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Hi! So I've been working out in a way that will promote feminine curves and one exercise I really love is to exercise your transverse abdominis. It just feels like you're sucking in your stomach but look it up to know how to do it right.

It will help you get a smaller waist, I've lost 1/2 inch on my waist. Its also very good to do before getting pregnant and again after to get back in shape.

Edit: The "sucking in" one is known as the vaccum. Here are some more ways to exercise your TA:


Here is an article for those who have gone through pregnancy about a class that focuses on TA to lose inches off waist:


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I do this and it’s worked! I work out 4-5 times a week (lifting + spin) and doing vacuums has really helped me lose literal inches off my waist!

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Awesome! Keep up the good work!

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What exercise do you do for this?

The biggest thing for me was cutting out inflammatory foods, sugar, and alcohol. I got skinnier than I've been since high school. It basically cut out all bloating, which can be more responsible for waist increases than weight in general.

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Yeah I've done that myself and my hip to waist ratio is about 0.65.

I posted some exercises above but I also feel that my early training in belly dancing helped. I used to practice some of the belly moves in bed before I went to sleep for 10 minutes and it creates a similar feel to the "vacuum" exercise I did.

I stopped doing those exercises for the last few years and my waist increases in size (but not my weight, I actually lost weight so I was thinner in my tummy but the appearance of my waist from left to right was bigger if that makes sense) so I started doing the vacuum exercise and my waist is tighter and smaller again.

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Are you into Paleo?

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Thank you for that last link! I just have baby #3 and have been worrying about the "mommy pooch". It never really went away with #2 and seemed to be worse this go around.

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Hi there! Losing fat will be the best bet at losing any size on your waist. Know that waist size is highly genetic, and to keep your expectations reasonable. That being said, here are my tips! Don't do weighted exersizes that specifically target the abs, because this will grow muscle on the abdomen and make your waist WIDER. The key to a toned waist is to do bodyweight exersizes. Work on growing your LATS! More defined, sculpted lats make your waist look smaller in comparison, this same logic applies to your shoulders, hips, and quads.

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I loooove the vaccuum! I went from a 25.5 or a 26 inch waist to a 24.4! Super easy and effective. I do this while doing a lot of weighted leg exercises to grow a booty. Since I use the Stairmaster with resistance bands for this, I think I get some cardio that way too.

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Hi! Does getting a smaller waist mean not doing ab exercises like crunches, but to focus on the TA exercises which will help slim our waists? Sorry, just a bit confused!

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Thanks for sharing - here of all places. I really do appreciate it!

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I’ve been researching exercises like this, thank you for your thoughts on it!!

What are you doing to curve up other areas? I have a bunch of exercises written in a book at home that I’ve been implementing slowly and I’m always happy to get other women’s thoughts on these things.

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For me, weightlifting and bodyweight exercises have widen my waist! When I stopped exercising that area, my waist shrunk, a lot, can anyone please explain that?

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When you work out a muscle it gets bigger. This is true for arms, legs, and booty, so why would it be the opposite for ab muscles. This is why lots of direct ab work (especially targeting the obliques) is actually bad for an hourglass figure!

I don’t do any direct ab work. I just focus on hardening my core during the rest of my workout.

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Now I understand, thank you! That's way when I was working out a lot, I looked simply wider, more like a man.

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Ya a lot of women who are super fit have wider waists, especially if they have a lot body fat percentage.

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The hardening of your core you mentioned is often activating the transverse absominis and other abs muscles so thats a pretty good way!

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Yeah be careful of weights. I don't use any weights when I work out my abs because they will gain in size, especially the obliques.

However, there are a lot of balancing exerces that help work your abs without growing them. I think some yoga poses do this and pilates helps with smaller waist too.

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Weight loss and heavy weight lifting will cause you to lose inches. Sucking in your stomach all day won’t cause you to lose inches.

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Try actually looking up the exercise before commenting. It works a specific muscle that pulls the waist in and the exercise isn't, "sucking in your stomach all day." Forreal...

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For real it’s not gonna cause anyone to lose inches

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I’ve been working out for the past 6 months 6 days a week and I’ve been doing this plus some body weight workouts and I’ve lost a total of 30lb and have lots 3 1/2 in off my waist. This really works.

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Both my links say it won’t cause inch loss without a healthy diet or other exercises

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I never said to forgoe a healthy diet or other exercises... that is essentially to everything but your idea to just lift heavy and weight loss is very oversimplified. I have a very slim waist already but I want it smaller. Weight loss assumes there is much fat in that area to lose and I dont carry much in that area. If I did heavy lifting with my OBLIQUES then I would GAIN inches on my waist. As far as post pregnany women, this exercise is essential read the article posted above.

You can do whatever you want but I will support this from my personal experience and readings.

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So right! Of course you still need to exercise in other ways and eat healthy, but when I did that for months without the vacuum I never saw much of a difference in the size of my waist. I felt better and my arms and legs were tighter, but even as I lost some of my belly pooch I still was very ruler shaped. I'm by no means super hour-glass shaped (waist-to-hip ratio is currently at a 0.74) but before doing the vacuum, nothing could bring my waist in no matter how hard I tried. The vacuum really made a difference, and isn't just sucking in. It's holding it for 30+ seconds, resting, and repeating once or twice. You can really feel your muscles in action as you do this!