DISCUSSIONMother's Day Special: Feminists disappointed at 6 yr old that wants to be a mom. (self.RedPillWomen)

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As a person who thinks my mom is the greatest woman ever, THIS RUSTLES MY FUCKING JIMMIES.

As a former feminist, I believed that feminism was about giving women a choice. That you can be a doctor or a housewife, and people will still respect you. That's what these feminists spout, yet the moment any woman chooses to be more feminine or choose to conform to gender roles, they lose their shit. It's not the RIGHT choice.

THIS IS A 6 YEAR OLD GIRL. Her mother is probably wonderful because this child saw that caring for another person was a wonderful thing.

My mother works 13 hours a day to provide for us. She cooks us meals before she leaves for work, she cleans the house thoroughly, irons our clothes, and teaches me how to cook and bake on weekends. Despite being so stressed and tired, she still cares for her looks. She does her hair and make up everyday and dresses impeccably. When I, my siblings or her husband were sick, she skipped work to take care of us. Then, these women have the gall to belittle this girl because she wants to be just a mother? What kind of mother did they have? A 60's feminist?

To all the mothers in this sub, I applaud you. Being a good mother is one of the best things you can do for this world. That warm, nurturing feeling good mothers gave their kids are still yearned for, even when they become adults. Nothing beats the love of a good mother.

Happy mother's day.

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Its cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance is the excessive mental stress and discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time. These ladies believe they are happy being 'liberated' from female gender roles, they have justified it in their heads with the belief that it is unpleasant and embarrasing to be feminine, they equate traditional feminine behaviors to be weak and something to be ashamed of. The reality that women are quite happy being feminine actually makes feminists unhappy because their beliefs do not match up with reality.

People with cognitive dissonance are faced with a dilemma, either drop the incorrect belief or argue strongly against the evidence. If they have strongly invested in the incorrect belief they will often refute or heatedly dispute any evidence which contradicts their belief. They also try to persuade others. Hence saying this little girl is wrong.

Its a very commonly experienced psychological state.


They have invested a lot into their beliefs, competing with men, envying and despising men. I feel embarrassed for feminists when I think about it.

There are actually lots of articles about feminist cognitive dissonance if you Google it.

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    Exactly, traditional feminisim was the right to choose. These days it seems to be 'make this choice'. Well, no. Sorry ladies.

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    this feminism never existed, it was always a marxist/progressive project to remove women from the home

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    So we can tax them and indoctrinate their children!

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    Very interesting angle, I'm off for a google.

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    Also explains why 1984 is the best research material on how much doublethink there is in gender feminism...

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    I find it sad that a sweet little six year old gets attacked by a bunch of old weirdos who hate their femininity so much. Just sounds like at one point they were cute and wanted to be mommies but now Are old, lonely blobs.

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    "But at the same time women can be more than just a mother"

    I'm sorry but women can be whatever the fuck they want to be and if that woman decides she wants to be "just a mother" than she fucking can be.

    Feminists used to fight the good fight, but now they're even worse than the people who were holding us back.

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      Exactly. I'm all for equal rights, but lately there has been way too many people taking it way too far.

      Like talking about a 6 year old being too influenced by the media and how society needs to change because she wants to be a mum? WTF, it's a natural instinct for every creature on this earth to want to reproduce. Shit like this makes my blood boil.

      Once upon a time I wanted to be a feminist, but now the word scares me.

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      All I'm asking for from being a "feminist" is the ability to get a job interview ...

      I own (majority shareholder, CEO, Chair of the BOD) technology company. We do not hire many women. Our loss experience because of gender discrimination complaints pretty much makes it a NoBrainer. Sad to say.

      See my post history for the specifics.

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      RPW Male here

      "How many boys will say 'when I grow up I want to be a dad'"

      Uhh me. Right here. Exactly what OP is espousing, my dad is an awesome man and when I was a kid I wanted to grow up and be a dad just like him. It was literally my only life goal until my early teens. I'm 24 now and I still count eventually being a dad as one of my most important life goals. I grew up around/have met a lot of guys who felt/feel the same.

      The whole human race is wired to want to pass on some form of legacy and wanting to be a parent, even if that's the sole goal, shouldn't become a gender issue in the first place. As a society we probably put far too much emphasis on financial gain as objective and not enough on emotional need/gain or fulfillment.

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      Maybe they would be happy if the little girl said "I want to be a Dad!"

      Yeah, take that, gender roles! lol

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      As long as it's not normal, progressives are happy!

      I told a feminist friend that a transgender bearded woman just won the EuroVision Song Contest. Of course, she knows neither what Euro Vision is, nor who this particular songstr(ess) is, but she was happy he/she won.

      As long as it's a perversion, it's awesome!!!

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      Ever since I found out I could be one, I've wanted to be a mother. It's simply what I feel born to do. It's hilarious these feminists can feel so threatened by a little girl!

      Kudos to your mama, OP, she sounds wonderful!

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      that username tho...

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      Technically it really is what you were born to do, no question about it ;-P

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      Feminism means rejecting girly things? So if you happen to enjoy wearing dresses and makeup and your favorite colors are pink and purple you can't be a feminist? This person is a damn moron.

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      I remember in college I had two Feminist Friends. They were both talking about how GUILTY they felt that they liked wearing dresses and shaving their legs. In any sane society having such desires should not inspire guilt! Of course if a guy wanted to do these things, they'd be like "You go dude! Yeah, break that gender binary!" But apparently when a girl wants to do these things she's just submitting to the Evil Patriarchy...

      No wonder I wasn't very good friends with these girls for long.

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      Ughhh. That annoys me to no end. "Crush the gender binary. You may act ONLY in a way that is not consistent with the traditional expectations of your sex." I like being a woman, goddamn it. I'm not going to pretend to be something I'm not just to support some bullshit notion of the "sisterhood." My life and my decisions do not revolve around what I think is best for all females, and to live that way is idiotic. I want women to have the choice to work instead of stay at home with their kids, sure. But just because I feel other women should be able to do so absolutely does not mean I'm going to make that choice just to pave the way. Man, my head is going to explode.

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      "My mom is the most amazing person in the whole wide world!"

      "Being a mom is stupid."

      All on the same day. Happy Mother's Day!

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      I'm JUST a mother. It's not that hard you know raising the next generation to be good and caring people. Teaching them manners and work ethic. I mean obviously it's super easy that's why our community is so amazing.... Oh wait....

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      Haha thanks, but my mom HATES feminists. She just believes in serving her family first before anything else because that's what she believed in. She really hates any type of movements like feminism because she believes following any one of them would put you in a box and limit your potential.

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        Ahh sorry, I think I misread your first post.

        Thanks, she really is great and I can only dream to become like her.

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        ts nice that youre making up your own version of feminism, but in reality feminism was always a collectivist project to destroy the nuclear family and remove women from the home and control men politically

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        That's crazy that they're mad a 6-year-old wants to be a mom. God forbid she wants to have children and strive to take care of them. Being a business woman is clearly the only way to go in life.

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        Look back at Simone de Beauvoir.. her book "The Second Sex" was a key sourcebook...

        And re motherhood, she basically called it "slavery"... Same deal as Dworkin flipping the script on sex...

        http://womenshistory.about.com/od/simonedebeauvoir/a/simone-de-beauvoir-second-wave.htm http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/5548.Simone_de_Beauvoir

        Did a HELL of a lot of damage...

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        This is a travesty. Every 6 year old girl who chooses to become a mother is a 6 year old who won't major in stem or run for president. It's not important what she wants, what's important is that men and women are equal in every measurable way. Every woman who chooses what she wants wrongly is a loss for feminism.