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This article pretty much sums up my disgust for spoiled American/British women:


This woman is not even that attractive. She is just so spoiled and delusional that she justifies her hypergamy by telling everyone it's because she is so attractive. She begins by saying that she is more attractive than the man she married, but as you can see from their wedding photo, he is actually quite attractive. I think I am a lot prettier than this woman and I do not share the same feelings as her regarding faithfulness. Thankfully, if you read the comments most people are shaming her. However, a lot of people are supporting her idea that attractiveness can mean you have a smaller chance at monogamy.

She also goes on to brag about how attractive her parents were, as though attractiveness is solely based on your genetics and has nothing to do with how well you take care of yourself inside and out. Unfortunately, she is not the only woman who shares this delusion as I have seen it elsewhere. It is disgusting and needs to stop.

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Wow way to deflect responsibility for your own actions! This one's hamster is a pro. Smdh.

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She probably bounced around from guy to guy until her 40s cause her personality is unbearable but she was easy.

Now she has found a guy that is stupid enough to put up with her shit.

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She's English, not American, by the way.

She's also not beautiful, she's just easy.

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hahah oops. fixed! Thanks!

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Yeah... I mean, she is definitely not the only married woman who gets approached like that! If a guy came up to me in a Ferrari like that the FIRST thing I would do is show him my wedding ring... I mean like duh

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If she was bragging about how attractive her parents were, was she trying to say that they weren't faithful either? That could explain some things...

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She does sort of imply that they weren't faithful... but she also justifies celebrity divorces with attractiveness. But that is BS as I know so many couples who are attractive and don't have this problem

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That's the impression I got

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An excellent point! I wonder....

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She still cheated "because someone....". No sweetie, you cheated "because you....". If you're gonna cheat, own it!

I couldn't finish reading this disgusting piece of hamstering, but I did notice how she's dressed and how she poses. It's very telling, to say the least. There's even one photo with a boob half hanging out...

Look, I grew up around very beautiful women in my family and community. Not one of them would even dream of using that as an excuse to justify cheating.

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photo with a boob half hanging out...

nice tits will make up for a michael jackson nose, any day

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Nah. I don't think so.

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I saw that...ugh

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I'd honestly pay her on the back and be like, "Just go ahead! You're doing a great job! Keep destroying the world's perspective of Western women, they already have rock bottom expectations as is."

I've said it once and I'll say it again, if an animal with a reputation of running away and never staying with you has more loyalty than you, there is a problem, a big one

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At least she doesn't have children

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I shudder to think of the many ways she'd screw them up if she ever had them. Thank God she decided to go childless

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I'm sure she will justify all the public shaming as "everyone is just jealous". I came across the article on SnapChat, which CHOSE to post it on the homepage... and the way they presented it was through glorification of this woman. SnapChat never fails to irk me...

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Haha yeah he dodged a bullet big time

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Lol yeah that's it! My partner and I are unattractive, and that's why we've been together so long. She sure showed me.

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I did more research on the author and she bashes British men for being too timid and bad at flirting (my apologies, as author is actually a spoiled British woman)... She judges men based on their flirting abilities, and yet she is easily scooped away by temptation.


I think I might write her a letter...

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She's lucky she has the opportunity to act like a spoiled brat. Hopefully she never gets an Asian mother in law, and can continue to act as blissful and ignorant she is. I'm pretty sure quality men have something called "standards"

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I don't think this is hypergamy or has anything to do with her looks, it's just ego. She write that she felt insecure when she was younger and then when she suddenly got hot, it seems like she just wanted a lot of attention. She also married a man she apparently didn't love but thought was the best she could do. That's a recipe for disaster. Of course it doesn't justify how she treated him either.

It sounds like she loved the attention she was getting and would run off with anyone new. I mean, even if you aren't madly in love with someone, how can you treat them like that? Just drop them and forget them as soon as someone asks you out? That's just selfish and rude!

Then she gets older and says she was tiring of it and also not getting hit on as much. So basically she hit the wall and decided to settle down. But she justifies this decision as being ready for a calmer life and a steady relationship. I bet if she still looked as hot as before, she never would have changed her ways.

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Come to think of it she actually looks better in her older photos when she says she doesn't look as good anymore... I'm sure she struggles with a lot of emotional problems as so many white women do because their expectations are unrealistic, they have the media high-fiving them left and right after every narcissitic article/post they publish on the internet... and they can just never figure out why they're so unhappy... not enough people challenge them in my opinion

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How do women like her get away with this? It's never crossed my mind to cheat because I fear I would be the one to be alone forever. And why do men get with a woman with a cheating past??!!

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I would be curious to learn more about the men... She states she is currently in a serious relationship with someone. I don't get how he is cool with her openly writing about this stuff. Probably a beta male

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Either a beta or she's a plate and is too proud to realize it

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And why do men get with a woman with a cheating past??!!

Most of the women that cheat say they haven't. There sadly isn't a background check for cheating.

