We Hit 5000!! Lurkers and Newbies--Come out and Say "Hi!" (self.RedPillWomen)

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Come on out and introduce yourselves!

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Hey RPW!

I found RPW after a redditor mentioned it at /r/AskReddit concerning something about..."one the most depraved subreddits." I curiously checked it out...and BAM!...I was hooked. I finally joined a while after "grasping at all straws" while "dealing with" my SUPER alpha husband as a "pseudo/3rd wave-feminist". I knew I loved him and was attracted to him for SOME reason, but I could not come to terms with why or how during our darkest of times...
His alpha was disgusting to me because I could not accept it, nor could I understand how to compliment it.

I was raised in a religion that values traditional roles between man and woman. I always bucked at it as a "pseudo-feminist," but dudes...feminism is the joke and RPW is nature's way. At least in my understanding of it, anyways.

Achievements Unlocked:
1. Appropriate communication methods established
2. I know my place and what's expected of me, AND I FUCKING LOVE IT THAT WAY.
3. Our sex is utterly amazing.
4. I finally trust that the value my husband holds in me as a "First Mate" will only appreciate with time, not depreciate.


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Funny, that's how I ended up here, too.

In the short time I've been here, I've managed to embrace my role as my husband's first mate and I am happier than I have ever been in our 10-year relationship. To be certain, it was ever bad, just periodically stressful. Now our house is cleaner than ever, we have fresh food for lunch and dinner, and our young one has much less anxiety and behavioral problems. Oh, and I'm losing weight since I'm not stress eating all of the time!

I was raised pretty blue-pill, so this transition has been and continues to be rather challenging. I really do appreciate every one of you and the existence of this sub!

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Achievements Unlocked

I love this. Welcome!

Edited to add: This makes me so happy: I found RPW after a redditor mentioned it at /r/AskReddit concerning something about..."one the most depraved subreddits. I curiously checked it out...and BAM!...I was hooked."

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Hi! I subscribed in December but I've always been too intimidated to post (which is silly, I know). Before finding this sub and the rest of the online redpill community I felt so alone because I didn't know a single person who had the same views as I did on gender roles, feminism, and the rest. I'm 19 and in college, and although I have a lot of friends, I haven't been able to be 100% myself with the majority of the people that I interact with. I thought that joining a sorority would allow me to connect with similar-minded girls but while my sisters (who I love) are more feminine in appearance and interests, many of them are also heavy partiers who sleep around. I barely talk to anyone about my political beliefs, my desire to be a homemaker and homeschool my children, and almost no one knows that I'm waiting until marriage to lose my virginity. Since joining this sub and reading all of the great posts, I feel more comfortable with my beliefs and less like I have to hide. I would like to thank the mods and regular contributors for all of their hard work in running this community! Especially /u/danabanana9 who according to RES I have upvoted 80 times haha

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    Thank you, I'm so glad you can relate :) It's good to know there are others my age going through the same thing. I definitely appreciate how welcoming everyone is here, and I'm excited to be more active in this sub!

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    As a 19-year-old college girl, I can confirm you just don't talk about TRP with people. I lost friends quickly and got accused of indoctrination (as if it's a cult) when one of my other friends began to agree with me. It's not pretty.

    In those cases, you have one of two options:

    1. Make new friends.

    2. Keep the RP information out of conversation.

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      Oh, I have highly volatile militant feminists for (former) friends. You're totally right about the claim being a baseless one. They refused to even try to listen. Just a continual "That's ridiculous. TRP (and RPW) should be downvoted to oblivion. Anyone who believes in that crap makes me angry because they should have respect for themselves" with no decent why. It wasn't pretty, and I learned my lesson quickly.

      First rule of TRP? "Don't talk about TRP." Especially not around BPers. Better to lead (women) by example than try to tell them they're wrong. They'll listen better that way.

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      I have always grown up with my beliefs that nobody else around me seemed to understand. I am now 23 years old and really coming into my own in understanding exactly what I believe and the type of man I want to be with. Whether or not your friends/family/sorority sisters agree with you and what you find is ideal in a relationship is something I've learned you need to come to terms with just as they need to with you if you decide to share. I don't personally care about anyone's opinion anymore when it comes to what I believe a man, a relationship, and a life should be for me. The only person's I probably care about is probably that of my future husbands. Anyway, glad to see other younger women I can relate to, and glad you spoke up just as I did! (:

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      You're so right! I've been limiting my own growth by worrying about how others view my opinions. This is something I'm working on right now; this sub & manosphere blogs have been great resources. I find that having a clear understanding of what I believe and why has strengthened my resolve. It's great to know that you've been through a similar process, thank you so much for your perspective!

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      You're very welcome, and thank you so much for sharing your own story! It's great to see other women close to my age who understand how I feel and what I battle in order to lead the life I want.

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      I'm so glad you found us! Stick around!

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      Thank you, I will!!

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      welcome aboard! lots of younger girls are starting too join, you are breaths of fresh air and a VERY welcome addition to this community!! dont be afraid to speak out!

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      Thank you! I will definitely start posting and commenting :)

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      Sorry to rain on the parade Ladies but I have 2 accounts, so technically its only 4,999 subs.

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      Nah, it's still 5,000. We're just so great, you subscribed twice =D.

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      I have three so... 4,997

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      I just found your comments that the automod removed - I'll keep a lookout for them. It takes a few before you can post unmoderated.

