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What really annoys me about western feminism is that it's all focused on being able to have sex with as many guys as possible, because apparently that's empowering, but then to avoid labels such as "slut" or "whore" and to be given the right to walk around half naked all the time. THE REAL ISSUES OF EQUALITY are those that happen in third world countries, where 8 year olds are getting raped and nobody bats an eye, and women are forced to endure horrendous abuse.

It honestly shocks me how feminism is supported so much when all it does is encourage women to be sluts, insult men, and ignore abused/oppressed women in third world countries.

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feminism has always been about the desires of privileged white upper caste women, go read the declaration of sentiments from seneca falls, they were sad they couldnt vote or be doctors, they werent clamoring to work in coal mines

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We must be soulmates! I got banned from there for the exact same reason. I said something along the lines of "switch the genders and see how inappropriate it is." Feminism is a poison.

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    No one is ever banned for disagreeing. That is how the banned people interpret it when they go tattle about it on other subs to make it seem they didn't do anything. 90% of them show their true colors in the modmail after. Typing "sad, pathetic, doormat, issues" is not "discussing", contra what women apparently "think".

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    Exactly. Such a stubborn, ignorant movement

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    what hahahaha

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    My mom would lol so hard if some chick sent her my dick pic..

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    What is it about women not taking the high road? Like did you guys learn somewhere in your upbringing that if someone cheats, lies, disrespect you that you have to go Nagasaki on them? What happened to just saying "bye" and moving on? If a chick cheated on me, I'd be inclined to think that somewhere down the line, I fucked up and I need to learn my mistakes and move on. But for girls, it feels like revenge is mandatory before ending the relationship.

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      Yeah that's stupid, the You Go Gurl bullshit needs to go. It's not helping women and it definitely isn't making us men like you more. But I guess appropriate women will now become a rarity.

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      There's a protest in our major downtown area today against MRA. They have a petition that's 3,000+ for a hotel that is hosting an MRA event later this month to basically cancel it because they are "women haters." So, the MRA raised money for extra security at their event later this month and said that "feminists should have to pay for that" which really ticked the feminists off here lol

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      Politics is primarily about bankrolling problems, since the politicians are diplomatic and they want to get elected by the masses. Right now the hot issue is feminism, and that's why it's fashionable to be a feminist.

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      Oh my gosh, this.

      A girl on my Facebook feed posted a status about how feminism is basically irrelevant now in America and they should be focusing their efforts of women in third world countries.

      Then a feminist comments and essentially sidesteps the issue by saying "Yes, we know that horrible things happen in third world countries, but we can't forget that sexism still happens in America". Basically every girl that commented said that they had all been discriminated against at one point, but never because of their sex. Didn't matter, to them the minority in America is still more important than the majority in Africa.

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      Yeah, who cares about women in foreign countries getting their clits cut off and being forced to marry at as 11? What feminists really need to do is flash our boobs and grow out our armpits! GRRRLLL POWER!

      feminist logic

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      I have to agree with you on this. Feminism is not needed in this day and age.

      What they need is a men's rights movement. You have women committing the same crime as men yet somehow not being punished for it. If you rape and abuse people then why the hell is a woman serving only 1/4 of the time , sometimes not even that. Where as a man who did the same crime does the max.

      Men absolutely get the short end of the stick in life now.

      WE need to be equal? Your genders by very definition are different so that makes already unequal. But god forbid if some decides that okay I am going to treat this woman criminal equally and put her away for an equal amount of time.

      Then the feminist lose their freakin minds.

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      And god help you if you try to point this out to them, you will be massacred. I recently read this by an African writer and she got slaughtered trying to make a similar point.

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      I don't know why it shocks since western feminists are only capable of thinking about themselves.

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      and to be given the right to walk around half naked all the time.

      Hey don't you know women lack the agency to objectify themselves. Its only men who have 'objectification' gene.


      "No one can objectify themselves by definition because objectification is the treatment of a person as an object and if you're doing it to yourself it's because you're acknowledging your subjective desire to do so.

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      I hope this is sarcastic, because women objectify themselves all the time, it's not "only men". Women objectify other women all the time. AND women constantly objectify men, but obviously nobody raises issues about that.

