ADVICERed Pill Women aged 40 and/or above, what words of wisdom can you give women in their 20’s? (self.RedPillWomen)

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Your mere existence is not enough to sustain any relationship.

Self improvement is a journey with no end.

Obligatory disclaimer: I’m 30 something not 40 something

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    Snark is not feminine.

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      Passive aggressive whining is not feminine, either.

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      Real men would not even date a woman like that long term. Its annoying as hell.

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            Hey mods, if someone is acting like a passive cunt, am I allowed to call em on it, or say something nice instead?

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            Just hit report and I'll handle it.

            Frankly, neither of them comes out of that exchange well.

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            Housewives of reddit

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                38 not 40. Realise this decade is where you shape yourself. Don't let job losses or broken hearts shape your world view. Alot of women say the best time to be alive is when your older but TBH that's just wall based nonsense the best time to be alive is when you work hard on yourself and reap the rewards of your labor. Simply showing up and being pretty is easy to do when in your 20s but realise if you want an amazing life both love and otherwise it'll take work.

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                  English is my third language sorry.

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                  No need to apologize. They’re just a troll

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                  Must be a sad life doing grammar corrections on Valentine's day lol. I hope you and your husband had an amazing one. Stay blessed

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                  1. Get in a workout routine now when you're young and your body is more elastic. Your metabolism will slow down. You will gain weight with pregnancies.

                  Better to stay in shape with good habits rather than succumb to crazy expensive diets that really don't work (and make you a crazy grumpy old lady).

                  Maybe I'm petty, but I'm just a happier wife and mama when my clothes fit.

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                  41 and I love love love Alpha men who are intelligent and very sexual. Date with dignity and weed out the beta time-wasters who message constantly but put nothing on the calendar with you. If he’s not running game on you, Next. If you don’t feel any chemistry within a few hours of first meeting, politely next him. You’ll be doing both of you a favor, because you have to have to feel the stirrings of a visceral lust for him at the outset or you will never fall in deeply enough in love with him to sustain a RP LTR or marriage with him. Don’t sleep around, wait until you’ve been dating a few months and have met his people. Don’t go back to his place or have him over to yours, that is, unless you are trying to tell him you plan to fuck him that night. The goal is to have no more than 7 lifetime PIV sex partners, preferably 2 or 3 excellent and fun ones who don’t give you any diseases. Don’t get married before 25, and not until you have all of your education, and have traveled abroad at least twice. Wait until you are at least 29-34 to start trying to have kids, and until you have been married for at least a year — bonus points if he is a childfree, never-married RP man of honor who was raised by a loving, sane, devoted woman, and who has no history of any infidelity, substance abuse, or criminality. You want to be his first wife, and you always need a lawyer-drafted prenup, with each of you having your own lawyers. Don’t ever live together before marriage. Get a full life, with amazing hobbies, travel, and friends who have your back & will call you out on your bullshit. Find the humor in things if it kills you. Stop orbiting, stop putting everything you do on social media. Let him pursue you, always. Be mysterious. Be fun. Be impossible to offend, because nothing is ever personal. If women don’t use it they lose it, so figure out how to make yourself come, and try to masturbate everyday and so you’ll be an enthusiastic and interactive bedmate for your eventual Alpha man. Be easy to live with. Be charming. Wear your hair long, whiten your teeth, smile, laugh, enjoy your one precious life!!

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                  Be impossible to offend, because nothing is ever personal.

                  This so hard. Thank you <3

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                  What does travelling abroad give a girl?

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                  I don't know why people make 40 looks like 90 years old. Im 40 and I feel better than ever, I'm doing a MBA and have my own practice and I'm actually considering moving out of my country, so girls life doesn't end at 29 but you really have to start early to take care of your skin and your finances. And men don't change. Never.

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                  You sound like a strong woman who don't need no man!

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                  We all need each other but as you get older you look for others things you didn't look for when you were 23 years old.

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                  And men don't change. Never.

                  What do you mean by this?

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                  A liar, cheating, narcissistic guy doesn't change and sometimes young women think men will change out of love.

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                  Yes!! I thought my 30s would be boring and lame but it’s the most exciting time ever. And after taking the red pill I realize how I can add value to my life. It’s made me rely less on men, ironically! But I still appreciate men and keep working on myself so I can find the right guy one day

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                  If you know what you want, set goals for yourself, and don't squander time, and energy, you're in a fantastic position to make it happen.

                  Also, no one owes you anything.

                  Edit - Two more things. Part of not wasting time and energy is understanding the importance of IQ, that it is genetic, and that there is no greater indicator for success in life than IQ. Also, that these facts are relevant.

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                  Ah, IQ. Don't worry about it. It's like the one thing you can't change. Much better to focus on what you can (career, body weight, hair length, having glasses, orgasm skills, education, ...).

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                  Couldn't disagree more. Women can choose the quality they want. IQ can't change in an individual, but can trend up or down generationally (is that a word?). So you can either stick your head in the sand to the fact that there is no greater indicator for success in life than IQ, and leave it to chance.. Knowing that no amount of parenting, education, nutrition, etc., will allow you to improve your childrens' IQ, or you can make sure that higher than average IQ is a quality requirement in your captain (or at least that a lower than average IQ is a disqualifier).

                  Women can change IQ. They can choose a healthy, high IQ, husband, and father to their children. They can teach their daughters that there is no substitute for a high IQ (nor should it leave you blind to other requirements).

                  Women can, and should, be picky. Women are humanity's quality control. That is true feminine power.

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                  Ah I misunderstood. Yeah partner's IQ is important. Not just IQ but all genes - it's like 50% of your child that you actually can control

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                  Once a person has the IQ to get into a certain field (e.g., 120 for medical school), emotional intelligence accounts for about 90% of prosperity by the time the career is over at retirement. So both are important.

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                  To be clear, this isn't my theory. It is what scientists who study intelligence have determined.. There is no greater single indicator for success in life than IQ.

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                  People are attracted to health. This includes psychological health, obviously. If you're ≤25yo, most of your health is taken care of for you. After this period, you are responsible for cultivating your health. It's not prohibitively difficult, but it takes focus, and effort. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle when you're young, it'll be of great benefit. It's much easier to maintain good health than it is to recover from neglect in bad health.

                  If you're younger than approx 28yo, you have no idea how much you've been coasting on your hormones work. You're about to find out.

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                  Daddyhusband hahahahahahahahaha I'm dead.

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                  Don't let this happen to you.

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                  lol. Someone is upset.