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Wanted to share this cute little personal essay in the NYT, written by a wife who used to be a slob, got married, and learned to change her ways :) As a recovering slob myself...I really empathized!


Here's the ending quote from it:

"Me, I’m a recovering slob. Every day I have to remind myself to put the moisturizer back in the medicine cabinet, the cereal back in the cupboard and the trash out before the can overflows. I have to remind myself to hang my coat in the closet. And when I accomplish all of this, I really do feel like a magician. Because now, when my husband comes home, the first thing he sees is me."

[the last line is a reference to her husband asking her to clean the dining room table, which is the first thing he sees when he comes home]

I haven't read it, but the author has a book of short stories called "American Housewife" and seems like a really cool lady! She is, btw, actually a housewife (no kids). I found a fun interview with her in Vogue that also had these two very fun quotes:

“I like saying housewife because it stops people from talking to me too much. I like to just watch and play. It lets someone make their own judgment. Based on how you judge me, it lets me judge you. I want you to underestimate me, always.”

"I found out I was pretty good at it. I like to be home alone. I like to clean my apartment. I like decorating. I like cooking. Everything that I Love Lucy liked, I like.”

In addition to being a published author twice over, Mrs. Ellis is also a professional poker player! A very cool lady, all in all.

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I want you to underestimate me always

Professional poker player

I like this lady.

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I loved this and can relate to it. I just ordered the book from my local library.

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My local library only has her first novel, Eating The Cheshire Cat, so I placed a hold on that. I also requested American Housewife to be ordered. I love her writing style.

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Haha I love this! And while maybe not to that extremity I definitely relate. Going to check out her book. I am often ignored after telling people I don't have a job. I love how people weed themselves out!

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I haven't read her book but from reviews it's very very snarky and the tone is super different than this essay - it's a very literary exploration of what it means to be a "housewife", not a book that advocates that lifestyle or anything. Just so everyone's reasonably warned!

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“Helen Michelle, some women would be beaten with a bag of oranges for sass talk like that. You married a saint. Clean the damned table.”

Thank God for the Mother.

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Thank you, tempintheeastbay, for posting this article. I am the same way, but only I am a total slob privately throughout the week. Come Friday, I hurriedly clean before my boyfriend stays with me for the weekend. I am cleaner than I was a few years ago, though... boy, I hoarded crap like crazy. Then I had to move across the country for school and could only bring a few boxes. Donated and threw away everything and it felt amazing!

I love the smell of Pine-Sol and the feeling of a nice, clean house. But sometimes I am just so lazy and would rather watch a Netflix Original (anyone else watch The Last Kingdom?! So. Freaking. Good!). I should try listening to podcasts while I clean.

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That's the only way I can get myself to clean! Actually I only let myself listen to my guilty pleasure podcasts when I'm cleaning or commuting as a way to motivate myself :p

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Wow, that's some intense slobbishness! I was thinking I'd be reading a story from someone like me (I tend to let clothes and papers pile up), but that was a cut above! Reminds me of some old roommates of mine.

Her story is encouraging though. I've been thinking of making a post here asking for advice on how to be organized and neat, because by nature I am messy (though I hate messes).

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Haha that is 100% the level of slobbishness I was at!! I can't tell you how miraculous it is to me that I don't live like that now, I guess that's how I know it's true love ;)

I'd love to get that advice too! It's easy to keep things "clean" because we hire people, but we might be tightening the budget so I need to be able to handle this stuff in the future.

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Omg i want to meet her. I'm a total slob too haha