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rpw, I'm writing this post to share my gratitude for this sub and the information and experiences shared here.

Today is Valentine's Day, and this year we have eschewed traditional dinners and celebration because we are trying to pay down debt. We went out for breakfast yesterday morning, and today we went to church, then did our typical weekend grocery shopping, and then I started meal prepping/working in the kitchen.

As I was getting laundry started, my husband came in and told me, "You're a great wife, you really are. Here you are, on a day that society tells a woman she needs to be catered to, and you're doing laundry, prepping food for the week, and making me a pie." (I told him I was going to make this peanut butter deliciousness for dessert tonight.)

Ladies, that was one of the biggest compliments I ever could have received. And the biggest thing that's changed in my heart over the last six months since I started unplugging is my own attitude. Finally, I've swallowed my feminazi pride and really decided that I will serve my husband, and I've truly been happy doing it. We're Christians, so all of this rpw philosophy fits quite well with our value system.

Here's the other thing: We moved recently because he got a great new job where he makes almost what we used to make together. I was reluctant at first because I had a full-time teaching position at a university, but I knew that he was making the best decision for us. I've been working part time teaching college, and actually been enjoying the part-time gig. I never thought I'd lose enough pride to be part-time professor and part-time SAHW, but it's really been working out well. I can do what I love to do at work, and also take care of everything around the house.

I asked him this week how our schedules are working out, and he said something to the effect of, "How could it be stressful? I come home to a clean house, laundry done, and dinner ready. And two nights a week I get to myself because you're teaching, so I have time for me too."

And one more thing: My eyes are now open to how this rp can help a marriage work well. And I see the failings of so many marriages/relationships of my friends and family. It's sad, really. The only other person I know of who is doing anything like we are is one of my sisters, who is a pretty independent person but she has mentioned that she loves taking care of her apartment and cooking and stuff. She just got married and I'm excited to see how it goes for her.

Anyway, thank you! And happy Valentine's Day!

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I never thought I'd lose enough pride to be part-time professor and part-time SAHW, but it's really been working out well. I can do what I love to do at work, and also take care of everything around the house.

Amazing things can happen when we make this step. Well done and I'm very happy for you.

If I may, I received a similar compliment this morning and it made my heart sing. I brought my husband his morning coffee to which he always says thank you. This morning, he responded, "My life is so great!" I realize many would see this terribly, but at RPW women can see it for what it is. A great big thank you to me for all that I am able to help him with.

It was wonderful and I'm so happy that you've been able to experience the same.

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Awww, that is so sweet!!!

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This morning, he responded, "My life is so great!"

I love that!

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Omg, what an awesome post. Isn't it so great and interesting - when we choose to give more to our partners, we receive so much more in return :) I'm glad youre happy. Your schedule sounds awesome. E: your to you're

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Good to read this!!! Congrats on the improvements!! :D

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This was very encouraging to read. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

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This is such a great post! It's amazing how much it can really improve your relationship once you surrender.

Also, your schedules sound amazing!

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Fabulous, I love it! I love RPW compliments! My man said yesterday, You and my mother are the two most deeply feminine women I know - and I adore you for that.

His mother's a great woman so i felt really honoured!

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That pie though ❤️

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Oh man, it was decadent! I couldn't even finish my piece.

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You were wise by picking a good man. You are wise by treating him right. It all pays off :)

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Thanks. I did pick a good man, and somehow in my 17-year-old mind I knew he was good 13 years ago. :)

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Hell, I want to send you flowers for being so good. Is your man on RP? I wanna follow all his posts now.

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No he isn't. I know he reads posts but I don't think he's contributed anything.