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The role of father's is so diminished these days and it is detrimental to American families...the stats do not lie. In light of this day, tell us about your dad, your relationship and how it has helped or changed you today.

I feel very lucky. My dad is the true patriarch of my family and compliments my mother in her role as the matriarch. Without realizing it, they are red pill in the modern day and the example for how I wanted my life to be. I am one of 5 and much older than my youngest sibling. Their consistency has been our rock. We all turned out to be quality individuals. I love how I can call my dad to tak about anything from sports to my relationship. I know he is proud of me and trusts my judgement, even if I fail.

We have had several losses in our family this year and a few major health scares, and he is solid. When he lost his mother, he cried in my hug, and my heart broke for him. He is has always been the model of a man in my eyes. Hard working, outgoing, many interest, talents and hobbies and tough and soft when it matters. Pushed me to be athletic which I thank him today for my solid and lean body for that encouragement. I can not imagine losing him. I live far away from my family but nothing changes, because....family. My parents are the foundation that made me into a good person and I will never fail to appreciate that. I hope in my role as a parent and wife, I was a good student.

Happy Father's day to the daddys out there.

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It sounds like you have a great dad.

I don’t want to be a downer so I’m not going to talk bad about my dad. I will say he provided for his family financially and he “did the best he knew how” with the rest of being a father. (That’s what my mom says and I think it’s accurate)

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Sometimes that is the best you can ask for. :(

Any examples in your family or life or husbands are also welcomed!

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It really saddened me how the top posts on Reddit were about unconventional dads: stepdads, growing up without one, non-biological men filling to role... I resonate and empathize, but it still struck me.

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My dad was out of my life for the most part and passed away when I was 17. I desperately needed a male role model for what to look for in a spouse, and I didn’t have that at all.

Thankfully I married a man who is all those things to our children and more. He takes an active role in every part of their lives, tells them how much they mean to him and they feel so secure in that relationship. I think it’s so beautiful. He is a wonderful example of masculinity for all my children. Strong and gentle at the same time, and he has a heart to help people. I hope they can continue to have that relationship until we’re all old and gray.

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My dad passed away a long time ago. Now it is my turn to be a good dad for my sons, I hope they will think like you in the future.

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My dad passed away when I was 16 turning 17, but he was my best friend.

I was a total daddy’s girl growing up and I miss my dad everyday. When my mom got mad at me, I’d always run to my dad and he’d always protect me, take my side, and tell my mom to chill out. He got me into gory movies, horror, and sci-fi from a young age. We’d always watch movies together. (My mom didn’t like me watching gory movies but my dad was always like “eh don’t worry about it”. He was the best! Very awesome lol)

My dad was catholic but didn’t force religion on me and told me that I could figure it out and believe in whatever I like. He had very conservative political views and I remember his rants and dislike towards Obama back in the day, and how it shaped my own political views. I was like the only middle schooler who didn’t like Obama and I always thought everyone else was whack. He always let me get whatever pet I wanted and thanks to him I got into raising poultry at 14 yrs old.

I’d always show him my weird cartoons and laugh at his reaction to them (like Chowder, The Misadventures of Flapjack, and Spongebob Squarepants), he thought they were so weird. We’d watch King of the Hill together and laugh together.

I’m so grateful that I grew up with a dad that was so cool and supportive of me. He taught me how to draw as soon as I could hold a pencil and I’ve been drawing ever since. He was always making farting jokes lol. I still laugh at farts to this day.

I don’t have the greatest relationship with my mom, I feel that she developed some resentment towards my dad and I’s relationship. To this day she is always saying something negative, like dad wanted to kick me out of the house, or he thought I was selfish, or he loved her more than me (totally different kind of love, don’t know why she’d even say it the way she does). But that’s not how I remember dad, I remember how he had such a heart of gold and was always looking out for me.

If I misbehaved or did something wrong, he would sit me down and talk to me. He’d explain why whatever I did was wrong. If it was real bad he’d explain that I am grounded or something was being taken away and I’ll get it back later. He was GREAT. I hope one day I can be a great person and parent like him.

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Thank you so much for sharing. He sounded like a great person and so do you.

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Best childhood dad memories:

My mom stayed home with us all day while my dad was at work. There were four of us born within five years, though a fifth was born many years later. It didn't matter where we were in the house, as soon as the front door opened, we heard it and descended upon dad like those creatures from the movie, "The Quite Place." Mom would say, "don't pester daddy, let daddy take his shoes off, don't hang on daddy's tie." Our reply was a resounding, "PESTER TIME!!!!" So dad would get out of his suit while also fending off attacks from four small children. Someone would throw a wiffle ball at his head, then he would come chasing us through the house. We would run screaming down the hall, slam the bathroom door behind us, dad would bang on the door, force his way in, scoop as many of us up as he could and then fling someone on the couch, pin someone upside down to the wall by their ankles, pin someone else under his foot. It was loud, lots of screaming, lots of banging into things, lots of slamming doors. It went on for quite a while. Eventually we would all get carried away, dad would squeeze someone too hard, or too many of us would try to pounce on him at once and our heads would clank together, or someone would take an elbow to the eye. We would all run crying into the kitchen where mom was finishing dinner, her responses were generally, "get out of here, I'm on the phone," "You asked for this," "If it really hurt that bad you would stop doing this every night."

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Your story made me laugh so hard and put a smile on my face on a bad night, thank you.

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Hey! Sorry you're having a bad night, I'm happy I could add something positive to it. :)

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My bio dad isn't much to brag about so I won't. I'm sorry.

My step dad has been in my life since I was eight. He's been the best father figure my brother and I could have ever wanted. He's also a good father to my step sister and step brother. He works incredibly hard every day.

My fiancee is also an amazing father to his three and a half year old son. He loves him so much and it shows in everything he does. I can't wait to have babies with him.

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I dont have a relationship with my parents, but can I just say - my husband and I hosted my cousin's 4 children overnight and he was a total hero about it. They absolutely adore him, vying to play video games with him, one wanted him to hold her the entire time, they completely loved him and he willingly gave up essentially his whole weekend to hang out with them. He was actually disappointed when their mom couldn't bring them by and offered for us to go get them 1.5 hours round trip. I told them it was father's day so they could wish their dad a happy one and they immediately wished him one. He is amazing.

I completely agree with you that the role of the father is completely diminished in our society and it's a travesty.

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My dad is awesome. :)

He's not perfect but there are so many things I love about him. He worked hard to provide for me so that I could go to college without debt. He encourages me in any endeavor that I'm serious about. He never acts too busy or bored to talk about the things I love. He's very kind, generous, and good with animals. He has killer taste in music and some of my favorite memories are us on road trips swapping playlists in the car. He's adventurous and funny. He has a long fuse. The two of us have a relationship where he's the leader - and we rarely fight. He's loyal to his family and he works hard to take care of my grandma.

(I also really love my stepdad).

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Father’s Day is diminished? What do you mean by that?

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        In light of this day, tell us about your dad, your relationship and how it has helped or changed you today.

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