THEORYBlue Pill Insanity: "Seducing Mr Perfect" a korean romantic comedy + why women are unhappy. (self.RedPillWomen)

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Intro: One night I was watching korean videos and a movie by the name of "Seducing Mr Perfect" was in the related section. I clicked. I watched 40 minutes. I was hooked. The amount of blue pill propaganda/lies in this movie is astonishing and I'm going to use this movie to illustrate few key facts.

Movie starts like this:

A nothing-special, unfeminine, hot-tempered, clumsy female protagonist is on her way to work when she bumps the car of a handsome, tall, rich, influential man.

She starts going off on him (even though it was her fault) and tells him off like a strong independent woman she is. After her childish tantrum she arrives to work where she is told a CEO of the Company is there to visit and she's appointed his assistant. The CEO is the guy whose car she bumped into. Amazing.

Blue pill starts like this:

Perfect man, with multi million dollar account, can have any woman, chooses to take the unfeminine protagonist on a date, challenges her to seduce him (?????) and takes time from his apparently infernal schedule to cater to the protagonist's needs.

Not only that, but she is acting like a complete spoiled brat during the movie giving him attitude like she's a great prize.

The danger:

As a red pill woman I'm sure you see how unrealistic the movie's plot is and how quickly it goes into fantasy territory but something really interesting struck me. As I was watching the movie I was hooked, it appealed to my little girl fantasies where the best man would choose me because I'm me.

It's like some sort of womens porno video and hits all the right notes when it comes to women's psychology and biology. Romantic comedies are so well tailored to your subconscious cravings that you find yourself hooked and you don't know why.

The impact:

When women consume this kind of media they tailor their behavior to match the protagonist in hopes of attracting the same outcome: getting the alpha to commit to them.

If girl watches 100 romantic comedies in her life-time, surfs tumblr, is raised by a submissive father and associates herself with other girls that do the same she becomes the modern blue pill woman.

The biological woman-nature mixed with BP programming creates the conflicted woman. She hates that douchebag but would love for him to LTR her. She is a feminist but loves to be submissive in bed with alphas. She says everybody is beautiful, but she is insecure.

See this pattern of conflicted thoughts and behaviors? You probably remember it from you blue pill days, I know I do. Blue pill life is hard, because you don't see the world as it is: simple, pure, logical.

Seducing Mr. Perfect promised you that you can be low value and be worshiped for it. But then the wall greets you and you're confused because it does not match the plot of those 100 romantic comedies you watched. Is this a trap? Yes, blue pill propaganda is a trap.

Why it does matter:

Remember your first relevant media piece you watched. What influenced you when you were 15? At 18 years old what were you watchin/reading?

It matters because while violence and sexual imagery in the media are not for kids, the blue pill media can do a lot more to destroy a child's future than the exposure to adult content.

Watching 40 min. of Seducing Mr. Perfect made me gain some sort of sympathy for the modern BP woman. I used to say "I was so stupid in my beta days when I called myself a feminist", but it's not about stupidity. We are born pure and eager to learn.

When we're teenagers we're extremely vulnerable and we turn to BP media to give us direction in our life. Think about the "nerds". They're most likely not stupid. They can solve the most complicated equations and can figure out so many things with their brilliant mind, yet when it comes to getting the woman they cannot figure out the few key principles of attraction (SMV, projecting status, tingles etc)

In conclusion: Look back with kindness at your younger self and understand how you were programmed. As a fantasy, this movie (and all other romantic comedies) are very entertaining to our female nature, which we cannot bypass.

Blue Pill creates the weakest and most unhappy people, forever wondering WHY THIS DOES NOT MATCH THE PLOT I WAS SERVED?

TLDR: Romantic comedies = porn for women, it appeals to our psychological needs, makes us beta, it's a trap.

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Korean dramas all follow basically the same BP storyline :/ A lot of my friends watch them believing that this is how their lives should be. To no one's surprise, the ones in relationships are perpetually unhappy because their men aren't richer/taller/more handsome.

According to Brian Scott McFadden, all women want to date a gay football coach!

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Loved this video! Really highlights that behaviors are all on spectrums and we're constantly testing boundaries.

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As I was watching the movie I was hooked, it appealed to my little girl fantasies where the best man would choose me because I'm me.

Notice this. The best man would chose you because you're you. The word best implies value. If it was just him because he's him, every him is exactly the same. Being the best means he's better than others at least in some way. Yet, you dream of being accepted just because you're you.

