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Note: I am not saying that the way RPW approaches the red pill is wrong, I just want to offer my perspective on how I apply TRP and maybe provide a guide for women who are not interested in TRP as a sexual strategy.

About me: F, 24, Eastern Europe

Introduction: I consider myself a RPW. I do not like cooking, I am not family oriented and I value my business/career tremendously. As young girl I had a very low SMV, basically no value so I had to prove myself that I can rise using other methods. Quote: " Being an ugly woman is like being a man...you have to work for it."

Body: Depending on your upbringing you might also have acquired a masculine mind, like I did. Competitive, ambitious, focused on success. This is a part of you that you don't have to change in order to become RedPill. Redpill is about DEPROGRAMMING and UNPLUGGING. I don't see RedPill as a sexual strategy, this is not what Red Pill is to me.

On r/TheRedPill it's clearly stated that this is not a sub for teaching men to pick up women, or how to bed them, it's about becoming a better man. The way I see Theredpill and how I apply it resonates with that. "Deprogramming The Blue Pill, getting rid of your weakness, maximizing your value"


I will give you a few examples of bluepill mindsets I had to delete from mind once I understood TRP:

  1. Beauty is subjective - In my opinion this is a dangerous lie in current society. Beauty is probably the most objective thing about us, women. Personality is subjective because I am judging your persoanlity based on my values/upbringing and how it matches mine. Also I am judging you based on how you make me feel, which is an egoistical trait of humans. Intelligence is subjective. You are more likely to view me as intelligent if you agree with my opinions. But beauty is a set of visual characteristics that indicate good mating partners. If we wouldn't have this visual cues on choosing good mating partners our species would never have reached this far.

  2. We're special, everybody is unique - If you took TRP I am sure you know that beta-people love flaunting their uniqueness. As a RPW I think it's important to understand you're not a special snowflake and you shouldn't want to be. Neon-haired girls, male feminists and other blue pill groups think they are actually born for greatness.

  3. You are good enough - Blue pill propaganda to stop you from improving yourself. How you are now may be good but I am sure you can be so much better. As RPWomen we work on ourselves constantly without moaning how "insecure we are that we are never good enough". If we don't like something, we change it. A RPwoman doesn't complain and changes what she doesn't like.

  4. Eating disorder / Unrealistic beauty standards - Feminists are scaring young girls away from counting calories or eating less because OMG ANOREXIA SKINNY IS DANGEROUS YOU NEED AT LEAST 2500 CAL OR YOU FAINT ; Using eating disorders rhetoric to keep women fat and consuming is just propaganda. Also, if you see a beautiful girl on the street with pretty face and skinny body do not pay attention to her she is photoshopped to promote unrealistic beauty standards, beautiful women don't exist according to the BP. note: eating disorders can be dangerous, i am not talking about real anorexia, i am talking about propaganda.

  5. Men care about personality, humor, intelligence etc - I admit I actually really believed this and the biggest surprise for me when I took TRP was actually how little value men place on all of these traits. As a woman, a man's looks are just the the icing on the cake so in true blue pill fashion I thought men also think like this. Even if I am not interested in TRP as a sexual strategy it's very useful to me to acknowledge the fact that men care 99% about my looks. If you use this information to your advantage it can be very beneficial in reducing your social anxiety among other things.

The above examples are just what came to my mind regarding my blue pill programming experience.


Your weakness is your hamster. He helps you keep your blue pill ways by making you rationalize every mistake and stupid thing you do and turning that in your favor. The most important part of RPW for me is to keep the hamster our of his spinning-wheel.

TRP says that best women come from conservative and religious backgrounds and are educated in the pure spirit of the Holy Virgin. I do not believe this. These women have been kept in check by their current environment but once they get out into the wild with the hamster by their side, nothing is stopping them from becoming the "trash" that RedPill men hate (drunk, party girl, cheater etc.) Think about men who marry asian women and bring them back to the states thinking they have the wife of their dreams. If a girl was educated to be a sweet innocent virgin this is what she'll always be, right? Not unless she silences the hamster.

If you are honest to yourself and look at your behavior through a RP lens, you will know what is rationalizing and what's not. You will not cheat on your man not because of your religious upbringing, but because you understand that tingles are temporary and the value of commitment. You will be a great woman/wife not because of conservative values, but because you DEPROGRAMMED yourself from BP lies.

You know riding the CC is wrong, not because a priest told you, but because you saw what happens with post-wall desperate women who never got a man to commit to them. You know that your youth and femininity and powerful assets and you will make the most of them because you know what happens when you don't. You refuse to be an old lady with the hamster still spinning telling her that "she can be a great catch at any age!". You silenced the hamster to become a RPWoman.


