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Tonight is Boys' Night for my husband, so I'm inspired to share some of my girl game moves.

I have two strategies for Boys' Night that I use as appropriate. Tonight is just the guys heading out for a drink and to watch the game, so I use Strategy 1: Do Nothing. That means that he leaves and I don't pester him with texts and phone calls. He's going to be home before I turn out the lights and probably just wants to immerse himself in testosterone before he heads back to his house full of females. This strategy also applies to after work happy hour.

However, there are other events, like bachelor parties and boys' weekends where I like to apply Strategy 2: Just One Sext. Basically, I either send a hot selfie, reminding him what's waiting for him at home, or I drop the raunchiest description possible of what's waiting at home. The key is that I hit Send, and then put down my phone. I don't badger him all night with text messages, I just put the idea in his head. Sometimes he wants to go back and forth with me a while, and I love to play along, but it's not expected.

Every once in a while I'll send him something hot when he's just out for a drink or two...but then again, sometimes I'll do that when he runs out to the grocery store! I think the important thing is that it is used as a treat for him, and not as his girl blowing up his phone because she's bored.

Anyway, this has received rave reviews from my husband, and I have some fun always trying to top the last thing I did. We've been married for quite a while, too, so also proof that things don't have to get boring just because the relationship has some years on it.

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When my husband had his bachelor party, I made the decision to not text or call him. It was his time to be with the boys during his fun weekend for his fun party. I even had family drama happen that made me so desperately want to call him, but I kept the phone down.
All of the other guys had their girlfriends blowing up their phones--but not the bachelor!

He actually ended up calling me. Each night!

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Wait this can happen? Like sexting fo getting the groceries? Shiii

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Can you give some examples of racy things to text? If that's even possible. I always have the hardest time thinking of that part...

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I usually reference the last time we had sex, "last night was amazing I can't wait to ### again and feel your ##". You get the point haha

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I made this one night and sent it to him...


|/).. (/ _/( ( ) | (( | ))| II

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I don't text my boyfriend either when he's out with his buddies. And I've told him that I want him to have fun and not feel like I'm holding him back/require him to text but he still does that a lot :D And I always love when he texts me when he's out. Just makes me feel so much better than if I had texted him.

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This is something I learned myself early on in my dating years, well before RP came into my life. BF goes out with buddies and I never make contact first.

I actually leaned to use that time for myself. I paint, or read, or give myself a mini spa day. I'm an introvert and as much as I crave spending time with my man, I need a little alone "Me" time too. Its easy to get wrapped up in my hobby and not realize how much time has passed until I get a text or call from him.

This is exactly what I stress when friends ask for relationship advice from me. If you badger and annoying and flood him with calls and texts and questions when he's gone he never gets a chance to be "away" and sometimes that's what a guy really needs.

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I swear I read so many amazing posts from you RPW I just want to gift gold everytime.

Lol, how Beta of me ;)

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Meh. I give out gold to this sub often. I feel it helps reinforce the idea that this is their place and they are doing good. Reward positive, desirable behavior.

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man here, either of those strategies are great. don't bother him when the game is on! just let him have fun and don't be a pest! nothing is more annoying and boner-annihilating than getting a call from your girl when SHE KNOWS that you're busy... unless its about sex. receiving a bit of sexual validation while you're out having fun is great. do this and he will brag about you to his friends while all of their girlfriends are annoying the shit out of them.

also, it's nice to leave a light on for somebody if you know they'll be coming home late.

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I haven't tried the one sext thing, but I stopped sending him texts when he's on his Boys night unless he wants to know how am I doing. This works really well and I love it when he assures me he's having a good time and does it because of his own initiative and not because he feels obliged to. Really good advice

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A lot of girl game discussed here I was taught as simple manners growing up, and I'm sure that's true for many of the ladies here as well. Thing is, the current cultural climate encourages us to badger our SOs and not use the basic respect and manners we would extend to those with whom we are not intimately involved.

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You're right. It should be normal manners, but unfortunately, to a lot of women, it's not. They're are some women out there that will constantly text and badger their SOs wanting to know where they are and what they're doing and it becomes annoying to him, and makes her stress, creates lack of trust, even if there is no reason for the worry. I know a women like this, she is paranoid even though her husband has never given her a reason to be. Following the OPs advice here keeps him happy and looking forward to coming home instead of dreading it.

And that's what this sub is about. Bettering ourselves and making our relationships stronger. If you find that weird and are going to insult asking for downvotes, why post anyway?

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    Do enlightened us with your advanced game, you know? To be productive and not just critical

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      Yup, gaming your husband is fun and productive. You may instead call it flirting or foreplay, and for us it starts from the minute we get out of bed. No, it's not quantum physics, but sometimes in a relationship, particularly one you've been in for a while, it's hard to see the forest for the trees.

      You sound very skilled with relationships. How many years have you been married? Looking forward to you adding all of tour expert advice to the sub.

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        Serious question, why are you here? You're a feminist who posts on trollx and is disgusted by TRP so why come here and try and pick it apart?

        I can't speak for anyone else but I am more than happy to converse with you but I'd like to think you're here for reasons other than being critical and judgmental

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        "isn't this more relationship advice"

        I don't you you tell me. You're the one who talked about "advanced game"

        Even when you're married believe it or not some people still like to keep things exciting and put in effort instead of turning into a sexless fat slob

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          Strategy, game, whatever they're just words to describe something similar unless you want to impart you're wisdom on it but you seem to be splitting hairs.

          I don't know where you got the idea anyone thought badgering someone was a strategy but I doubt anyone here does