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Hey There!

So not too long ago I posted about sharing my desire to develop more domestic skills such as gardening, sewing, and becoming a better cook.

Well I'm excited to report that I've planted some herbs and 2 out of 4 of them are thriving (my chives and cilantro)! [Where I live now the weather has been getting cold so I'm worried that's affecting the parsley and oregano so I plan on bringing the herbs indoors.] I feel such a sense of satisfaction watering my plants each day and was over the moon when my cilantro burst through the soil!!!

I haven't done much sewing, but perhaps with Halloween around the corner I can do something small to put together a costume.

As for cooking, I've been really throwing down in the kitchen! It's saving me money, and I feel really pleased when I enjoy the fruits of my labor and when others comment on how good my food smells :D. Plus, since I have a lot of group projects and loads of apples and pumpkins, I plan on practicing my baking on group members.

And tonight I hosted my first ever dinner party! I was super nervous about it, but I think it went well. I got some china and wine glasses from Goodwill, set the table (centerpiece and everything), laid out appetizers, and prepared lasagna and a fruit salad dessert. I invited some lady friends over and they raved about how effortless it seemed, how great my lasagna was, how homey my apartment was, how good of a host I was, etc. And it made me feel really GOOD. And once I got over the nerves and saw all my guests were having a good time, it was a lot of fun. I'm so glad I made time in my hectic school schedule to organize this.

So I think I've made developing my womanliness a priority, despite being in graduate school. And it feels really good, which I didn't really anticipate.

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That's great, just reading about you being so content and happy made me feel better too. :) Thank you for sharing this. :)

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It sounds like you've really dedicated yourself to this! I'm so glad you're seeing the results!

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I'm about 1.5yrs away from having my own place, and I'm SO excited about the idea of being able to host a dinner party haha. I'm considering making a post about it if that wouldn't be too far off-topic.

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Thanks for sharing that! Makes me feel good. It's fun to host isn't it?

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