FIELD REPORTField Report: "You make me feel so comfortable and loved." (self.RedPillWomen)

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My Captains exact words to me, while we were cuddling post coitus last night. One of my resolutions this year was to make more of an effort for him and it's been paying off ten-fold.

To set the scene: I was pressed up against him, with my head on his chest and still feeling rather handsy from how wonderful he just made me feel. I was just allowing my fingertips to graze lightly over his chest, shoulders and neck. Down his side, towards his very intimate spots and then to his muscular thighs. Whatever was within my reach, I made sure to just barely touch.

I could visibly see and feel him becoming a puddle of relaxed sexiness in my bed. I was already feeling pretty proud of myself for having initiated and successfully seduced my man but then he sighed out that wonderful phrase in the title... "You make me feel so comfortable and loved." It just made me fall even more in love, respect and admiration for him being mine.

So, ladies, how have you made your Captain feel amazing lately? Have you noticed the positive differences it makes? If so, please share!

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Ah, that one sentence that when uttered, makes you feel like you've conquered the RPW journey! I'll always remember mine. It was around my birthday two years ago and he said, "I can see a change in you and it's never made me feel happier, fulfilled or in control of my family," 💕💕

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Aww, happy for you! It's amazing the difference when we are positive influences on our men.

My boyfriend is going through a lot with his career, but he says he's managing much better with me in his life. He told me the other day that I'm a special woman and he's not going to let me go easily. And he's taking a lot of initiative and responsibility the past few months.

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That's amazing! ❤

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I melt when my boyfriend looks over at me and says "you make me happy."

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That is so awesome!

The fastest way to make my husband feel appreciated is to help him get ready for work. I work as well as getting the kiddo on the bus, so taking the time to make his tea and pack his lunch really matters to him. It doesn't hurt that I indulge his inner 5 year old with a PB&J, Capri Sun, and Fruit Rollup. He will occasionally look at me and say thank you, but even if he doesn't have the time I know it means a lot to him.

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Good wow, or "you married a man-child" wow? Lol

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I mean wow your story really made my heart melt haha

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This is beautiful!

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