wrong for me; that lasted a couple years and was simultaneously hideously difficult and very good for me, as I learned a lot about myself. The second relationship is my current one – and I am with the most amazing human being. It could not be more right. I respect him, trust him, and finally feel safe and secure in trusting another adult to also take some responsibility for things.

Being a single mother and a carer for so long makes you into a little bit of a control freak because you are just forced to be waaaaay more responsible than your peers, and if you are not careful, you start to feel like nothing gets done unless you do it. Especially when I was a kid, this was the exact truth, so shaking that off is difficult… or it would be if I hadn’t found somebody strong, steady, reliable, and clear thinking. (I’m a leeeeetle on the emotional, worrywart side.) I’m amazingly blessed that he is able to look past my (many) shortcomings. He is incredibly smart and funny and kind and loving toward me and my child (they have established a wonderful relationship) and let’s face it I could just gush for days so I’ll stop typing now.

So – that’s my story and how I came to be visiting your subreddit. I love reading everybody’s perspectives; especially the ones that make me stop and think, ‘what?’ – it is never a bad thing to have my thinking challenged! I’ve been reading the sidebar stuff voraciously and I hope to stay around and get to know some of you a little better :)

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Hello, ladies. If you will indulge me, I just want to offer you some encouragement.

I am a late 30s male who has been with his wife for 12 years, married for almost 10 years. I found my way here initially from the TRP sub, though I spend most of my time supporting my brothers on the MarriedRedPill sub.

Though sometimes tempting, I decline to comment here since this is your sub to hash out your ideas and work on yourselves. I do enjoy reading your threads though; it fills me with hope to see women that are so dedicated to self-improvement, their relationships, and just being... feminine women. I am especially impressed with the younger ladies on here, given all the nihilism from men of equivalent age on TRP. Hold to your ideals and I promise it will pay off. There are still Wolf Alphas out there looking for you.

The final thing I'd like to say is, though I've been working on improving my own self and my marriage with RP principles, your threads here (particularly from the more seasoned RP ladies) have also inspired me to further admire and appreciate my lovely wife. She has always been so loving and supportive even when I was too distracted with completing my PhD to effectively run our ship. Hearing your views and stories helps me realize how lucky I am to have her -- but don't tell her that (you'll ruin my Dread Game).

Ok, enough Beta for now. Carry on.

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Aww. Don't be shy ladies! These posts make for some of our favorite reading! It's so heartening to hear from you all.

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I'm 22, a Political Science student, v.much interested in feminism, men's rights movement and other things that surround it. To be completely honest, I always check out /r/AskWomen when I first check out Reddit, but the trauma I get there is only curable by checking out either TRP, RedPillWomen or MRM boards. Right now I'm about to start thinking about my thesis that will be about MRM and I'm lurking all around to read many different opinions. Other than the PolSci stuff, I get here because, although I'm liberal, open minded and "same rights and obligations to EVERYONE, please" type of a person, I know what works for me and it is a v.traditional family (and a very kinky, D/s sort of a sexual relationship). I'm in a LTR with my SO for 4 years, living together - 2. This board really helps me to stop and think about what am I like towards my man and how can I improve it. I can't say that everything I found out about myself when trying to give away control was lovely. Actually, the opposite. But it made me think - do I really trust this man? Do I make him feel that I do? How can I be supportive, not nagging? How to take care of him more, how to make him feel really taken care of? I started doing way more things at home, making apartment prettier, making tasty foods, happily going with his ideas. And honestly, it's worked like quite a miracle. I'm not sure it would work for everyone, but this helped us for sure.

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I've been lurking for a few months. I spent those couple of months trying to read anything I could about TRP. I'm 25 years old and in a relationship with a 26 year old. I am currently the "breadwinner" in the relationship. I work some 40+ hours a week. He is a part time student hopefully graduating from a university in December 2015. And he works about 25-30 hours a week at a very physically demanding job with awful hours. He has no idea what red pill is (as far as I know). I can see the changes in our relationship already though, even though it's only been a few months and I've been the only one "changing".

I am VERY interested in a "traditional" family with a male breadwinner and a wife who handles the home. I secretly have always just wanted to be a housewife. And I feel like I don't fit in with a lot of other girls my age who are either chasing a career or chasing random boys they meet in bars. I'm naturally very feminine and I enjoy typical feminine tasks and hobbies.

I just really feel like I found the perfect spot for me to make my relationship excel and a place with like minded people who understand.

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Was nice meeting you in irc :-)

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Same to you! It was really interesting and I really appreciate and admire how so many people had differing opinions and everyone was so respectful and no one was made to feel bad. It was my first time experiencing something so nice! I really think I'm going to love it here!

