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We watched the new Joe Rogan comedy special on Netflix last night called Strange Times. A lot of jokes about sexual dynamics. It was a good time.

Know of any good comedy specials you would recommend to have a good time together?

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Bill Burr is my favourite! Any of his specials or appearances on Conan are hilarious; my ex and I used to love watching Bill Burr specials together. Also, I believe all of Bill's specials are available on Netflix.

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Burr is great. I also like Tom Segura and Bert Kreisher.

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I love Jim gaffigan! He is hilarious and very clean comedy (I like not-clean comedy too but he’s my favorite).

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Owen Benjamen

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Minority report but for all my less than ivory ladies and ladies with a great sense of humor: I love Katt Williams, Bernie Mac (RIP) and old Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor.

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Katt Williams is a comic genius!!!

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We just watched all the John Mulaney specials and I hadn't laughed out loud like that in a while.

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David Chapelle, Tom Segura, Chris Rock (not Tambourine though), Gabriel Iglesias, Jim Jeffries, Bill Burr, Louis CK, George Carlin, Sebastian Maniscalco, Kevin Hart, Andrew Schultz, Josh Johnson, Russell Peters, Bill Maher, Daniel Tosh - People Pleaser (if you like really dark humor).

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If you’re into belugas. There is an underrated comedy by Amy beluga. You’ll have a whale of a time.

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Patrice O’Neal’s Elephant in the Room. GOAT.

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Tucker and Dale vs Evil

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The original Rodney Carrington, Ali Wong, Daniel sloss, and DL hughley are hilarious. They're all dirty as well but if you liked Joe Rogan, you might like them.

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No need to put in a disclaimer about your gender.

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Dave chapelle's older stuff. Patrice o'neal has quality stuff on female/male dynamics!

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My husband couldn't get into that Joe Rogan, even though he's a fan-ish. I personally died at Ali Wong, Baby Cobra...

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