“Casual Sex Is Empowering” And 4 Other Feminist Lies (thoughtcatalog.com)

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So many butthurt legbeards in the comments.

Nice article though, surprising that it's from thoughtcatalog.

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My new band -- Butthurt Legbeards

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I thought you said new brand, and I thought you meant a brand of shaving cream, haha.

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Yes, because STD'S, a bad reputation as a slut, chances of pregnancies with random guys, and a loose, wet pussy are all great signs of empowerment, amiright? Oh, and doesn't the formula go "the more partners a woman has = higher chance of her cheating?"

Silly feminists.

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Do not dare state the scientifically proven facts about the negative effects of casual sex on women, that's slut-shaming!

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Just fyi being promiscuous doesn't result in a loose, wet pussy. The vagina is elastic as fuck :D

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Man chiming in here. Doesn't casual hook ups with exciting bad boys also make you addicted to those rushes of hormones?

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    I call TROLL!

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    I had an epiphany comparing point 1 (paraphrasing) "feminism doesn't hold women accountable for their actions", with point 3 "but does encourage women to go fuck everybody"... "and thus date rape culture is perpetuated when meaningless sex turns out to be a huge let down..."

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    The whole "casual sex is empowering" is the biggest load of BS. I've noticed that the least desirable women are often the ones who have the most sex. This might seem odd at first, but makes sense when you think about it. Desirable, pretty and feminine women quickly find themselves in the arms of a desirable, masculine male who will protect and provide for them in a LTR. Many of these women are taken off the market before they turn 25. Such a woman has no reason to go on sex sprees for attention or validation because she has already found what she was looking for, an alpha male willing to committ to her.

    Undesirable women will never find a masculine man willing to commit to them, so instead they seek out some sort of validation through a spree of total slutyness. Many of the biggest sluts I've known were either god ugly, or had some deep mental issues. Feminists are part of this group. They want to make their own behavior more socially acceptable, so they do all these slut pride walks and so on.

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    Is thought catalog giving in to RP principles? I keep seeing more and more links here!

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    It's just click bait.

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    So sad. I thought they were coming to their collective senses but now you've said it and maybe it's just to get angry feminazis clicking... And those cringe-y comments, oh god

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    Hm... well, I still think it's click bait but I was reading on mobile and just looked on the web where I could see highest voted comments. They are pretty good comments, actually.

    And this writer is apparently a contributor from a voice for men, so that's something. In the recent past I've seen TC actually using anonymous troll accounts writing stuff like this, but this article is actually really good and people are responding somewhat positively to it! Woohoo!

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    Goodie then :) The first time I read it the comment were awful, no wonder those women were alone, who'd want a snarky for company?

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    Feminism, by definition, values the feminine over the masculine. I don’t. And I never will

    What a great ending. I think that explains my biggest beef with feminism, it is the advancement of women at the expense of men.

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    I don't know it's quite accurate that feminism values femininity over masculinity. They certainly hate us well enough. What they really appear to be doing is trying to make men more feminine, while trying to make women more masculine. Which makes some sense, because if you are trying to create some sort of manufactured equality, you have to get rid of the obvious polarity of masculinity and femininity. But, what you end up getting is women who make terrible men, and men who make terrible women. I don't just mean in terms of being unable to fill the role (which is also true), I mean in terms of making them both unhappy and bitter, hurting both genders.