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Hi all! Long-time lurker, 21yo and currently in college studying nutrition science. I discovered RPW a few months ago and really enjoyed the material and all the wisdom from the commenters. RPW fits with my worldview and I believe it made me a better girlfriend to my wonderful boyfriend. I would like to thank all of you for the information that's posted around here; it's nice to know there are women who are proud to be wives and homemakers, which is what I would like to be for my husband-to-be in the future. This sub is basically the only place where I feel holding a traditional family role isn't looked at as odd in the modern day, and I love it! Please keep it up!

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I'm 28. I've been married for two years, with my husband for 4.

I feel that all around me, the way other women live their lives is not conductive to what they really want. I started to realize many years ago that the typical way of doing things (talking smack about your husband to friends, not keeping up your appearance, etc) was not helping me get what I wanted out of any of my relationships and certainly not helping me feel better.

I was hesitant to explore what I thought were old school and outdated ways, but my new motto is "If something isn't broke, don't fix it." And I do not see the way women live now as superior, or getting them what they truly desire.

I have lurked for a long time, before I even made an account as well, and I really like the Red Pill mindset and everyone's contributions and discussions. I feel like I can't talk to some of my friends about this stuff, so it's a nice place to have.

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On the night I fought with my husband I was frustrated, alone on the computer, came in reddit , started clicking RANDOM to explore new subs, just encountered the most insightful sub, RPW that's how I met you.

I am 26yo f married for 5 yrs, have a daughter, SAHM. I was raised by a divorced mom, who wanted me to have a career for my own security. When I chose my husband over my future promising career to become a doctor she was heartbroken telling me "what if he divorces you" or "what if he dies?" etc. I was driven by passion and love in those time and couldn't foresee the trouble I may or may not have, which sadly my mom had to go through with her life. I wasn't RPW I was just shallow and ignorant college kid who had a dream of rainbows and unicorn. plus I was getting tired of doing what I was expected from the society, school, people...for once I wanted to do what makes me happy.

My husband had been saving his purity for his future wife, I just happened to be virgin for no actual intention. I found myself extremely lucky the more years I spent with him. and now I want to grow up to become the women he deserves.

We struggled and fought a lot since I unconsciously had the similar view to my mom's in our early marriage, didn't have respect or value in mother/wife role. But my mother in law kept telling me how important my job is to provide our child's needs and mold her into a decent human being. I 'm thankful for her advice and support over the years and the work and effort she had put into raising my husband into the man he is.

Between RPW and self-improving subs I am learning to steer my mind more solution-oriented rather than "who's to blame" what already happened is in the past and can't change now, but I am in control of what action to take/words to say at every present moment.

The hardest thing when we're fighting/arguing is to bring myself to WANT to stay married/ friend with my husband. It's kind of a paradox thing where if I had thought of that I wouldn't be fighting, and my mind tells me it's not logical to want to be a friend of someone if I'm fighting against him,especially while I'm trying to prove "I'm right". but like someone said in the other post, if you're married it does not matter which side the hole is, you need to plug that hole before it sinks. We are both in the same boat. You put your marriage higher than your own ego.

I'm so so glad to find my place here now to learn and work towards becoming a good woman instead of after 30 years of sad marriage :)

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There are other older married women here, I'm one of em . Welcome!

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Hi, I'm /u/mattel-inc. I just found this sub today.

I'm 25, single, about to graduate from University. I've always been bro-zoned due to my interests (cars, gaming, trance music, construction etc)

90% of my friends are male. I spend time with them as a group mostly; but it's never weird when just hanging out when them individually. I talk to them everyday, they offer me advice with my other relationships, etc.

Been in a couple of serious relationships. Very traditionalist, as I don't like getting intimate with just anybody. I need to feel 'that spark'. I don't fall easily.

But I do 'fall back'. More often than not, I find myself re-entering past relationships trying to work it out again. I see the best in everyone. Trying to be stronger.

I've been a good girlfriend in the past. I have qualities that are valued in a relationship. Just trying to find similar qualities to meet mine, to make things work, I guess.

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I'm a guy who just likes to be reassured there are some good women out there and its not completely hopeless.

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God bless RPW

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I am 28. Been married five years. Started dating my husband when I was 18 and he was 21. I was a freshman in college and he was a senior. We are expecting our first child. I work outside the home now but anticipate being a stay at home mommy soon.

I moved in with my now husband the beginning of my junior year. He would come home from work and I would come home from class and make him dinner, which everyone at my school thought was the weirdest thing ever. A few people told me I was wasting the best years of my life. I'll take a wonderful husband over some bad memories of getting drunk on cheap beer and losing my pants, thanks.

