FIELD REPORT[NSFW] 7 Days of Dresses (self.RedPillWomen)

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I've seen quite a few posts lately regarding appearing more feminine. A lot of new RP women here have said something to the effect of, "I'm not used to dressing up," or "I feel that dresses don't represent my personality." If you're truly uncomfortable with it, don't wear them; your discomfort will be fairly obvious to others. But if you're on the fence, I'd highly suggest trying to wear dresses as often as possible.


As an experiment, I wore a dress every day for a week. I didn't wear them every single waking hour--going to the gym would be awkward in a dress--but I made sure my Captain saw me dressed up for at least a few hours when he came home. The results were simply astounding.


Improved Personality

I'm not naturally a bubbly person; I've been told by more than one person that my personality more closely resembles Daria from MTV's eponymously named show, Daria. But when I wore a dress that flattered my figure and hugged me in all the right places, seeing myself in the mirror gave me such an unexpected ego boost! I couldn't help but play the part of a submissive, effeminate First Mate. I even cooked dinner in a dress, and felt giggly at being a modern-day 50's housewife. (If you do decide to cook wearing a dress, be sure to wear an apron like you see in the pinup pictures; oil splatters will ruin your dress and are annoying to clean out!)


Brightens Your Day--and His

Your improved personality is going to rub off on him! People naturally gravitate towards people that make them feel good, and your SO is no exception. There's also the obvious benefit of him seeing your figure, and perhaps reaching up your skirt for quick grope. Far from feeling violated, wearing dresses helped me feel sexy and sexually desired (more on that later).

On a more theoretical level, seeing you in a dress is going to brighten his day because he'll be happy to see beauty--you--in the otherwise dark, cold, ugly world he has to navigate every day. You'll be the flower in a field of dead weeds. Wearing dresses just for him might also give him a sense of ownership--in a good way. As in, "This is my flower to protect and nourish." Doesn't that give you the warm fuzzies?



On a lighter note, my Captain and I had sex much more often. Foreplay would occur all evening long because we'd take turns groping each other when we thought nobody was looking--which added to the intensity of desire. He could hardly last more than a few minutes on some occasions because the sexual tension was so high. (Missy Elliott got it wrong, by the way. You WANT a one-minute man because then you know he's been thinking nonstop about the object of his sexual desire--you!) Afterward, my Captain would sometimes initiate Round 2 almost immediately because Round 1 wasn't enough! Talk about sexual validation ;)


Bottom Line

If dresses still aren't your thing, that's cool. My point here is that the more often you wear things that flatter your figure and make you look feminine, the more often you'll get a positive reaction from your SO. The happier he is, the happier you'll be--and isn't that the kind of symbiotic relationship we all strive for with our men?

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My problem is finding the dresses in the first place. I know how I'd like to dress, but I can't find those pieces in existence. I'm starting to think I should learn to sew. Any tips?

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I adore Le Bomb Shop!! They are retro-inspired cuts and styles and beautiful prints. Very inexpensive

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omg I love this. It's like a retro bathing suit, so elegant!

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And that color is gorgeous too. Omg I can't wait to wear regular clothes again. Maternity clothes have come a loooooong way from what my mother used to wear, but I am so excited for regular clothes again. 😫

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That's exactly the type of thing I want to see! Thank you!

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You're very welcome! For dresses and separates (a little pricier) I love Mika Rose.

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Just checked it out. As the site's name suggests, they are "le bomb!"

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I want one of each dress pretty much.

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You could check out your local crafts store and/or community college to see what classes they have. Classes from community colleges will be cheaper, but crafts stores will have access to more materials.

Alternatively, if you have a relative or friend who has sewing skills, you could find a picture of a dress you like online, and then ask them to teach you how to make it.

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Eshakti.com. They have tons of different dress styles, and you can get them tailored to your exact measurements for a super reasonable price. You can also customize just about any aspects of the style too (neckline, sleeve length, skirt length, POCKETS).

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Lulus.com I've had luck with.

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I generally have to look at thrift stores a lot and layer with t-shirts and stuff, but it's super worth it!

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This probably comes off a bit limp-wristed, but what are you looking for? The people here can probably help.

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Ha, fair question! A little bit old fashioned and simple, I think. I like color, but not a lot of busy patterns. I want things that are relatively modest, but I don't mind an interesting neckline and I don't like loose clothing. I can never find blouses with a fitted waist. Peter pan collars are super cute. I'd like fuller skirts, not too short, that are high-waisted. Sundresses that don't look super casual. My biggest problem is that nothing fits. The straight waist style seems to be popular right now and it looks terrible on me. I have wide shoulders, small breasts and waist, and wide hips/butt. While tailoring is obviously an option, it's usually so ill fitting that it would be major alteration.

I just moved from an area with pretty limited shopping, so I hope I can find something better here, but so far I don't know what's in the area, and I'm not totally sure what I should be looking for.

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My body dimensions are similar to yours, and I've had great luck with the cut/fit from New York & Company. I've never had to alter any dresses I bought from them.

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I totally agree with you about dresses and skirts! Loved the FR!

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Oh yes! About a year ago, I stopped wearing jeans and switched over to skirts and dresses. I pretty much only wear skirts and dresses, but I, too, own a pair of workout shorts. :) Honestly, though, cleaning, cooking, just hanging out, there are plenty of things that can be done with skirts and dresses, especially if they're longer, comfortable ones.

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I'm with you on NY&C OP, and you hit the nail on the head, men do treat their women better when they look good lol! I've actually said this outright "Hey! You're nicer to me when I'm cute!"

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I love dresses. So much easier to look presentable quickly.