The idea that we all have intrinsic value is correct, but not in relationships. Every human being has intrinsic value. Therefore, we ought to treat every human being with dignity. We may not kill, hurt, steal etc. because every human being has intrinsic value.

However, intrinsic value has no baring on relationships in general and intimate relationships in particular. Why not? Because relationships aren't between my core being and your core being. Relationships are between my outer elements and your outer elements.

Take a business relationship for example. The entire connection revolves around successfully producing/buying/selling and making a profit. If there are no profits to be had, the relationship falls apart.

In a friendship, it's a connection of camaraderie. We enjoy each others company. We share certain values, opinions, beliefs etc. These things connect us. This person is my friend and that person isn't because there's something about this person and myself that draw us to one another. It's not intrinsic value. Every human being has intrinsic value, yet we aren't friends with every human being.

This is even more so with regards to intimate relationships where you're exclusive with one single person. There's something, some quality that draws you two together. It can be a character trait, looks, money whatever. Some draws are healthy, others are not. But no one is drawn to the other for their intrinsic value, yet there's this desire that the other see us for our intrinsic value.

You are fortunate to have discarded this way of thinking. True, it'll pop up, but you then discard that thinking. You know that it isn't good or healthy. Good for you!

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Wish fulfillment is a popular trope in entertainment media.

It's popular on TRP to attribute things like this to some top-down, master plan to control the masses (which is, itself, a trope). While I don't deny the existence of entities that seek to manipulate the masses, I think this almost always has a much more mundane, bottom-up explanation as to why it appears over and over in pop culture: It sells!

TV and movie studios and their investors are very risk-averse when it comes to spending on a production, only to have it tank in the marketplace. This is also why 50 shades was so popular despite having such weak writing, storyline, and misrepresentation of BDSM and for that matter corporate life. It's also a large part of why movies like Ghostbusters, and obscure cartoons from the 70s are exhumed instead of taking a chance on new writing.

ETA: The TVTropes site is a famous time bandit: careful you don't get sucked in!

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I actually believe the theory that they are trying to control the masses with this shit. From a man's perspective anyway.

I think they sell BP to women, but I think they force BP on men. In schools and in media. Why? Because if all men are weak, there will be significantly less power left in the world to oppose them.

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I'm sure it is a combination of the two.

Compromising women is equally bad as men.

It splits up the family and puts men in the position where they must either be turned into a doormat by women - or go RP and abandon comittment towards women completely.

Either chose is along term lose for freedom.

In a democracy you have a bunch of choices, and they all happen to be against your own self interests.

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This is a common trope in women's wish-fulfillment fantasy fiction. Romantic success falls from the sky and lands on a woman who has done absolutely nothing to make it happen.

Since women are not the ones who actively pursue sex, but rather wait to be approached, many think that nothing is up to them, and there's nothing they have to do, because there is nothing they can do.

Not so.

Simply put, a better quality of bait attracts a better quality of fish.

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Great post! Thanks for writing it.

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Yeah, that's a type of what I like to call emotional pornography. It ranges from such idealistic love stories with self-insertion protagonists to edgelord protagonists wanting to rule the world and succeeding by some Deus ex Machina means and then tragically dying or something. East Asian media is full of it.

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Real life. Happened to me. I had the benefit of never fully swallowing the blue pill because my father and grandfather are very influential parts of my life. But my mother didn't give me any feminine guidance growing up (she did to a degree lead by example, but she herself has conflicted priorities to a degree), so when I was in doubt with my choices, I'd reference media I'd seen. It certainly encouraged me to make some of my worst choices.

I beleive that BP media is very damaging to children. People have accused me for blaming feminism for bad choices I've made, but really all kids/young adults are idiots who need guidance. It's just when the only guidance you get is a lie, it can lead to disaster.

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BP media give women (and men) what their lazy brain wants hear. That the opposite sex will love you for who you are. You can have it all without having to lift a finger, because you're a special snowflake.

They do this because it sells. It makes them lots and lots and lots of money, catering to our impressions of a perfect world. Unfortunately the real world is nothing like that.

The sad truth is that people really only love you for what you can provide them. Those of us that arrive in RP world wind up with an advantage over everyone else. We have the tools to make ourselves truly happy.

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Nah, most Korean movies highlight female submissive role in the household. At the end of the day, the main character should like to cook, clean the house and have children. All that sappy stuff about bagging an alpha is just bait. Korean culture is highly male oriented, don't be fooled. Yes, the girl can be awkward and aggressive but bet your money she is shown to do most of the housework, cooking and cleaning happily for her man.