With your hamster silenced you can now see clearly what makes you valuable. Maximizing your value as a woman comes down to your looks only, maximizing your looks as a great LTR prospect comes down to looks + homemaking skill (and the valuable advice on this subreddit), but maximizing your value as a person comes down to securing your future through your own means.

Men often say "don't listen to what women say, watch what they do", I advise you to do the same for men. Watching what they do, I see a lot of older men with high SMV leaving their older wives with good homemaking skills for high SMV young women. Dedicating your youth to a good man is great but without a plan B, that's a very big mistake. Up until recently women had no way of making a decent living on their own, so of course they took the role of the housewife and did it well because that was the only way of securing a future. In the modern world a woman has a lot of opportunities to make it well on her own and not taking them may very well cost you later in life. Save money for yourself.

Buy good clothes, best skincare, good makeup products and put money aside for when you approach the wall. There are a lot of techniques that will keep you looking beautiful even post-wall if you are willing to invest. Keeping your beauty long term is the most RP thing you can do as a woman, it will ensure your happiness long term and your husband's happiness in the marriage.

Conclusion: To me RPW means learning to filter out blue pill propaganda, silencing my hamster and keeping my value long-term. The red pill is about becoming aware of your weaknesses and dangers along the way (the CC, the atraction to "bad-boys", the need for validation etc.) and making choices for yourself that ensure you a good future.

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Everything else you've written is a great discussion of the pragmatism inherent in the application of RP principles. It's this pragmatism and the issue of RP being a praxeology instead of an ideology that allows RP principles to be applied to a wide variety of situations and circumstances.

I don't see Red Pill as a sexual strategy, this is not what Red Pill is to me.

This is the correct interpretation. There are various sexual strategies, for men and women, that can be achieved within a red pill framework, but contrary to popular belief, red pill theory does not specifically advocate one or the other. Instead, it only suggests that [list X] seems to be what works the best for most men in most situations and [list Y] seems to be what works the best for most women in most situations.

However, it also comes with the understanding that there are lots of exceptions, in both micro and macro form.

Conclusion: To me RPW means learning to filter out blue pill propaganda, silencing my hamster and keeping my value long-term. The red pill is about becoming aware of your weaknesses and dangers along the way (the CC, the atraction to "bad-boys", the need for validation etc.) and making choices for yourself that ensure you a good future.

Excellent summary of an excellent post.

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This is an excellent summary of RPW sidebar material, and provides a very good balanced answer/alternative to the SAHM lifestyle for those who don't want to be SAHMs. Thanks for the wonderful post!

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Here at RPW, we don't advocate "one right way to be an RPW". This is a great presentation of what an alternate path could look like. Thanks for the great post. I stickied it for more visibility. =)

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I was just about to sticky it as well.

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myth: Men care about personality, humor, intelligence

Actually, they do care alot about this. These traits create chemistry, it makes a more stable and interesting woman, it makes a better mother. It makes an HB8 sparkle, instead of just being hot.

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I think the myth is that it will move the attraction bar. It will not. It will only create a stronger bond once the attraction is already there which is equally important.

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Yes, that's a good way to put it! I see a lot of men going for attractive women and getting stuck in unhappy marriages with them because they didn't consider these things, but men who're lucky to get out of such relationships and learn from them or otherwise foster their emotional intelligence know the importance of these traits in a long-term bond. Maybe it doesn't come as naturally to men due to their biological drive not focusing on it as much as a woman's, but they certainly do better if they consider it.

I suppose this might be a resolution on our education sparring then, u/MsSadieDunham ? It absolutely does not raise your attractiveness, but it does raise your value through better bonding in LTR etc?

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:-) yes, a good compromise!

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Your looks still matter. You are definitely not married to the exception, there are no exceptions when it comes to men valuing looks the most. I think he is mate-guarding you and preventing your SMV from becoming higher than his so you don't leave him. The fact that he has you still working on your personality is evidence of this; everyone sees and benefits from your looks but he is the one who mostly benefits from your personality. Normally, an RP man would raise his SMV higher if he saw you making changes in your SMV. Your man is going about this a different way.

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You are welcome to disagree with OP, however we discourage the use of needlessly harsh language. Thanks.

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This is written so concisely! Great read for newbie RPW. Thank you for taking the time to write this and share it with us!

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This has got to be the best advice ever! I have a problem completing tasks. But however I will work on my beauty skills. I do want to learn domestic stuff but I feel better at work. I must have a big hamstering issue because I would believe in the RP then I have doubts of it. RP men believe we are inconsistent as well. However for us non homemakers this has got to be the best advice yet!