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Because I'm so much better than all the men in her past. She would never cheat on me (she even said so! why would she lie?).

Blokes are equally guilty for accepting things that we want to believe and ignoring things we don't want to believe.

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She's easy and has very low standards. Notice how she said there are lots of witty, charming men waiting for her? She's the only woman I know of to ever say that!

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I feel many are thinking the same thing although they don't vocalize it

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She hit the wall. The wall is real.

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Granted she is a sophisticated hooker, but she does have great girl game. She is not that beautiful even with the augmentation, but she is very fit and feminine in appearance and seemingly charming even if it has a hollow look to it.

Very telling is that in all her photos she is isolated and apart from her companions. Photos of Women who love their man almost always are leaning into his space and touching. She has game, but has used it for opportunistic materialism instead of finding love.

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She is attractive...if you like women who resemble Gizmo. No...seriously, do your own comparison.

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or "who let her out of Whoville"

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God...I can't unsee it now.

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she wasn't even that pretty.

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Here is the guy she was looking for all her life.

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For women, attractiveness is combination of how they dress and the shape of their body. My guess is that she began dressing more attractively and that got her more attention.

I've heard men in my real life, warn not to marry a beautiful woman unless you're willing to share her with other men. They meant a woman who is generally by large percent of men considered beautiful.

Once a woman has blond hair, is kinda pretty, and fit and dresses attractively, she'll get the attention of most men alive.

Personally, as a man, I got attentin when I was young but then not much after that until I recently upgraded my wardrobe and began working out, running, pushups, and pullups. Now I get lots of compliments, flirting and friendly attention from women anywhere I go. That does create a temptation that wasn't there before.

But I think my wife is the best for her loyalty and understanding each other so well.

That woman simply doesn't have a moral compass. Plus, her husband maybe became kind blue pill like many husbands do and got boring.

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I've heard men in my real life, warn not to marry a beautiful woman unless you're willing to share her with other men. They meant a woman who is generally by large percent of men considered beautiful.

me too...

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That's so true for "blue pill" men. But now that I learned about red pill stuff, and have women, married, single -- doesn't matter -- drooling over me, it's clear that a beautiful woman will feel honored and very attracted to me all my life because her hypergamy will make her feel she got the "catch" that all women want.

That's why that woman in the web site felt she became "more attractive" than her husband. It's because his attractiveness to her (his personality) dropped and others didn't feel impressed with him.

After myself learning how to be genuinely hilarious, learning how to play the guitar--not only making music but doing it with dynamic range and strong emotions such that my audience gets teary eyed. Being able to fix anything and helping others fix stuff.

Developing taste for ballet shows and classical music concerts. (Took my wife to the ballet last night--was amazing the skill and beauty of the dancers all under 20-- wow) . Upgrading my dress and grooming to custom tailored suits and casual outfits that are handsome such that I get compliments from women and men. Not to mention pushups pullups and running to keep a fit strong body

All that makes me so HOT that regardless how beautiful my wife is she will feel the "lucky" one. And my wife is very beautiful Island girl with caramel skin and sexy hot body.

I used to worry about losing my wife when I had anger issues, couldn't play any music to save my life. Didn't work out to have muscular body, was considered a "jerk" by lots of people since I was not funny and insensitive to their feelings. Plus I moaned and complained about her not wanting sex much.

Who wants a husband like I used to be?

It's not really about marrying an ugly wife. It's about being a HOT HOT HOT husband, then you can marry any girl regardless how smoking hot she is, and she''ll be one worried about losing you instead.

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In the beginning, i felt a bit guilty that married women also clearly felt attracted to me and enjoy to talk with me and spend time with me. Of course, I don't date them -- it's just at gatherings or parties. But I realized that their are really hot women that men drool over too. doesn't mean she's a bad person for being so attractive. So I set out to be the hottest guy around in terms of personality and style and talent. It worked.

And it took a lot less effort than I imagined simply because most men don't even try. And women give lots of points even for effort. ha ha

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Just thought of something. I guess blue pill women have to be scared to marry a red pill man for fear she cannot hold onto him. Red pill men have little patience for blue pill women.

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I thought it was a bunch of bullshit as well. I had a roommate who wasn't that attractive that would get propositions like this all the time and she would turn them down because she respected herself and her partner.

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Too many women mastered the art of getting away with shit by blaming people, things or situations for their own fuck ups. It's a shame.

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I have to admit she looks good for her age and I would find her very attractive if she were a nice person, but she says in the article that she isn't as good looking anymore... it's so weird lol

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    Yes, it's very easy if you're a woman. But most intelligent women are aware of this and don't act on it because they know how easy it is and that it means nothing

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    she is delusional

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    I saw that article before and I really think dailymail is trolling because that woman is a 4 at best in LA where I live.

    However, I do think "woman so hot she HAS to cheat" is a real thing that men DO think for god knows what reason, when the woman actually is really hot and accomplished