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http://i.imgur.com/AfhWYfD.gifv Today I saw this video clip wherein a young woman publicly embarrasses herself at a sporting event by slipping while she was on the big screen. What stood out to me is that she did not cry or storm out or frantically wave her hands in an attempt to get the camera man to move on. She laughed, gave a curtsy, and went back to enjoying her outing. Classy, feminine, and very much RPW behavior.

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¯_(ツ)_/¯ Sulking or refusing to acknowledge anyone then. It was late when I posted, haha.

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Maybe not cry or storm out. But I really liked this video. My first reaction would definitely have not been this graceful. Perhaps more in the "stop looking at me!" vein.

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If ever I trip over I like to round it off with a forward somersault. It never fails to save face

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Haha! That sounds inspired!

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Pretty superficial (in the strict sense of the word) to be its own thread IMO, but still a very cute video and definitely commendable behaviour.

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It does lack the depth one usually associated with a full post, I'll agree with you there. However I feel like I see so few IRL examples of RPW behavior (especially on the big screen) that this struck me as a good example.

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You're right and it was a good share, I didn't mean to sound disapproving (not that my approval counts for anything haha).

Thank you for posting and I'll take my down votes with stride because welcome to Reddit.

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Haha, well have an imaginary internet point from me.

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:D !!

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Looks like it's a cricket match?

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Yes, I think so. _^