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      Right. Yes I was being sarcastic :). The hypocrisy is unbelievable (like you pointed out).

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      That made me wish I were buried alive. How blind can a group of idiots possibly make themselves??

      Ok, so I walk out of my house showing my breasts and butt, knowing I'm going to get attention because they look fantastic, and I'm smiling because I know my body is desirable. If you catcall me because of the attention I knew I would draw, you're a rapist, but also, I dressed this way because the patriarchy influenced me to do it?

      I throw myself out there, physically, know it is a distraction to a straight male, and that straight male is at fault for objectifying me, even though I..


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      It's so screwed up I just laughed out loud at your comment, but that is literally the thought process

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      The sanity. My god, the sanity here.

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      THE REAL ISSUES OF EQUALITY are those that happen in third world countries, where 8 year olds are getting raped and nobody bats an eye, and women are forced to endure horrendous abuse.

      Be careful, this is a very slippery slope to walk down. It's very easy to imagine that you know what's best for other people based on your system of morality. Try to remember you don't know these people, and it's pretty egotistical to assume you know what's best for them, and that your system of morality is appropriate to impose on other people.

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      Oh yeah of course, because someone who prioritises being able to be a slut without consequences instead of dealing with the fact that 48 women are raped every hour in the Congo, must definitely be right. It's not egotistical at all to think that rape and sexual/mental/physical abuse is a more important issue to deal with than allowing girls to sleep with twenty guys.

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      Yes, we've gotten to the point of inventing problems so that we can continue pretending women are still oppressed here. Like changing the word "women" to "womyn" to take the "men" out of it... Ridiculous.

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        Have you read the sidebar?

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        Not all feminism. Just western feminism. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with sleeping around. I just think that there are bigger issues feminism should be focused on, instead of these little things.

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        I think there are bigger issues than a lot of the causes that people support. Just because people support one issue doesn't mean that they don't support another. You make it sound like it has to be an either/or. For reference, I'm not a feminist. I just don't agree with the judgmental attitude in this post.

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        I agree with this, Westerners will interfere with the lives of people in the 3rd world claiming good intentions like bringing Christianity or Democracy, but in reality they are just using an excuse to steal resources from these people.

        If Feminism was unleashed upon the 3rd world, it would be the same thing. To some extent America is already doing that: "The Middle East is so barbaric to women, we need to interfere to stop that!"

        Of course, there are many women who are treated like total crap in certain Middle Eastern countries, but this is not a valid reason for Westerners to interfere with the lives and culture of people in another country. Poverty breeds abuse. If we want to stop the systematic rape and abuse of women around the world, we need to address the problem of widespread poverty and economic disparities - not have Feminism poking their noses into other people's business.

        The reality is that the field of Feminism needs to be retired and replaced with "Gender Studies."

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        but in reality they are just using an excuse to steal resources from these people.

        And even the well intentioned efforts end up back firing making things worse, and in some cases making them angry at us. These ideas are always made by people in their cozy houses, living thousands of miles away, hypothesizing what might make other people's lives better. They are not made people who understand the culture, or even speak the language.

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        Exactly. The lack of cultural understanding is highlighted by the lack of people we send to these areas who actually speak the language or understand the religion.

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        Feminism should have no place getting involved in the lives of 3rd world women. The west has already done enough imperialism for several centuries. Let these people deal with their own issues. Many of the organizations that are "helping" them are just exploiting them neways.

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        I've never heard any feminist say the focus is to be able to sleep around. This is the first time I've heard of that.

        I thought their focus was just 'men/culture/society/poltics oppress us, woe is me. Blame blame. do nothing but bitch.'

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        After 2nd wave feminism, Feminism broke off into two different tracks. One was the "all sex is rape and porn is objectification" Feminism that most people are familiar with.

        Yet the second Feminism, "Sex Positive" Feminism became more prevalent in the 90's. Many called this "Raunch Feminism." Feminists held parties where only the most attractive women were allowed, and had events like poll dancing and what not. There have been several articles written by Sex Positive Feminists about how sleeping around is empowering, and how women should be able to walk around topless etc.

        Sex Positive Feminism is probably the more prevalent Feminism these days.

