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This is the author of The Surrendered Wife and I'm writing to invite you to be part of my studio audience for my new TV series. It's in Torrance, CA. on April 4th and 5th and you can come one or both days. It's completely free, lunch is provided and I'd love to have RPW there! You can sign up here: https://intimacyandpeace.leadpages.co/laura-doyle-casting/ You can also apply to have one-on-one coaching with me, or ask a question. Or just come and be in the audience and soak up the Six Intimacy Skills for the day.

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Can they put the show episodes online even if it is like a week later than the TV air show date? Being able to spread the video content would be useful to humanity.

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Thanks for that compliment! Yes, I plan to make the TV series widely available. The live experience is just going to be a special thing, and I would love to have my RPW cheerleaders there if they're in the LA area.

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Love this! Thank you for the invite Laura! I wish you luck during taping!

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Thanks! I'm excited to get the word out.

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That's so exciting! Wish I lived closer to CA. I hope it goes well.

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Thanks, SouthernAthena! I'm super excited too. I appreciate the good wishes. Tell your L.A. friends for me.

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I have to work during the day but wish I could!! Hope it goes great :)