DISCUSSIONIn Which I Refute The Vice Article (self.RedPillWomen)

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Article in question: http://archive.is/oybLW

RedPillWomen is the "feminised" version of the infamous RedPill—a men's rights subreddit whose members claim to have "taken the red pill" and finally realised the truth about feminism. Namely that it shouldn't exist.

Dun dun dun! I can just hear the scary music the reader is supposed to hear after being confronted with such a controversial statement. There are people on Earth who don't identify as feminists? The horror!

I think this would be a good time to point out that RPW is in many ways and by definition an extremely feminist space, we just don't subscribe to the particular "brand" of feminism that is culturally popular now. Pic Related.

every Red Pill Woman I reached out was careful and reluctant to talk with me. "In general, the only interest we see from writers is in gathering material for a hit piece," one said.

Upon locating and befriending some members of a teeny-tiny online community of women that feel vulnerable to journalists writing hit pieces about them, our feminist author proceeds to write a hit piece.

...there's a pink background and cursive font...a online home for thousands of defeated women...They didn't see themselves as the hot girl...chamber of bigoted secrets!

This is so transparent, but we must be doing something right.

I called myself electricwoman9.

Come on PluggedInPollyanna, if you're going to infiltrate a den of internet misogyny at least come up with a good handle.

Lauren ... She had made a conscious decision to "embrace being nice… as a woman", as she believed she was then "more likely to get a positive reaction than by being aggressive."

I have to point out that the ellipsis means we have no idea what exactly Lauren said.

But who knew that being nice got you a more positive reaction than being aggressive! That's not manners or common sense, that's internalized misogyny!

Then there's a discussion of LMR. As we all know, RPW is filled with posts in which we advise our fellow women on how to overcome their LMR. Oh wait it's not, and the only person from here nice enough to talk to the author refutes this claim for us.

"These terms are not really used on RedPillWoman. It is assumed that those who are reading it are aiming to find long term relationships with men."

Which is really the point, isn't it--the author has pretty much misconstrued what RPW is. This is a forum for relationship advice without a feminist bent. It's not that scary.

Perhaps there is some comfort in convincing oneself that you aren't an oppressed person.

There is. There is also some comfort in convincing yourself that you are an oppressed person, but only one of these puts you in an empowered position.

RPW is a tiny sub, our main focus is helping people find and keep a man they're attracted to, not apologizing for rape or any of the other nonsense you wrote here.

In conclusion, Ms. Griffiths.

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I don't understand how "interview" have come to mean "only use a handful of edited quotes, then fill the rest of the article with my own misguided opinions." This isn't informative, it's just the author ranting for clicks. She might as well have not bothered reaching out to anyone in the community if this was ultimately her goal.

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But by writing the article, she did just give out free advertising of rpw to countless amounts of women out there, who will no doubt visit the sub and convert.

Maybe if she actually spent some time on the sidebar, she would have read the 48 laws of power and know that ignoring our existence is the best way to reduce our power.

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Wait...so RPW isn't a bunch of self-hating, rape victim, internalized mysogyny slaves like Vice told me?

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Sorry we're too busy cooking and being sweet...no time for misogyny. You might want to try Huff Post editing staff.

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And also home making and having as many babies before 32! 💁🏽

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Dang, I need to up my game. I've been raped zero times and I strongly prefer being in supportive, female exclusive groups. I need to start hanging out with men, hating and silencing women with different opinions, and not caring for my safety.

(The Deleted posts are me, phone glitched and posted a dozen times lol)

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Sounds like where you are looking for is Sweden in it's current state.

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As someone was in a very messed up, abusive relationship dynamic a few years ago it grinds my gears when feminists say I'm oppressed because I want to be the submissive partner in a relationship.

Feminists cannot conceive of the fact that dominance ≠ abuse, so they say that I'm oppressed despite the fact that taking personal responsibility for my decisions (a very Red Pill thing to do, apparently) has been the only thing that helped me get out of that relationship and treat my depression.

Being RPW doesn't mean I can't kick her ass in the real world, it just means that I don't accept feminism as a valid sexual strategy. -_-

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Being RPW doesn't mean I can't kick her ass in the real world,

ahaha i always feel that way too! I always just wanna be like, girl, come MEET me, I am the most free-wheeling, happy, adventurous person you'll see all day. and yes I also kick ass in the real world :p

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ladies, ladies.... we don't kick asses in this group

we just shun the outsiders ... hehe

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the LMR bit is the funniest. the author spends so much time bashing a single PUA element of TRP where no one in RPW talks about it, and even if RPW did, it'd be "these are the psych tricks guys use to get in your pants, GTFO."

moreover, the author doesn't rebut LMR and LMR counters... just immediately equates LMR counters to rape. if a woman is allowed to change her mind on sex and back out, why does this feminist think that woman is not allowed to change her mind to be in?

