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My boyfriend recently pointed out to me that I tend to respond with, "I know" in our general conversations. This got me thinking about a better way to communicate. It starts with recognizing when I am about to say, "I know" in response and replace it with, "You're right". It's kinder, less dismissive, and still true! The biggest challenge will be to actually stop myself fast enough from responding so quickly to change my language but half the battle is recognizing the bad behavior. It's small peanuts but it was a fun realization to come to. Maybe this is helpful to someone else.

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I know.

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"I agree."

"I'm with you there"

"I've always thought that was fascinating."

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Love this and will definitely be using it in future!!!!

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This is one of my biggest problems!!

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Super easy but amazing tip!! Going to start implementing this ASAP. Also a good tip for the workplace.

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Thank you for pointing this out

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There are others beside "you're right" that work better for me.

The ones Learning_Learning mentioned, and:

"MMhmm", "Yes", and "Agreed" all are better than straight-up saying "Well" or "Not really" or "But".

Good post PumpkinSub.

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I just realized I do this often. I also often say I didn't know that tho.

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Without background as to what kind of things you are replying to in this way, I'm so curious about your conversations! Is "I know" your personal filler for "mhm" type affirmations? Is he saying things which you really do already know and don't need to be told? Is he being condescending? Is he a boring conversationalist? Does he retell the same stories? Do you have an encyclopedic knowledge of the world? So many questions.

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Great point! I think this is a good idea to use with all people, not just one's SO.