OFF TOPICA Blog Post About a Former Feminist Realizing the Normalized Man-Hating of Progressives (self.RedPillWomen)

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I came across this blog post that I think paints a very good picture of how a woman can get roped into social justice (and eventually realizing how anti-male it is). What do you think? Does anyone here have a similar experience to this one? https://disorderlypolitics.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/once-upon-a-time-i-was-a-social-justice-warrior/

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Wow, thanks for sharing! This really hit home for me but my rose tinted glasses were shattered by the SJW echo chambers during two years serving an inner city AmeriCorps program instead of college. I still care deeply about many of the issues that brought me to the program but can't participate in the toxic organized systems that try to address them.

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Could you explain a little of what you mean by how the programs are toxic? I'm working on setting up a foundation to help various charities with funding, and this is something I worry about because we want to focus on mainly charities that are out there to actually help and not take big salaries for the directors.

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    Are you serious? That sounds quite frustrating :(

    One of my issues with the "liberal SJW" world is also that they fail to appropriately prioritize economic issues. What's more important, that a child has food instability, or that he unknowingly said something offensive about gender/sexuality?

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      Ugggh. So self-centered! That tendency to be myopically obsessed w/ one's own feelings is so frustrating. It's not always about you!! Come to think of it, maybe that's the quote I should write in my journal tonight.

      I actually still detected a small tiny bit of this even in the blog post above - author is using their own feelings in the moment to make decisions on where she's aligned politically.

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      The thing with that article...she figured it out...and then she chose not to accept the reality she discovered.

      The author still identifies with the concepts of "democratic" socialism and far left politics, she just didn't like the reality of it at street level, so she chooses not to go back into the street.

      That is vastly different from realizing that socialism is a pathway to communism which is a pathway to genocide...and rejecting the entire thing in favor of individualism and natural human rights.

      She saw the truth and turned away from it. That's actually worse than not seeing it in the first place.

      It is the epitome of ivory tower leftism...it "feels" like you are helping and loving "the people" when in reality, you are keeping them poor and dependent on the state. In effect, soft slavery. It doesn't require analytical thought, hard choices, or historical context as it is feelz...not reelz.

      It's a shame when people get it...then choose not to get it.

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      You should read some of the rest of her articles. Doesn't seem like she identifies with far left politics anymore, just doesn't consider herself on the conservative end of the spectrum. She wound up voting for the libertarian candidate, didn't like Sanders, etc.