Advise show nails it again. How "good" women must differentiate themselves from the competition to find a good husband. (self.RedPillWomen)

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Love this Youtube channel, usually has lots of great points for the Red Pill Man, the video Here has some great points for the RPW.

  1. Todays women expect men to buy them drinks/things because they assume they are "special".

  2. Women who refuse to take on the role of a traditional wife should not expect a man to take on the role of a traditional husband.

  3. The woman who understands the nature of men (RPW) will get further in life than the "normal" woman.

  4. Women who take on the role of the "cool chick" get further than women who simply fuck their way into a mans life.

  5. "cool chicks" should ignore feminist propaganda(chick flicks, magazines)

  6. "At the end of the day ladies, it is not about you. Your going after his last name, his ring. Its not about you. Remember you are a representative of him, you need to uphold certain standards. Get rid of all the male friends. Stop putting "all the business out on the street" . Stop posting your mans business on facebook"

  7. Don't try to change your man, learn how to please him. Focus on him and this will put you ahead of "typical" women.

  8. Men have the luxury of getting married at any point in their life.

  9. "Men are judged by success, not looks. Women are judged by looks and they have a certain time period to get a man"

  10. Given the state of today's family courts, divorce laws, etc a woman who wants to settle down with a good man has to be something special. Treat him like a king.

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All of my acquaintances who have the strongest feminist opinions also happen to have the least successful relationships and hop from guy to guy and moan about how they can't find a good one.

I wonder why? /s

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Obviously because there are no good men.

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It is competition, but not panicky or rash. Chess is a competition, though only against one person, but a competition. No one would call it panicky or rash, unless you play panicky or rash.

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But you really have no idea what the next woman is doing.

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That's true, but it doesnt keep you from being in competition with them. In fact, not knowing next man is doing is all the more incentive for me to be better. Not sure where you stand in the competition? Then it's time to up your game.

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This kind of thinking is a breeding ground for insecurities once you hit the wall if you haven't grown within yourself other qualities.

I wish it was easier to teach this to our daughters without post wall women shouting at them how 1950s we are because they are afraid that the young ones with their priorities straight will snatch their BBs and appreciate them.

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I am an independent woman who doesn't need a man

Then perhaps you have found the wrong sub? Do you realize how stereotypical everything you're saying sounds?

RPW, is the above commenter the RPW sub equivalent of the stereotypical angry male redpiller from r/theredpill?

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Maybe I am not the target audience here

Don't think so, you seem stuck in Blue-Pill Land, the land of "no difference between the sexes, we all do exactly 50% of the work!" and the home of "my man better treat me like a princess or I'll dump his sorry behind!"

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You do you. However, that is not what my relationship is like nor is that what I want it to be like. You're not "the only one looking for a partner," but I don't think you grasp not everyone wants their relationship to be set up or to operate how yours does.

I am independent on my own accord, but with my SO I am dependent. We are not on the same level, we do not do mutual reciprocity emotionally or financially, but we both encourage one another with their endeavors, our relationship is a safe place for both partners, but we both do look at each other as prizes to be won. You must constantly be working towards better for yourself and the other in our unit, you must constantly work to win that prize and be a worthy asset of a team. What is the point of being with a liability or someone who is just la la la content?

I do not need my SO to live, my own health is my own health just as is with every other women here. It has never been about need, it has always been about what WE WANT out of our own self as well as what we strive for within our relationships because we want it.

I don't think this sub is for you if you can't comprehend this.

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    I love what I do, who I am with and my life

    That is all that matters on an individual basis. I appreciate you not just shitting all over RP and being respectful with your reply.