        I really think it's all a desperate cry for attention from women who having nothing of value to offer the world. Most of the self described Feminists I know brag about all the male attention they get, and then quickly add how "annoying it is." Clearly loving all the attention they are getting, while acting like they are above it all. The Feminists I know also engage in many attention seeking behaviors like dying their hair a bizarre color, having bold tattoos and piercings, wearing slutty clothing, engaging in a hobby like burlesque dancing. It's all a big "HEY LOOK AT ME!" fest.

        Many of the Feminists bitching about Geek Culture and Fat Acceptance aren't complaining about real discrimination, they are bitching about the fact that they aren't getting the male attention they want. Guys in Geek Culture tend to dismiss women who have no real value to the situation, which is why women who are actually real Geeks never bitch about Geek culture.

        The whole Fat Acceptance nonesense is about fat, ugly women demanding attention from men who find them grotesque and ugly.

        Feminism these days is just a big entitlement fest. Women who aren't attractive, interesting or submissive enough to get real and lasting male attention use Feminism as a way to get the attention they so desperately crave.

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        Just the fact that there are 2 camps for feminism is hilariously ironic. Thanks for the info. Very insightful post

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        If people's attentions were brought to 8 year olds being married off to 40 year old men, or that battery acid was being used on women that disobey their husbands, who would care about anything Western feminism says?

        It's hard to look like victims when there are bigger victims around.

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        What's funny is how quick they are to bring up the plight of third world women when they think it will help them win hearts and minds.

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        Western Feminists like to claim a monopoly on victimhood. This is why so many reject dealing with Trans-Gendered issues, because they don't want to recognize that there are people out there who are facing real discrimination, and that their monopoly on victimhood could get challenged.

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        What annoys me about feminists is that a) they don't use logic b) they substitute logic with yelling and shame tactics and c) they expect me to apologize for my opinions.

        is that it's all focused on being able to have sex with as many guys as possible

        sex* without consequence FTFY

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        Agreed. There are few valid scientific studies that back up their points of view. Most of the "studies" and "documents" that support their theories are just pieces of paper written by other Feminists. If Feminists actually used valid studies of gender differences in human beings, their whole ideology would fall apart.

        Science says that the genders aren't the same. Men and women, while having many similarities, objectively have different brains. Male and female attraction works differently. But if anyone wants to go public about this they are just supporting the patriarchy blah blah blah.

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        The problem is feminists only want to attack the male side of the equation, even in countries that oppress women horribly, both genders are in on it, they're equally responsible, a culture is never created by only one gender.

        I give the example of FGM, it's only performed by women! Men in those countries have only ever known sex with butchered women, and they're given the extra treat of having their wives NEVER enjoy sex, what man actually wants a wife with a non-functioning pussy?

        My point is, when it comes to liberating women from terrible circumstances, feminists will not attack other women, it's ALWAYS men's fault, the men folk must have brainwashed them somehow... it's a pretty sad joke.

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        True point. I remember watching some documentary about FGM, and it was actually the WOMEN in these villages who were verbally defending this practice, particularly older women who were worried about young women stealing their husbands.

        Of course Feminists will argue "THESE WOMEN WERE BRAINWASHED AND COERCED...blah blah blah."

        In many African tribal societies, the elder women actually have a lot of authority and they willingly push rules that hurt and harm women.

        Most men get turned on by the idea of turning their women on. Female moaning does a lot to arouse the male sex drive. So yeah, I don't really see how a man could enjoy the idea of a completely sexless wife.

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        People are all inherently selfish. We all look out for ourselves first, then our family, then our extended family which you could extend all the way out to our race. After that there is no care.

        The selfishness of feminists doesn't bother me. The problems I have with feminism are that it is based on the false assumption that there are no genetically coded behavioural differences between the sexes, and the absurd lie that feminism cares about men's rights as much as women's.

        Arguing with a feminist is pointless though, as they're not budging on their fundamental assumption despite their being no basis for it in reality.

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        I don't know if you'll see this, but in addition to everything you said, it's actually very easy to see that feminism is incredibly hypocritical at every single level. For example, they argue against gender roles, while simultaneously USING GENDERED TERMS to define the people who fight (Feminists=women=good) or promote (patriarchists=men=evil) those roles. That is simple, irrefutable hypocrisy.

