The Controversial Secret to a Happy Marriage (yahoo.com)

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It's sad when "be good to your partner" is considered controversial.

How far feminism has taken us.

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Just what I came here to say. I am so sad how "ground breaking" this story is ...

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If she was a sahw this would have hit the fan. As it is she's outside the home for a living it sounds like, so it's more acceptable.

Imagine if she stayed home and was a wife and mother there. Nobody would read it, she'd be ridiculed.

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Totally agree. I always see on TBP and PPD questions like "what if RPW want jobs though???" Listen douche bags most of us fucking work! And we still aren't bitches when we get home!

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Also sad that it's so unusual, when a woman talks about it, she's attacked because people think she's being disingenuous. I made a comment on fb about valuing and respecting my husband and was promptly confronted from both sides--women upset that I would demean myself by loving a man, men upset that I was making myself out as something special. Sometimes I feel like I can't win, with the public at least.

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4 simple things that bear repeating:

  1. Respect his masculinity and give him space. Men know what they need to do when you give them the space to do it and allow them to step into their power.

  2. Give him food and sex regularly. These are the two biggest ways to show alpha males you care.

  3. Allow him space to be tender and honor you as a woman. Even very masculine men need to tap into balance by showing their softer side.

  4. Don’t try to be his mother. An alpha male does not need that authority figure in his partner.

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Yes, the fundamental concept behind this is that women should be screening for a man they feel comfortable treating this way, rather than trying to force the behavior in a man they don't respect.

Side note: When did modeling and sand volleyball become a measure of a "powerful woman"? Aren't these types of careers linked to furthering the patriarchy by BP/feminists etc because of their objectifying nature?

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Side note: When did modeling and sand volleyball become a measure of a "powerful woman"? Aren't these types of careers linked to furthering the patriarchy by BP/feminists etc because of their objectifying nature?

You have to be in incredible physical shape for both of these--more so the volleyball, depending on the sort of modeling. I greatly admire anyone who has managed to succeed in such physically difficult careers. She is very literally a 'powerful' woman--her body is powerful.

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There is nothing in there about controlling him at all, and yet, look how happy they look in that picture. . . . and healthy too.

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how is being decent controversial?

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It places an ounce of responsibility on the woman, which is an ounce too much for feminism.

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I think Gabby Reece wrote a book some years ago about how to be submissive in order to have a happy marriage. I remember watching a segment on a morning show when her book first came out, and the tone of the segment was almost... cautionary and skeptical.

This was before I knew about RPW and was steeped in shrew culture, and even I remember thinking they were being a little weird about the tone of it. She's has not lost a single thing by treating her man like a man. In fact, she's gaining. They're two rich celebrities who have kids together, and they have managed to stay married for 20 years. That's almost unheard of these days! Clearly, she is doing something right.

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yes, gabby wrote a book and i bought and read it immediately. it was wonderful - i recommend following gabby and laird. they are phenomenal role models in health and partnership.

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Still there was the need to specify how " it allows him to support her as a strong powerful woman" because after all that frminine submissiveness the readers who find it controversial need some fierce adjective.

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In the surf world Laird is as alpha as it gets, mad respect for that man! I'm sure he wouldn't stand for a shrew. She sounds awesome! Great to find a good submissive role model!