My husband is a great guy. One of my friends says he is arrogant, and I guess, he kind of is, but I find it endearing. Her husband is whiny and she treats him like a 10-year-old. I say she's just jealous that I am married to a man and not a princess. :-)

[–]ALadyLikeMe 2 points3 points  (0 children)

My SO sometimes gets called arrogant, selfish or egocentric. I think it comes with being an alpha male, on his path with confidence and not afraid to put himself first. He learned young not to care what other people think, it's not his job to make everyone happy.

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Hey, had a number of viewers referred to my blog from here, so decided to check it out.

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Welcome aboard, I read your blog sometimes

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Pleased to meet you. :)

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Hi there! Good to see you here!

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Awesome! Welcome! :)

[–]SuperSlavisWifeEndorsed Contributor 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Hey there! Long time no see!

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LOL, I see you every day on twitter :)

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I just hit the random button. I guess I will check out the sub. Then one of the girls over at FFA told me to check it out.

Hello! IRC here I come!

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I'm a friend of Margery. Hi RPW!

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Hey It's me Alphabelle from the MMSL forum

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Hi! I'm friend of tempy and Margery from MMSL ! Hi girls!

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yay there she is

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Hello everyone! I am comewhatagain. I am 20 years old and currently attending college as an art student. I have been lurking both TPR and RPW over the summer, and finally joined reddit to contribute to this community. I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to the opposite sex and consider myself a plain Jane/Juana (I am Mexican American xD) I think a large part of why I come to read TPR/RPW is because I see the relationship between my parents and recognize I don't want the same dynamic for my future. I want to learn how to become a better woman, and if the time comes, a great, supportive wife.

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Hi! 28 years old, started dating my husband when we were 18, and married when we were 21. We have a beautiful four year old daughter, and think she will be our 'one and only'. I stay home with her during the day, and work weekends as a children's librarian.

I was definitely NOT raised in a RP environment - at all - but I just knew that, for me, modern feminism had nothing to offer. My goal in life is really just to make my husband and child's days (and lives) easier. I want them to have a clean house, healthy food, calm days, and quiet minds. They deserve it, and it's definitely the most rewarding life I can imagine!

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New to RPW, have read through everything after accidentally finding TRP. I'm 25 and feel like I've been doing it all wrong for so long and am ready to start my new life as a RPW. I was surprised the other night while implementing a bit of red pill behavior among male company, that I became the center of attention while doing very little. I am single and I hope it's not too late for me to start over in the dating department. I made so many mistakes in the past regarding relationships and it's no wonder they all failed eventually. I thought I wanted a career, but I've realized that I really want a husband and a home. I used to try and compensate for my femininity, now I embrace it. I see women at my job who want to excel in their careers but continually fail at relationships. I may become the best advice in the office soon if things start going well for me.

Happy to be here, I have so much to learn still!

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Just saying hi, the bot ate my first post since I made a separate account for this (too much personal info on my main.) I prefer to lurk, reading is a big way of learning for me, and I've already started learning a lot so far.

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I've been lurking for a couple of months. Married my high school sweetheart who decided he'd rather divorce than put any effort into our dying relationship. So at 27 I found myself single when I never thought I'd be. I wasn't anywhere near family, and most of the friends disappeared after the divorce, so I had lots of time to think. I started realizing in hindsight that I'm submissive towards men, and that the ex was likely submissive as well. I would instinctively look to him for approval/permission for doing things, and he would more often than not shoot it down just because, and often in cruel ways. He pretty much let everyone in his life, family and career walk all over him.

I decided that I wanted a relationship where the man was in charge, and where everything wasn't a competition. I turned towards BDSM, and ended up finding a man to date who was willing to work with my submissiveness and learn about dominating. We've been together for 3.5 years now. I've grown a lot, but still have some problems. Mainly getting angry, dumping on him, and having that "waiting for the other shoe to drop" feeling. I had a lot of fear that the mistakes I made in my previous marriage would cause this relationship to sink as well. Especially since I couldn't really pin point what those mistakes were.

I came across TRP a few months ago, then a while after that found RPW. I've been reading The Surrendered Wife and he's been reading The Married Man Sex Life Primer. We both have a lot to learn, and reading about RP made us each realize we want this, but it's very overwhelming at first. The first few weeks of reading of RP I felt like I had spent the last 3 years of our relationship going about everything the wrong way. I'm still pretty overwhelmed, and have trouble deciding what specifically to work on. However, since learning of RP I've stopped having angry outbursts, and I've been controlling my frustration. That's been a long time coming, and I think it took realizing that it's my responsibility to control my emotions, not his.