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Why would any RPW discuss those sort of topics? The person who wrote the article has no idea what is going on...

RPW pop out babies, bake cookies, and do their nails

We don't care about PUA lol !!!

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the only aspect RPW cares about in PUA is not falling victim to PUA tricks. there's a ton of mindgame bullshit in PUA that actually works.

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We're not even worried about it. It's not like they can control our minds. Girls who don't put out just don't do it ever unless you rape them... I don't play that game. You really can't win with a girl who isn't even playing.

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eh, for girls who are genuinely chaste, i doubt any of the PUA stuff works. most PUA tricks revolve around either highlighting insecurities in the girl or outright lies. women who are actually chaste aren't going to use sex to prove their worth, and the potential of a one night fling with a guy who claims to be rich/famous isn't going to quickly tempt her into dropping her panties.

but with this sub, there are some girls with a promiscuous past. a lot of PUA tricks will work on them. for example, most girls don't know what negging is, and negging a formerly promiscuous girl can flip her back pretty quickly.

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but with this sub, there are some girls with a promiscuous past. a lot of PUA tricks will work on them.

Dude, I think you're old enough to be told the simple truth here.

There's a comedian whose name I can't recall who explains it quite succinctly. He says something like, "You know when you're going out on a date with a girl, and you're wondering whether you're going to get laid at the end of the night? She already knows."

My mother used to express it this way: "He chased her until she caught him."

In other words, if your PUA magic works on a girl, it's probably because she was DTF in the first place, and you popped up on her radar. (That's really all a man needs to do, but many, it seems, don't even have the testicular fortitude for that! The biggest surprise I got from TRP is how many men are abjectly terrified of approaching women.)

Consider this: a woman spends an hour and a half doing her makeup and getting her hair just right. She puts on an outfit that cost her a week's pay. She pays for an Uber to get to the club, a cover charge to get in, and buys her first drink. She's wearing underwear that, while sexy to look at, have become embedded in her ass crack and chafe uncomfortably whenever she gets up to dance. Yet you still think she's only going home with you because you used a pick-up line on her that was probably older than your grandfather? LOL

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this is not at all what we're talking about.

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Sure it is!

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You bring up another good point about insecurities. An emotionally stable woman isn't going to fall for any of that. In fact, if anything, she'll just retract more.

You can't neg me anyway because I'm perfect


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More power to this. The "tricks", (I call it strategy and just... Well functional interaction) don't work with people who have serious, intensive goals.

The people who have decided their mission sniff out mimicry or canned tricks incredibly well. There's something about them, maybe it's the transparent honesty the pride in saying no, the objective measurement, whatever it is. Normal pua starts to fall unless you're​ actually what you're displaying.

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if a woman is allowed to change her mind on sex and back out, why does this feminist think that woman is not allowed to change her mind to be in?


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Sorry what is lmr

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It stands for "Last Minute Resistance". It is the idea from RP and other PUA groups that it is highly common for women to put out token resistance right before having sex for the 1st time. This is done probably to preserve an image of chastity or being unable to admit that she does want it.

If you read the theory, they are very careful to distinguish between "last minute resistance" and "real resistance". The 1st being the girl wants it, but can't/won't admit it, and the 2nd being where she really doesn't want it.

This is often lumped in with rape because people who don't understand human mating dynamics think rape is as simple as "they didn't give verbal concent". But humans are more complicated than that, people say "no" when they are scared to say "yes" and "yes" when they are scared to say "no". If you think verbal concent is sufficient, you'd end up raping the later. It is far better to be able to understand and interpret body language.

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Last minute resistance. Probably. Tried Google and it came up with a bunch of different things.

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Lol thanks but what does it even mean?

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Changing your mind about wanted sex.

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I read some of her other stuff too. It reeks of "No man will ever love me, especially not my dad," and at the same time, "Where have all the good men gone?!"

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and the article on why she doesn't eat meat because whatever is just plain sick

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You beat me to the punch, /u/ElfFey !! Well done. If I'm oppressed living like this, then thank God for the patriarchy because I'm happy.

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Thanks for posting this /u/ElfFey.

I think it's fair to say that by reading this article, one learns way more about /u/electricwoman9 - Ms. Griffiths than she does about RPW.

It seemed like a online home for thousands of defeated women jealous of that girl at their high school with impeccably long legs who everyone's brother wanted to bang. They didn't see themselves as the hot girl, but these women had never been able to quite make it as "one of the boys" either. The fact that they subscribe to this dichotomy tells you everything you need to know.

Methinks the lady is projecting.