RELATIONSHIPSSad, Sexless Mom Follows RPW-Compatible Advice and Then! (self.RedPillWomen)

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I archived these two links from /r/relationships.

First, our heroine details the problems in her marriage: http://archive.is/PoLgK

Second, she comes back with an update: http://archive.is/wj7ZU

This is a great example of RPW-compatible advice changing everything for a woman in her marriage, and I felt like sharing would be appropriate.

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Its sad that this sub only has 14k subscribers. More women need to read this kind of thing.

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I think a lot of people have misconceptions about RPW because of the negative attention that RP gets. People would rather have their feelings preserved instead of following methods resulting in actual success.

Before I started reading RPW, I thought it'd be full of ultra-submissive, desperate women who were willing to sacrifice their wants/needs/careers to find a man who would be free to use them and move on. Soooo not true.

There are parts of RP that I don't agree with - but it's a theory - and like any theory, you use it as guidelines and make it suit your personal situation.

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Dude this is awesome! I'm so glad OP talked to her mom about this instead of letting it slide. I'm not married, but I imagine it's so easy to forget the other person when all you're thinking about is your kids.

Thanks for posting!

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great read. thank you

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These articles come at a good time for me! I'm having our first child (together, my first in general) in about 7 weeks. I have to remember to shut the mom off. I don't want the first post to happen, I definitely want the second!

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Great post! This goes for men and women. If you have changed, and your partner isn't attracted to you and you want them to be, it is on you. You can't expect a person who fell in love with X to be happy with Z. Whether this change is physical or a change in personality doesn't matter.

This doesn't mean that you have to change if you like who you have changed into, but don't expect the person who fell in love with your old self to like it.

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What a wonderful update! I'm so happy for her, that she talked to her mom, really absorbed the advice, and acted on it. The first comment on the archived post says "long may you love" - exactly! <3

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