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It's standard RPW knowledge to become your best self so that you are a high value woman and also to vet your men carefully so you can have a trusting captain for a successful relationship/marriage. A lot of the common qualities of a good man for many RPW are 1) stable job, 2) intelligence, 3) work ethic, 4) clean lifestyle.

However - what if you meet a man who has all the above qualities? Should you dive into a relationship with him?

Absolutely not. Because there are plenty of men who seemingly would be a good captain but may be in a phase of his life where he is using his newfound status to plate women. It is your responsibility as a RPW to vet the men who may only be playing around with women and not seriously looking.

Although not true for every man, typically you will find these kinds of men in their late 20's or early 30's who are at the start of their career and have money to play with. Here are signs to watch out for:

1) He compliments you unabashedly on the first date.

Telling you you're a special girl, you're so exotic, he can't find anybody like you again, calling you pet names, all without knowing anything about you...a major sign he just wants to take you home for only one reason. Also being frighteningly good at flirting seems to always be a Chad quality. Which brings me to the next point:

2) He asks you to come back to his place on the first date.

So he seems normal and intelligent and stable and respectful. He's a gentleman who pays for you and takes you home in the car he owns. Then in the car he asks if you want to go back to his place, or upon dropping you off at yours, asks if he should park...you're being seen as a plate. Also if he full on makes out with you on the first date instead of giving you a courteous kiss may be a red flag. I don't care how desirable he makes you feel, protect yourself from the tingles!

3) He mentions he may be relocating soon.

Men who are not staying in one location for long term usually are not looking for a serious girlfriend - he'll most likely be thinking about his own career and future instead of a wifely woman. Be sure to get into a relationship that can grow for at least a year - if he says he's looking to leave the city soon, you may not have time to build a trustful relationship.

4) He mentions he's going through a phase in his life where he "wants to explore."

Taking a hiatus from work, travelling, experimenting with startups, saying all he's done is be in school for his whole life, all translate to also experimenting with....women.

That isn't to say it may not work out with a man who immediately tries to bed you on the first date or is in the exploratory phase of his life - it is only to be aware of the potential consequences of "following his courtship." Trust your instinct. If he does seem like a good man, be sure to set your boundaries and make him work to earn a high value woman. Typically you will know his true intentions if you hold off sex long enough - he'll either realize he has to work hard to court you properly or realize he's not ready for a serious relationship. In any case, it weeds out any attractive and successful bachelors who may just be playing the field.

Protect yourself ladies!!!

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I think this is works for some Chads!

I know a Chad at school and he spun a lot of plates that wanted to be girlfriends. He didn't really compliment them or pursue them the women just flocked to him. It was not uncommon for him to sleep with one girl in the morning and another at night.

He never took them on dates or expressed long term interest in them. I mean, he would long term plate them for a semester or so.

Honestly, I would say his number is over 100. That is my best guess. He is now dating a woman (its Facebook official) who I would assume has a lower than average number because of what group she is associated with. I'm not sure what she did to tame him

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She didn't do anything. She just got him at the right time in life. I generally wouldn't quote Sex and the City on here, but I love Miranda's "men are like cabs" speech.

"Men are like cabs. When they're available, their light goes on. They wake up one day and they decide they're ready to settle down, have babies, whatever. And they turn their light on. The next woman they pick up, boom, that's the one they'll marry. It’s not fate, it’s dumb luck."

I actually appreciate your friend's style, though. It sounds like he was more than honest with those women. I suppose I've never been called a romantic, though. ;)

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Yes, sometimes even when a man meets a high value wife material woman, if he's not in that phase of his life, he won't seriously pursue her. I've met plenty of men who said "I loved her and she was perfect for me but I just wasn't ready to settle down."

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Chads keep the office fun. I work for high tier military so there are a lot of them here. I am so happy I am engaged and don't have to worry about vetting against Chads anymore.

I love dangling yarn in front of them (returning some flirtation) like they are kittens and watching their plates seethe with annoyance when they see their Chad making their rounds on the girls in the building.

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    National guard on orders. I am also a contractor full time, but I can go on military leave when there are courses, deployment opportunities, etc.

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