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Hi! I'm a big-time lurker. I'm 22 and a law student, engaged to my amazing fiancé, who's currently at Navy basic training. I'm here because I was raised to be a RPW without ever really knowing that's what it was. I'm interested in learning more about RP and how I can work RP theories into my relationship even though we're a little unconventional (We're young and he's younger than me, we're both very career-motivated and we're going to be dealing with the military/deployments).

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    Thank you! I went in wanting to do prosecution, but I think I've shifted more towards undecided at this point.

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    I'm 30 married with one child so far. I'm just find other women with whom to talk. I seem to be on the outs philosophically with any other groups whose label I might claim for my own. Intelligence is always refreshing.

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    I'm 22 and in a relationship with a 28 year old man, who actually introduced me to TRP / RPW not too long ago. We've been together almost 2 years and RPW has helped me grow as a person. My relationship with my SO has never been better, thanks to this subreddit. I used to nag, hold off sex, only focus on the negatives of my SO, etc. I'm so happy I've been able to change for the better :) Plus, I'm really enjoying working towards being more feminine in my appearance!

    Apologies for any poor wording, I'm on mobile. :(

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    Come out come out wherever you are....

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    Hi. New here, hoping to learn and improve myself. I'm 30, have been in a relationship for 4 years, and I'm starting to realize that I've been the architect of my own unhappiness by trying to be independent to the point of being competitive or selfish.

    I think it's worth taking a look at how embracing a more feminine mindset can help me, in love and in life.

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    Young male; just found this sub. Didn't know there was a community like this on Reddit - saw the title and got confused, read the sidebar, skimmed around and felt immediately attracted to the content. I study evolutionary psychology, and I love the idea of being able to discuss some of the applications in an arena where people won't immediately reject biological truths.

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    Come help out on /r/purplepilldebate

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    where people won't immediately reject biological truths.


    Hi Btw. I'm not new but I'm not old either. Happy to be here!

    I'm 21, committed to a boyfriend of 6 months you guys would never approve of, yet you still helped me get... aaand that's it :)

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    Hi, and welcome to the community!

    That said, I'd recommend heading on over to /r/TheRedPill and joining in the men's discussion over there...while men are certainly welcome here, the discussion is much more oriented to the ladies.

    Read all of the sidebars, watch, and learn. If you have questions, head over to /r/asktrp. Despite what the occasional troll may say, there is no such thing as a stupid question in /r/asktrp

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    I'm new in Reddit, just made an account because I found this sub. :) I'm 23 and I've been together with my husband for four years. We got married last spring. Our relationship was very difficult in the past because of mistakes we both made but it has been working quite well for a while now. No children and not planning to have any for a few years at least.

    Most of my life I've had feminist views on sexuality and gender issues and I've been interested in (and even tried, with not much success) polyamory. At one point I didn't even identify as a woman. Lately, I've been growing a lot as a person and I've become more aware of my own thought processes and emotions. I can distinguish better which things come to my personality from culture, upbringing, biology or from my own reasoning.

    Yoga is very important to me, and I learned that in yogic philosophy, one way for a woman to get rid of her karma is to serve her husband. I can totally relate to that but it's not my whole life. I study Computer and Library Sciences in University and have a lot of hobbies and projects. I'll hopefully become a certified yoga teacher soon. :)

    I'm from Finland, which is probably the most feminist country in the world (after Sweden :P). Here, most people can't even imagine that a young woman could be something else than a feminist. Also, Universities in particular are full of openly leftist and feminist people. I'm happy for this opportunity to share thoughts with like-minded people because I can't discuss these things with many people IRL. :)

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    Hi there, I'm new here and after lurking for a while, have decided to check in.

    I started seeing a Red Pill guy a few months ago and I'm trying to be the best girlfriend I can be so I'm here looking to pick up some tips. I must say, it is a jagged Little Pill to swallow. I've never been a chest thumping feminist but I have always been one of the boys so being feminine takes a conscious effort on my part. I'm also used to being a driver at work and at play so it takes quite a bit for me to really submit to someone else.

    Since I've known my boyfriend, I have always tried to put him first, but it is tough as I have a demanding job and we're also in an LDR.

    The hardest part for me is the fact that because I'm used to the validation, it's hard for me to gauge if he really feels the same way about me as I do about him. I try not to play the victim but it gets hard when I'm trying to communicate my needs in the relationship.

    So yes, I have a lot to learn.

