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Just stumbled across this and thought you ladies might appreciate it. 😊

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I'm not surprised at all. The pair bonding fact - even though I've heard it before, always reminds me to think hard about my decisions when it comes to sex and relationships. Previous to discovering RPW, I had advocated for casual sex as I thought it was 'good to explore' (though I've never done it myself...thankfully).

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Much as I love Lauren Southern and Ann Coulter, it does annoy me when unmarried, childless women with great educations and high-profile careers talk down at women who didn't marry young and stay home making babies.

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I dunno if I'd interpret that as "talking down" to those women, though I can see where you might feel it is so. I think the fact that they are where they are lends credence to their message.

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But they're not saying "I wish I had gotten married when I was younger and started my family" so it's not like they're trying to speak from experience. I know a lot of times they're intentionally hyperbolic and incendiary; it just peeves me on this one issue.

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    She's only 21 and I'm sure she's just keeping her social life out of her professional life, she could be dating someone for all we know.

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    she has a far higher calling: she is exposing SJW hypocrisy and bigotry.

    She is an incredible heroine of our times.

    And i love her for that.

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      then you haven't been paying attention to LS.

      what LS is doing requires a fuck ton of travelling, and putting herself in legit dangerous situations (SJWs are a violent group of thugs and bigots). that said, nowadays she's quit Rebel media and is doing youtube, so who knows.

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      LS could easily find a man who wants to join her on her quest! Just imagine - a RP couple in the media.

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      Yes, but why?

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      Lauren Southern is only 21 years old and shes at the height of her career. I doubt finding a husband is her main priority at this point in time.

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      I'm sure she has her reasons

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      Maybe because Canadian men are collectively insane right now? Not a lot of great options for her in Toronto. Canada is a real shitshow right now.

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        Canada (well Quebec, but still) just passed a law that makes non-compliance with Sharia law a crime. WTF? Drawing a cartoon of Mohammed is now a crime in Quebec. Are you fucking serious Canada?

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          If you read the words of the bill, it's aimed at protecting a "marginalized" community, i.e. 1/6th of the world's population. It just shows how insane Canada is becoming under the guise of multiculturalism (which btw is a terrible idea. A "melting pot" is one thing; ghettoizing cultures into antagonistic factions is a completely different thing.)

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          In this interview Lauren shares (towards the end) her goal of getting married and having kids. At the moment she's making use of her exposure to convey conservative principles to as many people as she can

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          Towards the end could be anywhere in that giant long video.

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          start at 50 min

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          "I'm sorry but I don't want the statistically dumber sex running everything. Straight up. You can quote me on that." - 54:45 Lauren Southern

          LOL. I just had to make a note of that. Was too funny.

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          I don't think she's talking anyone down. She did warn multiple times that some people will dislike the way she presents her point. Honestly, from where I'm standing she made it as soft as possible, but it's not realistic to expect to be told things like this and seem completely inoffensive. If this was an article and not a video, I swear I would have thought the author is a guy.

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          To be fair, he is a guy

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          I dunno. I'm​ pretty sure the strength of an argument isn't contingent on its source, but measured by it's consistency, relevancy, and results of premise to conclusion.

          I'm only pretty certain, though I am an analytic Phil masters.

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          Ann Coulter definitely talks down to pretty much everyone, but I've never seen Lauren do that.

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          I found her to her nothing more than a "conserative" attention whore. If she practiced what she preaches she wouln't be on the radar and coattails of every red pill or alt right man in the manosphere. In fact, I found this to be true about almost all "red pill" chicks on twitter. The 2 legit bloggers I found are notesfromaredpillgirl.com and Judgybitch, neither of whom you will find attention whoring on social media. One red pill chick was hitting up every manosphere man claiming to be red pill and happily married and sending her pics and shit to everyone....if she was so red pill and happy she wouldnt be on social media and no one would know who she was. For me, self proclaimed "red pill" and conservative or alt right women (minus the racism) are red flags.

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          Amazing shit. I'm not a girl but I'm definitely posting this in all my social feeds for all girls out there to see. This video is no doubt going to save a live or two from going south.

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          You're going to post this to Facebook? That's social suicide

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          really... I post TRM and other RP stuff all the time.

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          Yeah She's most popular for her "baby's first red pill" content.

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          baby's first red pill

          Link? I can't find any of it.

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          Probably just an expression, ie she's like an introduction to rp

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          She posts pics on her Instagram of her working out in anime leggings (appealing to her geek fan base) talking about men masturbating to her.

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          If being Red Pilled requires a woman to want children and a wish to marry early, then I definitely don't belong here. I do agree with everything else, which is probably how I ended up here.

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          Red pill does not require you to have children or be married 😉

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          Thanks for the clarification!

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          RPW is not about having babies. It's about pulling the curtain back and learning the inconvenient truths about life.

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          RP just teaches you how not to ruin your chances for happiness. Not having children or not marrying doesn't diminish your chances of being happy if you're really not after those things; going down the 'liberation' path does. It's just that for most women, family is the way to go. Being child-free is no more common than being gay. Sure there are exceptions in everything.

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          It isn't a requirement. More like guidelines and suggestions.

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          She's based. And Canadian!

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          Thanks for sharing. Haven't heard of her, but she articulates these points so well!