"Your ambitions are valid" (self.RedPillWomen)

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I stumbled across this and it made me smile - figured I'd share.

Remember: We may live in a world that tries to shame us for what we want, but our personal decisions are not a democracy. Popular opinion has no bearing on the facts of life. The truth is not elected, it simply is. Most importantly, you are the deciding vote in your life's happiness.

Have a wonderful day :)

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A functional adult has has 3 gardens to tend self, family, work. Work can be in or out of the house, or school.

You have to let the people tend their gardens, if not they get unhappy. I hope this content poster is getting her self time taken care off.

Big caveat: your self time may equal family time to someone else. Don't assume because you love doing something that your SO loves it to. They need time to do them.

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I never thought of it like this. This idea that these different areas of your life should be treated like a garden. HMM Food for thought!

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Civilization is a result of countless generations of 'stay at home moms' whose devotion to strong husbands resulted in strong sons and daughters, to become good men and women themselves.

Woman is the soil of the human forest, the male its seed; when she is nurturing and soft, he and his branches will grow tall and strong and unyielding. When she is cold and barren, he withers and dies.

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That is beautiful!

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Sometimes I wonder why rich in a rich country is the standard discussion starting point in these subs. I mean my mom, mother in law, wife do work, but it is not some kind of an empowering career bullshit but basically toiling for money the family needs. Especially in the American discourse everybody below upper middle class is not noticed. When Americans talk about working women, they talk about the (probably white) woman sitting in an office writing e-mails, not the (probably Hispanic) woman cleaning that office. The second works for necessity, not empowerment. And usually able to have kids and live RP while working...

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I'm kinda surprised with the negative response. I really liked this, and I feel similarly. My SO, like her Sir, is very appreciative of what I do, even on days he comes home stressed or grumpy. Serious question, are D/s relationships frowned upon here or just not common among RPW? I'm still new, and I'm not sure if there's something obvious I'm missing.

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I think some RPW might be into it, but overall RPW thinks it's relationship cosplay. To each their own, of course, but personally I just find it corny and an obvious female fantasy.

Before I found the red pill I was trying to find answers about my preferences for dominant men (googling around) and all I found were these fantasies written by women that were all too female centered. Like the subtext was topping from the bottom, it all felt like it was all about the woman's fantasy and what she likes.

I know there are different types of D/s and not all of them are basic Dom/sub in which the woman is wetting her panties because she is sooo desired by her Dom. I remember I was talking to a submissive back then, trying to explain why I was really put off by the dynamic even though I want to be with a dominant man, and she said I was going to like to Master/slave (WTF) because that's more male-centered. But, that's not really what I was looking for :/ also I am not into pain besides some good ole spanking. Anyway. For me personally, I tried to find answers and all I got was cringe. Doms are cringey to me. It's all a staged play. I read some other blogs of daddy and pet bdsm... same thing, extremely corny and about the woman and how she is being cherished. I don't know if I am portraying the nuance right, but it is there... in my view, D/s welcomes female egocentrism and exists around it, while RPW is admittedly not coddling, and about improvement for the sake of an harmonious heterosexual relationship.

Besides that, I don't think the community appreciates being likened to a fetish, considering the red pill is all about taking an evolutionary perspective, and not playing pretend for orgasms. BDSM really prides itself in being all about agreement, consent, safe words... basically creating a mini universe of sexual roleplay for the sake of it. RPW is more about a reconciliation of the nature of long term heterosexual relationships. I do think there's an overlap in certain qualities/desires, but not in the big picture.

Aside from the D/s discussion, I personally barfed at this because again it's an obvious female fantasy glorifying an era that wasn't really all picture perfect like that. It's not like women didn't work and everything was so perfect and lovey dovey. It reminded me a bit of that couple that live like they are in the Victorian era. All too prissy.

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Yes, exactly, it is female-centric.

Also, it seems to me that if a man is truly dominant, he wouldn't need all the constant reassurances, such as insisting he be called Sir, etc. It seems like it's a way to make a weak man feel powerful in that one aspect of his life.

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Thank you for the serious answer! I can definitely see how it could come across as straight-up fetishizing actual, real life relationships, and I can see the female egocentrism in it. In my life, I think the two can (and do) coexist fairly well, although it primarily stays in the bedroom. The only part of it that really bothers me is that both people are existing in those roles primarily (and in many cases, solely) because it turns them on. What happens when it doesn't anymore? Does their relationship fall apart?

Aside from the D/s discussion, I personally barfed at this because again it's an obvious female fantasy glorifying an era that wasn't really all picture perfect like that. It's not like women didn't work and everything was so perfect and lovey dovey.

My female relatives who were adults then all worked. It kind of blows my mind that people don't realize this was often the case. It wasn't that long ago! Most of our grandparents were adults during that decade.

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My female relatives who were adults then all worked.

Right, it was rare, even in the 50s for women to never work. A lot of women worked until they had kids, stayed home while their kids were young until they got into school, but then went back to work. Back then families were a lot larger, too; most of the families I knew had a minimum of four kids, so the wife staying home for 5-6 years made a lot of sense.

That Father Knows Best, Happy Days thing was mainly on TV.

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LOL, the writer forgot about the 4 rugrats running around screaming and spoiling her perfect little scenario.

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Ha-ha and how will she respond when her sir comes home from a long day at work, grumpy and not appreciative of her work or meal. And yes, kids running around undoing all her castle making dreams...

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I really like how this focuses on her SO's happiness. It's great for her to be able to set aside her pride to let him stand tall. However, this kind of mentality is TOO dependent for her personal happiness that it isn't realistic for her to have. What happens if something out of her husband's control happens? Her whole world is shattered and she is not strong enough to pick up the pieces.

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"My Sir"


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"Sir" is often used for a male Dom...maybe she's in a D/s relationship?

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She most likely is. I don't know anyone outside of a D/s relationship who would call someone Sir (unless it is a kid to an older man).

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Yes I think that's obvious. barfs more

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I just feel like the more someone shouts (Especially on social media) "I'M HAPPY!!!!!" the less I believe it.