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Lurker here. I am subscribed because I find your PsOV fascinating. Being a good spouse, father and provider are important to me, and this sub is a sort of reality/reference check to me.

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Hello ladies! It has been almost a year since my husband show me this sub and I can say it really changed our life. I was a controlling bitch / shrew by the time. NOW We laugh together, communicate better, he even like's to just sit on the couch readding something while I'm watching some romantic movie (when I know he hates this melodramas ) just to spend time with me. I have to thank you all for opening my eyes to what I was, and to show me how I could improve myself and make things better.

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Wow! Keep up the good work!

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Mostly lurker here. I’ve never had a boyfriend but have pretty traditional values when it comes to relationships so I love reading this sub! You guys have helped me avoid some non-rp relationships that I wouldn’t have been happy in so thank you for that :)

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Lurker. 26F. I used to be a feminist/never wanted to get married until I met my husband. Now I can’t imagine my life any other way. We have been together 5 years, married 2 so I’m still learning. He is 10 years older so we have quite a gap but so far so good:)

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Hi :) lurker here and in TRP, along with my fiancé (15y not living together LTR, getting married next year 🙈) nice to meet all of you ☺️

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I've commented once or twice, even though I wasn't sure a man's words were welcome here. Sometimes places like this can be welcoming and other times not. Glad to see at least one other guy posted a reply here. Happy to put my two dollars (inflation) in wherever/whenever.

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Hi everyone, have lurked for a while on here, and found this place through lurking on MRP. Have wanted an RP relationship for as long as I can remember - it just feels right to me. Am happily married to a kind, funny, strong man who is the leader in our relationship.

I've seen some interesting posts here so maybe will try to de-lurk a bit more!

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Good morning, I'm a newbie, just joining this past week. In a very happy marriage, working on our 15th year, with 3 children. Although we didn't know what it was, we knew something was different about us, and our relationship, and I stumbled onto Rollo's books on audible, and realized, that my husband, although maybe not 100%, is very much a "natural" alpha. Just realizing that what makes us different is a good thing, and wanting to be more involved in the "community".

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Hi everyone! Subscribed when my previous relationship was having problems. Found out that I haven't done any vetting, and that I was a complete shrew. Have been reading the books recommended here and on TRP, and it has changed my life. Even though I am single I am happier than ever, because I take care of myself first and my life has a goal: to become the best person, friend, woman, wife and mother that I can. Just met an amazing guy and trying to apply RPW-principles for the first time. Scared to death, but it seems to be working. Thank you so much for everything! I feel home here.

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Lurker here and occasional poster on various accounts. My previous feminist viewpoints ruined a relationship where it definitely was my intention to eventually marry the guy. I committed all the sins, disclosing unnecessary details about my sexual past, having sex within a week of dating, agreeing to open the relationship. My self esteem was at its lowest and I was a grade A clinger.

The guy left me, giving me the reason as not being ready to commit and various anger issues. I was left confused and heartbroken. Went into monk mode and discovered differing, more traditionalist perspectives about relationship building with men. I checked out critiques of feminism from sources like Milo that finally clicked with me after years of being a paranoid and insecure biznitch.

I was introduced to a successful and kind man through a mutual guy friend and I was given a second chance. Using the knowledge gained from reading RPW, I'm fulfilled and he's very happy with me. He tells me I'm the most mature and stress free girl he's ever dated. There is a kink, BDSM element to our relationship that just comes naturally due to my extremely submissive personality. Deferring to my Captain and trusting his guidance is a huge element of our dynamic and we fit together in our different but equally as important roles. At this point, I see being a SAHM as a potential outcome in my and I'm finally comfortable with it and the concept of taking care of a family.

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Hello all. Mainly lurker here. Discovered TRP, RPW, and MRP a little over a year and a half ago after my divorce. I find I've related to, and exhibited many of, the concepts prior to that discovery and have continued to educate and further unplug myself since. I enjoy reading the different perspectives and applications of RP based on the desired goal. Hearing all sides has proven beneficial to truly understanding the core concepts as a whole.

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Lurker of quite a while, though I've posted here and there. Wouldn't say I'm red pill per se, but very traditional. Not yet married, but in a very commuted relationship. Fan of gardening, cooking, baking, reading, animals and general housery. Like to dress feminine and fairly demurely. I love the community here!

