DISCUSSIONMan deploys, wife weighs 260 lbs. Wife says "fuck this" and loses 110 lbs. Husband returns to a big surprise! (self.RedPillWomen)

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Just saw this on my news feed and I thought of you ladies. I think this is an excellent example of a woman who really cares about herself, her partner, and the longevity of her marriage. She cares enough to take action.

You've got it in you.

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I love that she explains how her diet changed. It wasn't anything dramatic, she didn't do anything hard, just made a couple of simple changes that everyone can do. Drink water and coffee/tea only instead of sugary drinks. Oven baked chicken instead of fried. More veggies. Still eat the good stuff like pancakes but in smaller portions. She is awesome and should be an inspiration for everyone looking to lose weight.

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Exactly, that's really all it takes. Eat better, move more.

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i have to say that i would have an easier time knocking off weight if my hub would go away for a month. my desire to feed us both and buy food to eat together and bake etc is overwhelming and i cant tailor my food to my needs because if i didnt feed him he wouldnt eat

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Me too! If my husband left I could just eat salads for a month and look great but he wants pizza and burritos and yummy stuff all the time.

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All mine wants is spaghetti, he's killing me

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That's on our menu this week to! Spaghetti and meatballs with fresh homemade garlic bread. Ugh. I'm going to give myself a big salad and try to stay the eff away from that garlic bread but it's going to be so hard. And I'm sure I'll want wine but I have to stay strong!

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Aw! If you can stand the taste, I personally love to use shiritaki noodles as a pasta substitute for myself if you're watching the carbs. Then you'd be free to eat a piece of garlic bread, guilt-free :]

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I have tried those, and the taste didn't bother me but it was like eating rubber bands lol. I'd rather not eat than eat those to be honest but I'm glad they work for some people! I've decided to do the whole "cheat day" thing and eat well all week then eat whatever little (!) thing I've been craving all week on saturday or sunday. I've only got 13 pounds to go (which is a ton for me uuuugh), so I'm hoping this is all I have to do.

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That sounds so good. Pregnant right now, and all I have been craving lately is Spaghetti with lots of sauce. It's worth the horrible acid reflux. lol.

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Just eat the meat sauce or put it on zucchini or spaghetti squash.

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At my house nobody gets to eat special meals, we all eat the same thing. I don't want my kid thinking I a short order cook you know? ;)

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Aglio E Olio, all day, everyday. Add salad and other meats, Yum!

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This may interest you:


Starch which is basically sugar is the killer. It is possible to cook tasty things that are good for you too.

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Maybe come up with healthy substitutions? Ground turkey, extra veggies, Stevia instead of sugar, etc.

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This strategy doesn't work for everyone, but when I'm trying to lose weight I'll cook really compartmentalized food and feed my guy bits of all the stuff I make while only eating a subset myself.

For example carbs mess with my weight the most, so I might make steak + kale, and use the steak juices to stir-fry some noodles for my guy (with his kale). I like steak more anyways so then I'm free to scarf that down without guilt (with kale. nom.)

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I experience this same thing, but I've had success with portion control - still make him all the stuff he likes, but have almost like "tiny snack" portions of the bad stuff so I can enjoy it with him... and then fill out the rest of the meal with lean protein or low calorie veggies.

Or I separate part of the meal for myself, THEN add the unhealthy thing he likes (Like I'm making a stir-fry have it with no rice, but give him rice if he wants it.)

If he wanted to lose weight or whatever I'd try to include him in this but as long as he's happy I see no reason he should be deprived of pasta if he wants it.

I do have a serious weakness for the pizza he orders though!!! (Which I probably would never order on my own.)

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It's all a bunch of baloney. If you really knew nutritional information then you would know that no foods should ever be off limits really unless you have an actual allergy. That being said I don't have a severe allergy to dairy, but I omit dairy on a daily basis UNLESS it is heavy cream or grass fed even then I will still eat ice cream if I want. Also, my last calorie deficit I ate pizza every week as I do now on a surplus. It's not rocket science and it's not as hard as everyone has been taught to believe. It's a mathematical equation that should be taught from the beginning of life because then there would be no excuses and I actually believe the obesity epidemic wouldn't be anywhere near as bad. I don't binge because I literally allow myself enough room for my bad chocolate almond butter obsession daily and having a small treat each day is much better versus waiting for it all week and living to eat which you really should eat to live.

My SO is never deprived from food he wants and neither am I. It doesn't matter if you work out or not either. As I said, it's a mathematical equation based upon the individual and their activity levels. If your activity level is higher then you eat more where as if you're sitting all day then you eat less then someone who is active. My SO's body also demands more calories then mine as do all of yours because he is a man and you are not. They need more cals/fat/protein/carbs. They are allowed to eat more then you.

I'll tell you right now there are only a few things I omit from my diet when I'm in a deficit and that is white rice and steel cut oats only because I notice they make me retain more water then necessary and that's on an individual level. No one is the same, but everyone has a daily calorie allowance and it takes maybe 30 minutes to figure it out. Everyone is the same in that case - unless you have a medical condition which is actually pretty rare.

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That's such a cute story. I used to be fat to and life is just so much more fun when you're slim. I hope she keeps it off!

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I saw a video about how she kept it a secret and I think there's something nice about that too - she didn't feel the need to burden him with her complaints about being hungry or bored or feeling bad or any diet whining, she just did it and got it done.

I feel like that's a good example I should follow... a reminder that just because our bodies are constantly on our minds when we're dieting, we don't need to weigh down our men with that stuff, they don't care, it's not relevant or important to them. So I'm a little inspired by her.