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    It's tough to run things at work and then come home and relax the urge to be in charge of everything there too. You will find that it is actually very freeing to not have to always be in control and let someone else take over! Not that you will be powerless or anything, just that you don't always get everything exactly your way all the time :)


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    Thanks for the support! At times I feel so drained. I have to always be on my best behavior and work to make sure he feels appreciated, admired and supported and still sees me as being high value. Sometimes I wonder if he really loves me. He tells me that he makes time for me and that I should know. When I tell him I love him and miss him, he says that it's nothing new. This makes me feel so small and lonely.

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    Hi i'm a french girl of 22 years :) I'm so glad to have found this subreddit where i have saw about anti-feminist, non-feminist, traditionalist and/or evolutionary psychology perspective.

    I'm single since some months, i have some friends who are mainly boys (i don't very dress like a girl/i'm genderfluid) , i have a lot of commom with them about (Gaming,Cars, Bike, Sports and some other things)

    I spend time with them and mostly i talk to them everyday, they always be here for me and i always be there for them. They are my friend.

    Been in a couple of serious relationships. I'm traditionalist, i don't like getting intimate with just anybody. I need to trust the person. But unfortunually i'm attach very rapidly and it's not easy to deal and it's hurt when i broke up with them or they broke up with me.

    I like boys the way that they are, and me the same, i don't want to change for them. I'm who i am. The most important thing is what inside the person.

    I've been a good girlfriend in the past (faithful, caring, romantic and other things). I have qualities that are valued in a relationship.

    I wish one day maybe i could be a great wife and a great mother. Stay at home for maybe work at home or just stay at home for a lot of things.

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    Just be sure to lock down a husband as early as possible. As the older you get the risk for these go up: ''1. Higher risk of miscarriage

    At age 20: 1 in 10 women At age 35: 1 in 5 women At age 40: 1 in 3 women At age 45: 1 in 2 women

    Noncancerous tumors called fibroids and endometriosis, the abnormal growth of the lining of a woman's uterus, can lead to a miscarriage.

    "Evolutionarily women generally reproduced in their teens and 20s. Centuries ago we didn't live much longer than our 40s and 50s," Fleischman says. "We haven't changed the basic biology of how our ovaries and uterus work."

    1. Higher risk of any chromosomal disorder

    At age 20: 1 in 526 births At age 30: 1 in 385 births At age 40: 1 in 66 births At age 45: 1 in 21 births

    Women are born with all the eggs they'll ever have. As a woman ages, her eggs also age.

    "All genetic abnormalities increase as the egg gets older," says Fleischman. "The eggs are stored in the ovaries, and there is a potential for change over time."

    1. Higher risk of Down syndrome

    At age 25: 1 in 1,250 births At age 30: 1 in 1,000 births At age 35: 1 in 400 births At age 40: 1 in 100 births At age 45: 1 in 30 births At age 49: 1 in 10 births

    As a woman ages, the risk of delivering a baby with Down syndrome increases. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder often caused by an error in cell division. There are multiple types of Down syndrome, and the exact cause is not known.

    1. Higher risk of gestational diabetes

    At age 20: 22 in 1,000 women At age 25: 36 in 1,000 women At age 30: 51 in 1,000 women At age 35: 67 in 1,000 women At age 40: 84 in 1,000 women

    Pregnancy stresses the body, requiring the pancreas to produce more insulin. In older women, having a baby can trigger diabetes during pregnancy.

    "We like to think of pregnancy as a stress test to the woman," Fleischman says. "As you get older your pancreas is less able to respond to those stressors."

    1. Higher risk of preeclampsia

    At age 20: 38 in 1,000 women At age 25: 37 in 1,000 women At age 30: 36 in 1,000 women At age 35: 39 in 1,000 women At age 40: 48 in 1,000 women

    Preeclampsia is a sometimes deadly condition of pregnancy marked by high blood pressure and protein in the urine. Often when a mother has preeclampsia, the baby needs to be delivered prematurely to save the lives of mother and baby.

    "Women as they get into their 40s may also have some hypertension already," Fleischman says. "And if they do, they have a higher risk of that being exacerbated during pregnancy."


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    Been lurking here a really long time but finally posting.

    Always had RedPill ideals for my own life but just finally found this place after being initially scared off by the Red Pill main sub. Really have loved lurking here as I use the advice posted to try and improve my relationships bit by bit. While I had good relationships before, finding this place has really led me to a point where I feel like I'm working off of strong ideas and beliefs instead of just instinct. Finally feel like I have a path to follow instead of just hopeful shots in the dark.

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    RP dude here. I don't browse RPW much, come here once in a while to better understand women and what a RP woman. Is like