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Hey! Mid-term lurker here. I love Evo-Psych and think that as a paradigm it has better predictive power than the alternatives

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Lurker here, sometimes comment. I try to help those I can and love that RPW takes a lot of truths from TRP but is productive with the info and constructive to relationships, a family, and marriage

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Mostly lurker. Hi! I’m happily married, work part time at home as a systems admin, and my DH also works at home as an AI developer. We’ve been together for 8 yrs and married for 6.

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I've been lurking and posting on this subreddit so long that redpillschool and trpbot are the only mods that have been moderators for longer than I've been lurking and posting. But if I'm on reddit now I usually only post on the depression and anxiety subreddits to try to help other people. I feel like if I'm going to give advice, some of these people need it the most, and it keeps me from becoming overtly focused on myself and neurotic.

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Hello! lurker here. I've been trying to apply TRP to my life and bettering myself, mentally and physically. I've been blue pill for a while previously and it only resulted in me suppressing my true self. My reason for lurking RPW is to understand the point of view from the other side, and pickup on things/behaviour that I should look for in a prospective LTR and vice versa. Other than that, reading the sidebar and the top posts of the subreddit are fantastic resources to learn.

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Lurker since March. Never posted. I'm largely coming from a religious perspective. I have my disagreements, but still find helpful insights from this subreddit. Thanks!

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Hello everyone, I've been lurking for a while here. I'm still young, so I may not understand the mindset in its entirety but I appreciate the atmosphere that this place creates! Thank you. :)

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hi. preferred lurker and long time plant hoarder.

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deleted What is this?

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Hey! I lurk here often. 19, traditional values.

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Newb, have only posted once. I don't feel like I fit any typical RPW mold (quite liberal on every spectrum), but I love the idea of a "traditional" relationship for my SO & I.

Putting forth some of the practices I've found since devouring everything I can find, our relationship has been MUCH better and I've been so much happier.

So yeah, thanks ladies! :)

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Occasional poster. Married 30 years to the man I love and who is my best friend in life. Appreciate so many of the posts I read and how everyone tries to help others with their issues.

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Hello. I have been lurking for a year and participated in discussions a few times. But I only came on Reddit when I came on RPW, and I have never figured out how to update my flair! How to?

25, LTR 6 months

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Long time lurker. Partial skeptic. Older married not nearly RPW. Marriage counseling veteran. But always appreciate the ideas being floated.

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Hello, Lurker here too I am a man (I think this is forbidden but please forgive me for this time) and I am here to watch how women I'd like to be with think

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Hello! Lurker for about 4-6 months. Been wanting to post for a long time but wasn't sure what about first. I met my SO when we were very young. We've had our ups and downs, and right now we're in a down stage. He's redpill'd. In some ways I was always like a RPW- keeping in shape, working on my appearance, keeping my n-count low, I'm also a type-B relaxed kind of person... Things I wanted to change included keeping the place more clean, cooking more, being more sexually available.... I've made some subtle changes to try and help my relationship and honestly, it doesn't seem to be working out so well. It may be too soon to tell or maybe I just need to tweak a few things. There could be any number of reasons why things seem so rough right now. I don't want to give up though.

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I am an infrequent poster. I'm 30 and have been married to a wonderful man for a year and a half. We are not a prototypical RP couple - we are somewhat alternative, mostly atheist, and left leaning politically. We also don't plan to have children. But I still find so much good stuff here!

This forum has absolutely had a measurable impact on my relationship. Not that I am a perfect spouse, but you ladies inspire me to be more feminine, giving, and fun every day!

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    Hi, I'm a "new user" because I forgot my password to my old account.

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    Lurker here & on TRP.

    I’m single. Always felt weird that I prefer a more “old school” or traditional partnership (bc of my past and some other women around me, “feminism” is the way to go...). I always wondered why I wasn’t finding the guy I wanted and I see so many little mistakes that I’ve made that I want to learn to correct and put into action!

    Thank you!

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    I found this sub a few weeks ago and have been reading quite a bit. I have always had a want to be a housewife and a good supporter to my husband, this has lead to a lot of trouble when I tried to follow the 'feminist' ideal of a woman. Going through cycles of trying to handle everything or feeling like I was doing life wrong. Finding Redpill, has opened my eyes that I can fully embrace being feminine and a supporter and those aspects of myself does not make me lesser. It has also shown me that self discipline and self improvement are important things as I can not change anyone but myself.