[Update] Boyfriend's Travel Plans with Female Friend (self.RedPillWomen)

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I remember thinking you should break up with him from reading your previous post. This just seals the deal. Good on you for deciding not to waste your time and resources on someone you can't see yourself with in the long run.

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    yeah I was worried about your self worth before, that you wouldn't think you were worthy of more. I'm really glad to hear that you've come to this decision. You are young enough to invest time in a good captain and be happy. You deserve better than a white knight

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      if you saw the other reply, believe me I understand about the attraction thing. You can't help it, a white knight beta orbiter is about as unsexy as a butch girl to a man.

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      Are you Sure he's not a girl?

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      He admitted she's "very attractive" but then completely contradicted himself in saying their relationship is "totally platonic." And in the example of your male friend, he also admitted that a guy is just friendly to a pretty girl so he can swoop in on her. He was drunk so he probably doesn't even realize how bad he was setting himself up.

      If he thinks she's hot, it will never be platonic. Platonic friendships between men and women only happen when there is no attraction. He's only being friendly to try to fuck her (even if he doesn't realize this and thinks he's just being "a good friend"). Even if they have contrasting backgrounds that prevent them from LTRing, there's nothing more sexy than a forbidden fuck on an exotic vacation away from parents, girlfriends, and the rest of reality.

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      Yeah, sounds like he is a beta orbiter and that's not a very attractive trait.

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        Someone like that would , excuse my crassness, leave me drier than the Sahara desert.

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        Damn that's a major league white knight... Glad to see you're getting out of there.

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        I remember that other post. I had thought, if the guy likes to travel, whatever. But wow, that's some really pathetic white knighting/beta orbiting and had almost nothing to do with travelling in this case. The women in the other thread about dumping him had the call absolutely right.

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        Definitelty sounds like the right decision, of course it's a lot easier said than done, try to keep in mind that conversation and how turned off you were and it should make it a little easier.

        He can say he's not into her all he likes but defending her so avidly when everyone else sees a reason to avoid her is just ridiculous and plainly illogical.

        In your first post I could see how there was little wrong with his travelling but this thing with her isn't about the travelling it's about providing her with comfort that no one thinks she's deserving of.

        Sorry it had to come to this, sooner it's ended the sooner you can heal and find someone worthy of your time :)

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          Yeah, the hurt is unavoidable unfortunately, which is shit when it's wasted on someone like this! but you're absolutely right, why put in all the effort to be high quality LTR material if he's going to be orbiting all over some woman he'll never have and who most people seem to dislike! Find someone worth the effort!

          and what kind of man sits there gushing all these compliments and justifications for some other girl right in front of his girlfriend?! Add that to the fact that he said "we're not compatible" rather than "No, I'm not remotely attracted to her" or "eh, she's nothing compared to you". Absent minded, illogical and not worth your time IMO :)

          Let yourself feel what needs to be felt and things will get better soon enough :)

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          Leave him. I'll be rooting for you.

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          Leaving him is the right way to go here :)

          If he is beta-orbiting right in front of you...that's just sad. Why would he even do that in the first place? He already has a girlfriend...

          My parents have friends that are now divorced, and they've been friends for 20 years. The female in the divorced relationship is very close to my dad, but she is also very close to my mom. They are truly friends, as established over time. She is also a great person, so it's hard not to friend her. I would vouch for your BF in a situation like that, but this is not the case. He sees a pretty girl, feels some kind of insecurity in your relationship, and is fostering another pretty girl's needs in case you disappear on him.

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          He had to pause and think about whether he would sleep with Anna if she wanted to. 'Nuff said.

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          The more I think about this, the less it makes sense to me. Why is he still holding on to these feelings for this chick? If he liked her but found her incompatible, he should have stepped out of her life instead of continuing to hover and nurturing this crush. And uhh.. why is her Rabbi-father letting her go on a vacation alone with a man? It's leaving me scratching my head... Maybe he's trying to romanticize her situation by exaggerating facts.

          Either way, good on you for deciding to dump him. Hope you'll report back when you go through with it. Best of luck!

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            For sure. I think the best way to go about it is to meet him for coffee somewhere. Don't say something like "I don't think this will work out" or "I'm uncomfortable with this and think we should stop seeing each other." It gives him room to debate it with you and try to come up with a way to 'make it up to you.' If you just say "I don't want to date you any more," it's a bit more direct. If he demands an explanation, tell him you're not attracted to him any more because of how he's handling himself and his emotions. That should stop it. Though, it can be seen as pretty mean... Idk, it's what I would do, but I'm pretty ruthless when laying out the situation to people.

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            Sometimes you have to be "mean" in order to do what's right. At times, you have to be okay with the fact that you'll occasionally be the "bad guy".

            There's a huge difference between being mean to someone in order to tear them down, break their spirit or otherwise harm them, and being "mean" by being firm and sticking to your guns when it's what's best for everyone involved.

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            I agree 100%, though I still wimp out a lot of the time in the moment.

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            Just a guy here, but I wanted to give you a vote of confidence that you did the right thing. He's not clear about what he wants, and that's a mess waiting to happen.

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              I'm afraid that the sub might accidentally give you the idea that all men are grown up and ready to lead a relationship - like it's man's natural state. That's a good theory, but doesn't apply to all men in modern society, or even most of them. That was man's natural state, but it just isn't anymore.

              A white knight is not someone that you can trust to act like a grown man. They're always trying to save a woman, which leads to them getting sulky when a woman doesn't need to be saved, (or want to be.)

              You'd have been completely turned off by him by his own behavior soon enough. A fantasy romantic is really crappy at keeping a frame and that will become annoying eventually, no matter what Disney and /r/relationships may say on the matter.

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              You're making the right choice. Break up with him.

              Would he be okay with you taking a trip with a guy? Of course not. And (although I don't know you) I hope you'd respect him enough to not even consider taking a trip with a guy. He can say what he wants, but the bottom line is that he doesn't respect you as much as you do him. Time to move on.

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              I see the "we're incompatible" line in reality to be more like "we're incompatible, but I'm working on it." If that makes sense? Definitely a lot of orbiting, hamstering and all that unpleasant stuff. You deserve better than that I think. :)

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              He admitted he found her attractive. He then says it's totally platonic and explains why. I think this has more to do with her friend zoning him than him not wanting her. It sounds to me like he got friend zoned and explained exactly what happens in male female relationships a lot of the time in these cases.

              He set himself up and explained everything to you. He talked it all away in his own head.

              I'm glad that you've come to decision to end things and find someone who is worthy of you and your time.

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              One thing I don't understand: why did your conversation with him turn you off?

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              He wasn't demonstrating his qualities as a great guy friend (how he wants the world to see it), but was rather beta-orbiting this girl.

              Firstly, I'd be turned off if any BF of mine was beta-orbiting another woman. Why would he do that if I was sitting right there next to him? Also, while some beta characteristics can be desirable in a man, such as a need/want for a family, white knighting is not one of them. It's desperation. And that's the opposite of confidence. It's kind of similar to seeing a girl walk into a bar wearing a leopard print mini skirt, crop top, heals, and expensive purse. She can be gorgeous, but she just reeks attention seeker versus real confidence. She might be attractive, but her actual sex appeal is diminished. This happens when a guy enters white knight mode. There is a difference between defending his woman and being a white knight, with both having various influences on how a woman is subsequently attracted to him.

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              I'm so sorry that this happened to you. Do your best, it isn't easy. I hope you find someone who isn't going to disrespect you like this again. It isn't fair.