Feds spending money to study why obese girls get fewer dates. (nationalreview.com)

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I love all the comments on the article. Especially this one: "Having discovered this pearl of knowledge perhaps researchers could now devote their time and another million or two of taxpayers' money looking into the mysterious way big breasted girls with tight bodies get more attention."

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The comments are hilarious.

On nyerds:

I wish someone had done a study on why comic book loving dweebs couldn't get a girlfriend back in the 70's. No reason in particular, just saying.


I'll await with bated breath the follow on study about why skinny computer nerds with glasses typically have fewer dating experiences and less sex than the quarterback of the football team.

Explaining the phenomenon:

It's all well and fun to joke about this but can't you all remember at that last college kegger when that poor obese girl came over and stole your pizza and pawed at your crotch yet you spurned her for the lithe slender babe who approached you diffidently and respectfully and showed interest in you as a person? We all know who you offered a ride home to...it's tragic how these poor rude obese girls are being left out!


They could have saved a bunch of taxpayer cash and studied Porker Dunham; if she didn't put out, guys would not even talk to her.


Having discovered this pearl of knowledge perhaps researchers could now devote their time and another million or two of taxpayers' money looking into the mysterious way big breasted girls with tight bodies get more attention.

On feminists:

"The researchers posit that obese girls just don’t have the social skills that non-obese girls do, and that — not their weight — is what causes the differences..."

This is shockingly off-script...feminist dogma blames the patriarchy/social constructs external to the 'victim', never anything that implicates the 'victim'. One would expect them to posit that, and then make the 'facts' fit the necessary pre-ordained conclusion.

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The researchers posit that obese girls just don’t have the social skills that non-obese girls do, and that — not their weight — is what causes the differences, and they aim to prove it scientifically.

wut? I can tell them for free what the problem is, jesus christ

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    haha yeah! nice one

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    Well, actually IQ is an indicator for both social skills and weight

    idk, it feels like the social thing stops being true somewhere around the tail end. Maybe if you're talking lack of antisocial tendencies, yes, but very smart people don't seem to be better at being social.

    Regardless, we all know those correlations don't matter for jack when it comes to attractiveness.

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    Attractive people are also smarter too. The "dumb pretty girl" stereotype likely emerged because older women saw that men went after younger women. The older women have more knowledge than the young girls, because they have had more years to learn stuff, but that doesn't mean that the young girls are dumb. They are just young. When they get older, they will be on average smarter than the ugly girls.

    I think the main reason behind all the good characteristics (intelligence, social skills, health/fitness, attractiveness, etc) being correlated comes down to a simple environmental factor: proper nutrition. Many studies show the link between prenatal, infant, and childhood nutrition and intelligence. It's been observed many times in third world countries where giving them nutrition would cause IQ and other intelligence measures to skyrocket. It is also obvious that proper nutrition is required for good health, which would result in the person looking healthy and attractive.

    Obese people usually were fat when they were children too. They probably have fat parents too who don't know any better and fed them crap when they grew up. The fat mother probably ate garbage while she was pregnant.

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    God, I love Honey Boo Boo though.

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      I don't think so. Very high IQ people (let's eyeball this at 130 - 140) don't seem fundamentally different from moderately high IQ people (let's say 115 to 125). Because of this, I don't think it's remotely comparable to things like savant syndrome.

      It's just a natural bell curve distribution.

      My suspicion is that the correlation of IQ with sociability and weight are probably very weak, but highly consistent. It's the same case with high IQ and height (tall people are very slightly smarter than short people, on average, when controlling for race and gender). The reason being that the accumulation of deleterious mutations that affect a certain trait tend to correlate highly with bad mutations that affect other traits (mutational load).

      So basically, you can expect to see, when controlling for race/ethnicity, gender, large differences in income, etc., that attractiveness, height, sociability, IQ, obesity, and I'd wager even athleticism, correlate consistently but very slightly, in a way such that a bad score in one trait makes it more likely to have a bad score in another trait.

      It's key to note that the correlations are usually not very big, and there are probably other correlations that matter much more (For example, Asians are shorter than whites, but still have significantly higher IQs)

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      The honest answer is that we don't want people seeing us with them and thinking it's the best we can do.

      I'm one of the guys that is rather attracted to chubby or slightly overweight women. I have no issue flirting and talking with them, telling them they're sexy/being nice etc, but at the end of the day I have higher standards for myself. I am not overweight for a reason, and it's not because God made someone else big-boned and that I'm lucky. It's a lifestyle difference and a (much easier for some than others) choice.

      I don't mean to sound shallow, as I know it very much is. However, I don't owe anyone anything, even overweight people; so I'm not required to sugarcoat anything.