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I feel like that's a good example I should follow... a reminder that just because our bodies are constantly on our minds when we're dieting, we don't need to weigh down our men with that stuff, they don't care, it's not relevant or important to them.

Very true.

You ladies have some keen insights on this that I wouldn't have even considered.

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I've always maintained that the average american diet is too low in fat and people make up for it eating carbs. They think greasy bacon wrap is worse for them than a bagel, but then eat twice as many calories..


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Great article, thanks for sharing!

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Her looks just went from 2 to like 7. Take note, ladies. Physical attractiveness is highly controllable.

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    "Her husband might be the 0.1% of men who are into fat women as opposed to the 60% of men who just choose to settle for it."

    Good job.

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    highly. Weight is all about calories in vs calories out. If you're eating over your bodies maintenance calories you are gaining weight. She figured it out and even said she still eats cake with her husband.

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    As Helena Rubinstein said 'There is no such thing as an ugly woman, only a lazy one'

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    I bet he couldn't wait to get her into bed when he got back.

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    After being deployed a while, I bet he couldn't wait to get the old her into bed...

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    Lol, you're right about that.

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    That is truly beautiful and amazing. As a woman currently on her weight loss journey, this type of story really hits home for me and shows that if other people can do it, I surly can do it as well!

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    Also, funny to see the different attitude that some women have towards fat:

    Marie Baker March 17, 2014 at 10:53 pm If it makes her feel good, then good for her. I, for one, probably wouldn’t appreciate it if my boyfriend lost a drastic amount of weight. I’m with him because I like his body (among other reasons, of course). I like something snugly to cuddle with at night. I’m not inclined to think that the husbands’ reactions are always favorable in stories like these. The media has a way of making it seems like a person is with their significant other in spite of the weight, rather than appreciating it.

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    A classic case of someone rationalizing in order to justify laziness or their fear of competition for their SO. Good find.

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        Oh reading comprehension fail.

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          We deal with the big bump in the bell curve not the extreme outliers on the edges. At least 90% of men would rather be with a slim woman than a fat one.

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          We don't "praise" unhealthy lifestyles or endorse laziness. Men that are "into" larger women are either too low value to acquire a healthier/prettier one, or they have a fetish.

          Be mindful of your hamster, and don't confuse being overweight with being desirable.

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            No, PhantomDream09 is not an extremely offensive nor singularly minded individual.

            I am one of those men who, whilst he doesn't have a fetish for overweight women, finds them attractive.

            This doesn't mean being overweight is good. I also don't find it unattractive when a woman smokes. But both things are extremely unhealthy, and over the long term, WILL make a woman unattractive for a whole host of reasons.

            Being overweight, or obese, should not be encouraged in any person. (And when I say "overweight" I don't mean 25.1 BMI - I mean someone who has a waist-to-hip ratio past the 0.7 range, higher than healthy body-fat percentage, who does not have well developed muscle tone or bone density due to never exercising, etc.)

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            You do know what sub you're in right? We tell the truth here, I am being direct with you. If that's hard to accept, then you still have some things to work through. We strive to be healthy, active, loving and selfless. That means working hard to minimize our weaknesses. Being overweight means you need to work out more and eat healthier.

            If by "singularly minded" you mean "knows how to create a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship" - then yes, I am. I'm not going to sugar-coat something, especially when I notice a user trying to toss around absurd ideas like "it's okay to be fat, you're still beautiful and attractive." That mentality is damaging and prevents people from improving their situation.

            As an aside, your tone and attempt to attack me is completely out of line. If you have a problem address the ideas I am talking about, and don't stoop to insulting me (or any other user). This is your first and final warning.

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              We're women, we have hamsters and overthink things. My SO tells me when I'm focusing too much on something little, and it's helpful. We deal with the majority of men and women. The majority of men want a fit woman. There is a third option - men become complacent with their SO gaining weight. On TRP, users tell one another that they need to improve their overall value constantly. It's a disservice to blindly pat someone's back nicely, instead of telling them where and how to improve.

              If you know anything about this sub, then you know that we push ourselves and have standards when it comes to personal accountability. We don't celebrate unhealthy life-styles.

              I'm not insulted by you, I'm just calling you out on your nonsense. That's what I'm supposed to do as a Mod of this sub. I warned you to be mindful and you failed to listen.


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              Mind your tone.

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              Lovely story. It's great when people actually put their mind to something such as losing weight. The major part of the battle is your mentality about it. Everything else will fall into place soon after.

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              I just saw this on my feed, too! Such a great story, thanks for posting it here.

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              Muscle is your friend (depending, of course, on if you are about the same height). I've done the whole skinny fat thing; it's no fun. Gain muscle.

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              What stingray said. Skinny fat is the hardest to actually fix. Muscle will make the scale higher, but take pictures and measurements of yourself and you'll really see the truth. You need to be eating either at maintenance or a surplus for muscle growth where as a deficit you are trying to lose body fat while maintaining all of the muscle you have. If you lose BF and don't have enough muscle to support it then the result is skinny fat. My suggestion to this is to eat in a deficit to cut the fat down and then when you are a bit more comfortable eat at Maintenance and start some type of fitness routine. Also, if you do heaps of cardio you need to take that into consideration so you don't send your body into "starvation mode" which can actually give you the opposite effect of losing weight. You may think 29 is a lot to go, but it's not! Good luck!

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              That's pretty bad ass. Hahahaha, makes me know though that I'm probably a huge problem for those around me. I eat like crazy, but I'm constantly active. Time for a fridge cleanout

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              Holy shit, thats the ultimate woman...losing weight + getting a house..A+ def would put a ring on it.

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              See; red pill men are not just here to constantly criticize women. We will give credit where it is due.