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I know this is only lightly red-pill-flavored behavior, but I love checking Humans of New York and one of their recent posts features a married woman with a disabled child. It's a short quote but very touching and very in keeping IMO with Red Pill advice. Text is copied and pasted below.


“People who see us from the outside think that our greatest struggle is the disability. It’s not. Our greatest struggle is that we’d fallen out of love with each other. I lost a lot of my independence when Tatiana was born. I fell into a depression. He was working a lot. We grew distant. I didn’t think I could ever love him again. Two years ago I prayed one night, and said: ‘God, you’ve done so much. Please grant me one more miracle and make me love him again.’

The first change came from me. He’s always been the easygoing one, so I had to change first. I started trusting more. I tried to be more forgiving and understanding. I started to cook for him and organize things around the house. And he started spending more time at home. We started enjoying each other’s company. We talked about things other than diseases. And we started going out together– just like this. It was like I suddenly met a friend, who became my best friend, who became my love. And our life started over again.” (São Paulo, Brazil)

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That's beautiful. It reminds me of the movie Fireproof!

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Sadly that method doesn't work well for PTSD folks or other specific types of mental issues. Really like the book as well as the movie.

... it would be nice if bitching actually helped instead of annoy people. Lol

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I love this! I'm so glad they fell back in love. Sometimes all it takes is focus and a sincere desire to change to get you where you want to be.

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If more people were able to realize this, the number of divorces would greatly reduce :) Extremely sweet and moving story, OP

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I saw that story too, and I almost shared it. "Be the change you want to see in the world"- I love that quote so much that I stitched it on my graduation cap. Sometimes, you have to be the first one to start addressing a problem.