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      That may be your reason and that's fine but it's hardly the only reason or even the most valid one.

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      This is the most wildly narcissistic thing I've read in a while. You're a true piece of shit.

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      The honest answer is that we don't want people seeing us with them and thinking it's the best we can do.

      Maybe for you, but for the vast majority of men, this isn't the case.

      I experience something similar though: I find very curvy, big bottomed girls extremely sexually attractive, but at the same time only get romantic feelings for girls who are skinny/near-skinny. It's not really due to what other guys think of girls, though. Generally, only girls care what other people think of their mate.

      It's a lifestyle difference and a (much easier for some than others) choice.

      Disagree with this entirely. At what point does something that can be affected by your actions become a choice? Homeless people can theoretically become middle class, but to say that that's a "choice" is pretty inane.

      There's also the whole issue of the genetics of locus of control, and just how much free will a person really has.

      You're perfectly entitled to not date fat chicks, but to claim that obesity is primarily a lifestyle choice is an extremely large leap in logic to make.

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      Their standards are too high. There are plenty of guys willing to fsck ANYONE, but many women will either shoot for someone that just outclasses them or... is otherwise unattainable. There's someone for everyone, but set your sights too high and you choose aloneness.

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      Survival of the fittest?

      Nah, that's sexist! Waaahhhh!

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      This is a waste of money

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      Mounting evidence demonstrates that weight influences intimate (i.e., dating and sexual) relationship formation and sexual negotiations among adolescent girls. Obese girls consistently report having fewer dating and sexual experiences, but more sexual risk behaviors (i.e., condom nonuse) once they are sexually active. The conceptual framework that has guided this research presumes that differences in the social skills for relating to peers and intimate partners along with differences in the relationship experiences of obese and non-obese girls account for these differences. However, no studies have actually examined whether the interpersonal skills and intimate relationships of obese and non-obese girls differ.


      Our specific aims are to (1) determine whether obese adolescent girls experience a delay in the development of peer and intimate relationship skills compared to non-obese adolescent girls; (2) compare the characteristics of intimate relationships among obese and non-obese adolescent girls; (3) use longitudinal growth curve modeling to determine whether trajectories of romantic and sexual relationship characteristics differ between obese and non-obese adolescent girls over time; (4) determine how peer and intimate relationship skills affect trajectories of intimate relationships among obese and non-obese adolescent girls over time; and, (5) compare the development of interpersonal skills and intimate relationship characteristics between obese and non-obese African American and White adolescent girls.


      Our use of two complementary datasets - one nationally representative cohort and one population-based cohort from a high risk setting - will allow us to identify nuances that are important for crafting a more complete understanding of the role that social skills and relationship experiences play in explaining variations in the sexual behaviors of obese and non-obese adolescents. We take a developmental approach by examining how relationship experiences evolve over time. Finally, by exploring how relationship experiences differ among African American and White adolescent girls, our approach acknowledges that cultural differences in beauty norms exist and are important. PUBLIC HEALTH SIGNIFICANCE: The overarching goal of this research is to expand the conceptual framework linking weight to adolescent sexual risk-taking thereby providing critical information useful for tailoring adolescent sexual risk-reduction interventions and sexual negotiation skills building programs.


      The article says:

      The researchers posit that obese girls just don’t have the social skills that non-obese girls do, and that — not their weight — is what causes the differences, and they aim to prove it scientifically.

      Which is not the same thing I took away from the abstract. It sounds as though the researchers want to examine several different aspects that feed into these dynamics so that they can create better health and educational programs that will address more young women and be relevant to them. Young obese women may very well be more willing to engage in unsafe sexual practices because that allows them to get more attention from men. The study will also take into account socio-economic background, and how wealth along with weight, and race affects the development of intimate relationships.

      In my mind, this sounds like a good thing. Reducing disease and pregnancy among younger populations will improve the lives of both men and women. I think food education and an emphasis on physical activity should also be encouraged, but understanding how these things influence the development and nature of intimate relationships may lead to better programs and more effective ways of reducing certain problems.

      It is not clear how the institute plans to scientifically measure what constitutes good “social skills,” as standards certainly differ among communities. Neither the program official nor the project leader responded to a request for comment from NRO in time for publication.

      I do wish there was more information about the data they will be looking at and how the information will be measured and categorized, but I don't really have a problem with a study that is actively looking for ways to create better programs that will address sexual safety among adolescents. If this study can help reduce the spread of disease and pregnancy in the future - then it benefits both young men and young women.

      Edit: The price-tag isn't great, but if the findings are useful and can be implemented effectively then it could be made back in other ways (less funding needed to help teen parents raise their kids and pregnant teens). If young men and women down the road can pursue better/healthier/more productive futures, maybe less government resources will have to be used in certain areas.

