FIELD REPORTThree days into Laura Doyle's advice (self.RedPillWomen)

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Decided to use the "shut the f up" tactic together with the Surrendered wife strategy. Turns out I've been quite obnoxious lately. Honestly, I had no idea just how many times I was commenting on what he was doing (and I've always tried my best to be respectful!). Decided to actively work on improving our sex life (anybody else with a small kid in here? You know what I mean) and already on a diet, going to buy new lingerie this week.

Honestly, this has been a great start of the year so far! Wish me endurance. Thank you all.

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Holding your peace ( not commenting on others actions) is probably good for most relationships!

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If there is one bit of advice to take from all her books, STFU would be it. I can’t count how many needless arguments or hours of stress we have been spared by this simple tactic.

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There's a lot of good advice in that book. For whatever contradicts the Bible I just adjust accordingly. I should re-read this book because it's been a while.