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Weightloss and transformation story, because I'm really chuffed with myself today!

I used to be obese. Not one of those girls who looks heavy, or is overweight but carries it well. As in, definitely, visibly obese. One year I decided to turn my life around and worked hard over three months to drop the weight. After basically dieting and walking the weight off. I was finally slim again and happy about it. Even happier because in the process I was getting to know the wonderful man who would eventually become my husband, and he was very supportive of me.

He got me into weights. When I first started to lose the weight I figured I would be hot, after all, I was slim again and am blessed with a very curvy bone structure, so everything would sit just right... Or not. I had loose skin, stretch marks, poor posture and still some excess fat. I'm not about to go all "woe is me" here. I wasn't ugly, but I was nothing like what I could have been. I was sulking over the fact I essentially ruined what could have been an incredibly attractive body with literal kilos of pasta. But then he got me into weights.

He showed me that by gaining muscle I could add some shape to my thighs and bum. That I could stretch my skin out a bit and make it more taut with exercise and extra muscle. That a girly body is not necessarily all about being slim, that where your muscles lie show your feminine figure as much as your bones and fat do.

And I worked hard at it. Over the years I increased the weights again and again, I sculpted my waist inwards more than I thought was possible, right down to a 0.65 waist to hip ratio, with thanks to a diet that promotes a bit of hip fat as well. I worked on my bingo wings and stretch marks, and even my stomach, although it will never be firm again, is more solid and flat. My bum looks great and I'm actually pretty proud of my muscles, despite how unfeminine they sometimes look. My biggish arm muscles are far more attractive than the loose, stretchmarked skin was, by miles.

It's over five years since I first lost the weight, three and a bit years since I started powerlifting. Today for the first time in... ever, I think, Jon ranked my body as an 8/8 on his "subjective score" scale. In essence, I am not perfect, or objectively perfect, which is impossible, but I am attractive enough to him that he cannot find serious flaw with my body, that I am just the way he wants me to be. He said that if it were biologically possible he would happily have me look this way forever.

It took a lot of work to get here, but I feel quite a high level of satisfaction knowing it can be done. It takes so long. And it feels even longer whilst it's happening. It feels like no progress is being made at all. Days pass, numbers change and nothing seems different. And then it hits you. You've somehow managed it. You can go out there and work on yourself and do something that pleases you and get results. Sure, nobody can ever be truly perfect, and even subjective perfection is transient, be it in body, mind, work, family, everything comes to an end, or becomes the new normal, or just demands constant upkeep. But when you go our there and work on yourself, you can be amazed by the results.

It makes me wonder what else I could manage if I spend five years working at it. Where will my business go in two years? What will my writing and book portfolio look like in four years? How big and happy will my family be in five years?

Anyone else want to brag about a success or progress story? :D

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Fuck yea you sexy bitch. Power lifting is such a thrill.

For your skin its not a cure all BUT you should look into dry brushing and a DIY coffee scrub for your body. My weight fluctuated a lot, and at my goal weight I noticed some cellulite. The two above combined really, really helped. Sorry if that was unsolicited advice but I truly saw great results and wanted to share :)

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Coffee scrubs sound awesome. Do you have a specific recipe you used?

And all advice is good. :D

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Congratulations on your progress and success, that's wonderful news all around! :0)

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Thank you!

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Holey moley, congrats, friend!! I aspire to one day have a success story like yours.

(nudge, if you ever want to share your favourite "waist sculpting" exercises, I wouldn't complain. I've lately fallen into the same old exercise routine.)

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I second this, if you wouldn't mind sharing some tips for whittling down your waist I'd really appreciate it! I'm aiming to make this summer the first for showing off a bit of midriff :)

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Added below. :D

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Waist sculpting is a weird one. All the exercises that are recommended actually train and buid up your laterals and abs... which makes your waist strong, but thicker. I have actually gained 2" on my waist since I started powerlifting seriously, and that's when I'm at my leanest.

OTOH, when I started out I lost around 6" on my waist (from my original weight loss size, so that means I did not lose a dress size or much weight, but the waist got thinner] doing this:

1: Adjusting diet to prevent casual weight gain and bloating. Minus 2".

2: Belly dancing and more sensual yoga poses, that encourage limberness in the muscles and hip movement. Minus 3".