        The only way to make it not hypocritical is for the feminist to ADMIT that they're not in it for equality, they're only in it to gain every inch of power the world will hand to them. If they were actually concerned about equality of all people, they would be calling themselves egalitarians, where the focus is actually on equality, not just women.

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        Feminism is when these hoes and sluts have done nothing in their lives, therefore to attain meaning they jump on the feminism fad. I'd really wish that western women would be serious into finishing their school, getting a respectable job and marrying early with less chances of divorces. If they did this, would you think there would be PUA's? Most likely less and more Men would work hard to be the best husbands they can be. They wouldn't be fucking so many girls if they weren't opening their legs.

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        While I agree with many of your points, it's been shown that people who get married later have more stable and longer marriages.

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        My belief is that men should marry later and women should marry early. I don't know if your studies have data on longer marriages due to older men with younger women. The problem i see with this is that women arent looking for marriage until in their 30's.

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        I think the reason why marriages last longer for people getting married late is a lack of options, or a lack of competition. For example, let's say a woman near the wall gets married, at age 27. Even if she realizes that her husband is boring and she's not attracted to him after a few years, by the time she realizes this her SMV will be lowered. A divorced woman at 33 doesn't have much game. The woman knows this and will try to make things work with her husband, even if things are boring.

        Conversely, let's say a woman gets married young at 18. At 22 she realizes that her husband is boring an unappealing. She knows that if she got a divorce at that age, she could get plenty of action with her high SMV.

        Therefore, there is much more motivation for a woman who gets married late to stay married, rather than a young woman with many options.

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        That seems logical on your point but is she willing to try out the market once shes in her late 20s and early 30s? Plus being divorced and maybe having a kid isn't going to increase her value. If I'm going to marry someone and successful in my early 30s I would want to be with someone in my early 20s. No one said it was going to be easy.

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        In the study I read, it said that 28 was a good marriage age for women and 30 for men. I think this is probably for a couple that started dating at 24/26 respectively, which makes sense.

        While I agree with my RP ideas, the one major thing I disagree with is the idea of women marrying super young. I've heard all the arguments from an evolutionary standpoint, but the reality is that life is different today and people are having less kids than they used to.

        If a woman plans on having 3 kids than yes, maybe getting married young is in her best interest. But if she wants to have two or maybe even just one kid I don't think marrying at 28 is so bad. This seems perfectly reasonable. Couple starts dating when she's 24, couple gets married when she's 28, they have their first kid when she's 29 and the second when she's 31. Doesn't seem like a problem to me.

        I know that mentally I was not at all ready for marriage in my early 20's. The other point is that people live longer these days, yet instead of simply tacking 20 years onto the end of their lifespan, people are also taking a longer time to do things and having an extended youth.

        I don't think that's as bad as some people would make it out to be, as long as you are being responsible.

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        Yeah I don't think society doesn't necessarily teach women to get married at a young age, actually they push for the opposite these days. Therefore I can see why a lot of younger women aren't ready for it. It's is very difficult to find a young woman that's ready to get married and serious about it. Most places like South America and South Eastern Asia are likely to have these types.

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        However, when I was 17 I had a huuUUuge crush on my math teacher, who was like 35. Looking back on the situation, I think he had a crush on me as well because he gave me extra credit on my grade all the time for doing stupid things like getting a pile of papers for him or retrieving a cart from the library. He didn't do this for anyone else. But of course he didn't act on his feelings because he'd get fired, thrown in jail and ostracized by everyone he knows. So, giving the occasional extra credit to me was the best way he could flirt with me without destroying his career.

        Later on in life he got married and had a kid. When I was about 24 I met his wife, and she ended up being kind of a bitch who hen pecked him in front of me and only seemed to say negative things about him.

        Sigh...if our society didn't have stupid rules about age I might have married the shit out of him.

        I had a female friend from Vietnam who told me that Western Culture is way too sensitive about stuff like this, and that in Vietnam, it wasn't that uncommon for students to marry their teachers after graduating.

        Sorry, off tangent rant.