      It may be worth pointing out that half a million is chump change when trillions of dollars get spent in other areas.

      Where does all the money go? It is really quite simple. Governments at all levels, federal, state, and local, spend about $1.2 trillion a year on pensions, including Social Security and government employee pensions. Governments spend about $1.3 trillion a year on health care, principally Medicare and Medicaid. Governments spend about $1.0 trillion a year on education at all levels, principally at the local government level. The federal government spends about $0.8 trillion a year on defense, including the Departments of Defense, State, and Veterans Affairs. Governments spend $0.5 trillion on welfare programs other than Medicaid. All other spending amounts to $1.5 trillion, including interest on the national debt. The grand total of all the spending is $6.3 trillion.


      I think there are many areas that could/should be trimmed down in terms of government spending, but getting frustrated over half million dollars seems short-sighted to me when significantly more money gets spent in other areas.

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      If this study can help reduce the spread of disease and pregnancy in the future - then it benefits both young men and young women.

      I think this is the main objective of the study, but it is overshadowed by the inadvertently attention-grabbing (and rather humorous) title.

      I would imagine that what they'll find is that people who are overweight are usually that way due to a lack of self-control and discipline. This lack of self-control and discipline manifests itself in other areas of their life as well, such as sexual behavior, willingness to exercise, managing money, etc. This isn't to imply that all fat people are lazy or stupid (because not all of them are - I've worked alongside intelligent fat people with a great work ethic) but rather that they have difficulty denying their impulses and cravings. That also isn't to say that there are not skinny women who lack the discipline to use protection or fat women who are adamant about it - but I'd imagine a correlation could be found.

      I think that this is the trend which they'll eventually arrive at. However, what they can do to instill discipline in people I cannot say. For most people it is something they are taught as a young child or never learn at all. Not impossible, I'm just not sure what they can do outside of military-style reeducation.

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      I actually believe this. There are plenty of people ('beta' or otherwise) who are willing to date/at least fuck large chicks. There are even some who prefer it.. see the BBW section on the porn sites. Its not the high value men but its still men. But no one is going to date the fat chick with 0 social skills, who is desperate for dick, probably has crabs, and has serious mental health problems. Not even the equally fat men with low value are desperate enough for that.

      The key is that being crazy and lacking social skills is likely to lead to you being obese since you make poor decisions.

      Its not necessarily "because you are fat". Its because you make shitty decisions and your obesity is the most obvious evidence of that...

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      Fuck feminism.

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      So, not only are obese women fat, we also want to prove they are socially incompetent. Sorry ladies.

      It actually turns out that there are many women who are obese and socially competent. We know this because they are capable of making friends... and then they stay firmly in the friend zone, because no one wants them.

      I find this amusing though because it use to be a trope (though not so much anymore) that fat women were generally more funny and better people than thin people because they had to be worked to be liked. Fat women would say things like "I may be fat, but at least I have a good personality," going on the stereotype that good looking women are vain and have higher expectations because they had things handed to them their whole lives. This trope pretty much went away when feminists started saying that women shouldn't have to feel the need to be nice either.

      Now they've done a whole 180 saying obese women are socially stunted, presumably due to the fact that society doesn't want to interact with them very much. Gee, I wonder why.

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      I seriously wish this was the Onion. This is pathetic.

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      incredible. i am going to post this on facebook and enjoy the shitstorm. how has western culture completely erased basic facts about the nature of the male sex?

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      I wouldn't say fat people don't deserve to be loved.

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      As far as those personality traits go...I think it is not their fatness that makes them shitty people. It is more likely to me that people having poor self control, bad habits and a bad personality are more likely to end up being fat.

      Their fat is like a sign saying "Hey, I am a shitty person!".

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      I love how we can paint a big paintbrush and stereotype all.

      I'm fat and I hate it. I also have a legitimate medical condition that makes it difficult to lose weight. It sucks-- it sucks because I have the jackasses like you who ASSUME they know my character. There is not one processed food in my house, I don't overeat, the ONLY thing I ingest that is less than natural is my prescription pills, I typically walk 7-10 miles a day, like to think I am a decent, motivated, and overall happy person who likes to treat people the way I want to be treated.

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      In my personal experience my interactions with larger women are either really positive ("They really do have a good personality!") or really terrible ("What the hell is wrong with this person?"). There's rarely much in between. Oddly enough, it seems to scale with weight too. I've noticed the larger of the large women are more likely to be a lot louder, speak crassly, behave inappropriately, dress oddly and do strange things with their hair.

      The cattiness is unbelievable too when they encounter/see someone who'd be considered more conventionally attractive than they.

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      xpost from r/conservative (sorry forgot it in the title)