FIELD REPORTCute RPW story - what a clean house can inspire (self.RedPillWomen)

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My bf's Uncle and Aunt are coming to visit from Europe so its a big deal and we've been preparing. I've been sick and its been very hard to clean. Today while my bf was at work I pulled myself out of bed and not only deep cleaned but decorated with fresh flowers.

When my bf came home he was so touched. He even said it has never looked this amazing (flowers and decorating). He was quiet for a moment after seeing what I did.

Suddenly he said seriously, "...What is your ring size?"

I'm so happy! Thank you RPW for making this possible and bringing us to this point.

P.S. Don't know my ring size and asked him to take me to a Jewelry store to find out. :)

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that's really sweet, just by asking that question you know he's literally thinking "I need to wife this woman".

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Congrats! My husband is the same in that he gets really touched when I make an effort to look after his family. When so many people are bitching about their inlaws, he likes that his family is important me and it sounds like your husband feels the same way.

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That's great! I hope you cooked him a really nice dinner to seal the deal.

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Hahaha no I like it clean. Im trying to increase my standards :)

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This is inspiring me to increase mine too. and congrats!

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That's so amazing congrats!!

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Coming home to a beautiful space can make a huge impact on a man and make him over the moon happy to have you especially since so many women these days look down their nose at doing these servile things in a relationship. Keep it up!

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This is so adorable. So happy for you!

Reminds me of 5 years ago when I first started dating my (now) Husband. He went to work one morning and I was still sleeping in his bed at his house. He had a roommate at the time who I hated (guy was a complete dick and kept the place a dump). I decided to deep clean my husband's room and bathroom and fold all his laundry (that he used to just keep piled up even if it was clean). His asshole roommate made a comment "what are you trying to get a ring or something?"

5 years later and we are happily married and have a daughter and our own home. :)

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So...did he ask you to marry him?

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Lol He already game me a timeline. By the end of the yearish but he says he wants to plan. He's taking me a jewelry store to check my size and find my style.

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So he did! Did he talk to your father/parents?

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haha Its not official but yeah I definitely know its coming. My father passed away and he will with my mom before he officially pops the questions. She's a gossip and would tell everyone before I'd want.

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Happy for you! Congrats and best of luck!