Less than a week into reading 'The Surrendered Wife' my boyfriend sends me this message: (self.RedPillWomen)

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just wanted to say hi and say sorry that you always have to talk to me at my most exhausted part of the day. im always so beat right when i get home for some reason. anyways just wanted to say hi and youve been pretty pleasant lately. love you

We have been in a LDR for almost 8 months now and it has been turbulent to say the very least. The time zone difference is 7 hours so it has been difficult. I go back home (we live together) in less than a month and am gearing up for some major changes when I return. Thanks RPW :)

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First off.. your username made me laugh. Hahaha.

Secondly, I hope your new implements will make being together when you get home more enjoyable for the both of you.

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Thanks! I have come to realize very quickly that my boyfriend has been asking me to let him lead for quite some time. I am lucky I figured this out before it was too late.

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Nice, its really amazing how much guys appreciate this stuff, I never would have known. Currently experiencing similar success, thanks RPW

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Incredible, thanks for sharing! I loved the book. I wish there was a workbook.

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that book changed my life in the first hour of reading it. So happy for you!!

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So happy to hear my book helped you get a great response from your guy, Hams! This makes my day. LDRs ARE hard, but it sounds like you're keeping yours strong. Congrats!

I'm excited to be doing an AMA all day on June 3rd. Hope to see you there. I'd love to answer any questions or offer you more support.

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Oh, haha, my wording is strange. The Surrendered Wife is less than 300 pages. I have just been reading a chapter at a time. Not rush, really, since I'm not actually at home.

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This book helped me a lot as well

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That book is so short... Like an hour long. I thought she meant like, it's been a week since she read it and she's already noticing changes.