3: Muscular waist training. Essentially, pull your core muscles in, like you're trying to draw your belly button to your spine and upwards, and hold it. Try doing belly dancing like this. After a while the muscles that pull inwards get bigger and stronger and will pull your waist back a bit naturally, without you trying. Minus 1". Could probably lose more through this, but it's not actual weight loss, just reshaping, so it's not my biggest priority. Just a fun one to try if you really want to force some shape changes.

Hope that helps!

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Congratulations, all of the hard work has paid off!

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Thank you. :D

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Well done!

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Thank you!

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Thanks. :D

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That's definitely quite the accomplishment, congratulations. I feel like this is more of a bragging thread though. I personally do strive for perfection, and it is a constant struggle for me. But if bragging is allowed here, I am down two dress sizes since December 1st, and I am confident I will be down two more by my birthday at the end of May, which is my end goal.

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I am down two dress sizes since December 1st, and I am confident I will be down two more by my birthday at the end of May, which is my end goal.

Well done! You're definitely on track. The last bit is always the hardest, though, so try and stay focused as you get nearer your goals and it slows down a little. Don't let it disappoint you and push through! Also, make sure you have a solid maintenance plan for when you're at goal. :D

I feel like this is more of a bragging thread though.

Yep. Needed to explain to some people who would understand and maybe be inspired, rather than accuse me of fat shaming or being sexist. :P

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Grats on your successes! There's more to come in the future! :D

Lifting is so much fun, I might get into powerlifting eventually, but for now, I'll be working towards the more complex bodyweight exercises.... Although I won't drop barbell squats or deadlifts soon.

Curious, what does your diet consist of? What do your macros look like? Have you ever gotten to the point where you felt like you need to eat more? I'm hitting a plateau right now, so maybe a bit on insight will be so useful.

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I like to mess my workout around a bit. Wednesday I dug up the garden ready for herbs and potatoes, Thursday I did yoga, dog running and lifting, Friday I did high rep work, today I will do more gardening and throw tyres around for the dog to chase. Sort of a semi primal thing.

With diet, I actually started from three hard resets:

Reset 1: Cut out most fats and sugars, a single treat a day permitted, mostly vegetables. This was when I lost a load of weight.

Reset 2: Around four years ago. Went full Primal, a la MarksDailyApple.

Reset 3: Added some grains back in, completely cut out dairy and alcohol (turns out I am lactose intolerant and am now TTC], reduced sugars massively.

My daily diet changes based on what I'm doing, but the essential outline is:

1: Core diet of around 1200 kcal, mostly plants and protein, equal fat and carb ratio, by the calories. So 600ish protein, 300ish fats, 300ish carbs. Then just add veggies. Example meal plan for a lazy day: fasted morning, 4 corn cakes with faux cheese and veggies for lunch, a slab of pork with lots of veg and a few noodles for dinner.

2: Add protein on active days. Add carbs on days when I work out for over 90 minutes at a time. To that meal plan I would add fruit or a sweet after a long workout, or around 200g of a protein source after any exercise.

3: Mix up the vegetables as much as possible. Keep veggie snacks around as my stomach is an endless balloon that requires constant filling.

4: Also swap snacks for lower calorie versions: I have corn cakes instead of bread, for example, as it's 50kcal per two slices rather than 200. Vegan cheeses are also helping there, but I would not recommend them unless you have a very good handle on what your hormones are like and what your soy tolerance is.

5: If you feel starving to the core, eat unlimited protein. It's what you need and you technically only derive calories from it when you are eating below calorific replacement, so any extra fat will be minimal. Fasting can also reset your appetite and make you more in tune, but it's more a once in a while thing than a daily one.

6: Skip preworkouts, work out fasted, have a carb refeed after workout. Seems to promote harder workouts and faster progress. Maybe it's the survival instincts kicking in...

7: Alternate fats and carbs as my calorie sources. Makes the diet a bit more varied, discourages fat storage and binges as no macro is cut out for too long.

That's all I can think of that is particularly out of the ordinary. The rest is just the obvious: focus on whole foods, eat monomacro meals when in doubt, fast when overdoing it, have carb and fat resets, don't be too strict or too loose.

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Thank you so much! :D

Some of the concepts were confusing to me when I first read them, but with a bit of research, I found this to be quite helpful.