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      Hey ladies! I subscribed here 6 months or so ago after stumbling on TRP via /r/new. I stayed off the carousel, but was in a very unhealthy relationship with a man (my first EVERYTHING) who ended up spinning plates for 10 years, while keeping me as his #1 and being ultra jealous/crazy. I finally ended that at age 26 when he knocked one of them up. At 27 I met a good, hardworking, kind, RP-style man, and am now engaged at 30 (he's 36). I'm not sure that "the wall" is such an issue if you don't have children, take good care of yourself, and try to make your spouse's life better.

      I often feel compelled to talk a bit about my experience when I see posts by ladies who fear the wall, but haven't yet. Maybe soon. Anyway, thanks for being here. :)

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      It's great to have you; please feel free to join in the conversation!

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      Welcome - I hope to see you around more often!

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        Welcome! Please join in!

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        Yay! Welcome!

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        I found this and the RP while trying to find a (reasonably) polite 3rd party way to explain to a Beta friend why I am happy in my LTR and he is miserable. I'm a guy, but may have some offerings of hope on the self improvement and Girl Game tendencies exhibited by my SO. It's made for a wonderful partnership and we're both happy.

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        I wonder how many subscribers on RPW are men and how many are women?

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        From what the kids tell me, guys are in need of some hope. Wouldn't be surprised if it was 1/3.

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        yay! welcome

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        I'm so excited! 5000! And I love these newbie and lurker threads - the new girls always make me cry, LOL.

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        Well hi _/ I've made I think three comments here... I actually made a reddit account just to follow this board. As computer geek I feel ashamed for ignoring the greatness of reddit XD

        I actually found this place from a random google search that lead me the a blog "AverageMarriedDad" which led to another blog to another to another to here. A fun rabbit hole jump to wonderland! hehe...

        Well im 21, going on my second year of marriage, and just happy I found a sliver of the web that agrees with my lifestyle and what I want to do. I've always been fond of traditional values, and am religious, so this place is like a breath of fresh air. Just reading here and on blogs like redpillwife I've learned a lot about myself and ways I can improve my relationship with my husband. And wow the little changes I have made have already made a big difference. Just by me being more submissive, hes taking more of a lead and I love it!

        I just wish more people would see this place. I know A LOT of married couples that would be a ton more happier if they followed this method...

        I think one of my favorite reads was "Be his soft landing spot" or something like that... I lost the link and cant find where I read it >.<

        Edit: typos and stuff

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          That was one of the best things I've read on here. I have a hard time finding good, applicable RPW stuff to read. Partially because I am still working on basics and partially because all the stuff I seem to find is geared towards men spinning plates, which is not where my relationship is at.

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          Well, weird. Your comment wasn't on here a couple of minutes ago. Thanks for putting up the link!

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          Thank you both for the link!

          Side note though, I was re-reading my comment and remembered why I lurk or pre-type my replies and sit on them for a few hours or so... When I just type what I think to respond I sound like a hyper 12 year old, that or an over-joyed paid testimonial...

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          I didn't think so. You just sound like a happy woman.

          I like that you married so young. I'm hoping my girls can find a good man and do the same.

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          It's exciting to find likeminded people!! I use so many exclamation points that I look like a demented lunatic Lol don't sweat it!!

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          Good to see you here. Welcome aboard!

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          I don't know where to put this, or whether I should make a new thread but: I feel like we're less of an echo chamber than r/BluePill is. We, on one hand, are constantly debating and deciding and wondering on what exactly our ideology is, since it's so new and is just becoming popular as an ideology (was already popular as a behavior). Them, on the other hand, have only one ideology: hating us. They don't debate that. They don't take an aspect of the opposing ideology and say "does this have worth?" like we might do with a tiny facet of feminism, etc. They are merely an echo chamber of hateful circlejerking Tumblrina feminists.


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          They don't debate that. They don't take an aspect of the opposing ideology and say "does this have worth?" like we might do with a tiny facet of feminism, etc. They are merely an echo chamber of hateful circlejerking Tumblrina feminists.

          The one that kills me is the idea that RP is inherently misogynistic and that we hate ourselves. I have pretty decent self-esteem, especially in the context of what I have to offer my relationship. /r/twoxchromosomes talks about how we're all a bunch of self-hating females, and I don't feel that way about it at all. It blows my mind.

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          It's just projecting. I shared an article recently by one of my feminist girlfriends who admitted that she was a female mysoginist. She hated women and she hated the part of herself that was a woman! The root of feminism is that women are weak so they need to try to be strong (like men). It's the feminists who need to get in touch with their feminine side, not men!

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            Men and women have opposite but complimenting strengths. Perhaps they can be "equally" strong, but it's just a different kind of strong and it isn't really helpful comparing. Men know that women endure childbirth, they have no idea what that is really like, but they can appreciate the strength that it takes.

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            seems like a good place for it to me lol

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            Truth. Tumblr feminism is what sparked my boyfriend to show me TRP. I was openly telling him how much more I was getting annoyed each time I read a new Tumblr-feminism piece. I went from militant feminist to a work-in-progress RPW very quickly after I thought over what TRP stood for.

            Then I found this place months ago. ;)

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            I am trying to become friends with the Tumblr feminists.


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            god you guys are all so awesome when we do this!!

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            I think this has resulted in even more people making accounts and subscribing just to participate in this specific thread!

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            awesome, we do, welcome!

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            I'm a guy. I just like reading your comments and occasionally chiming in. Great stuff an I hope you keep it up.

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            I say pick a new main account and join us!

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            I have been an /r/redpill lurker for a while, subscribed a few months ago, but just started posting there and here very recently. I've always had the mindset and beliefs of those who have swallowed the red pill, but never really understood them until I found these subs. I have many friends and family members who tell me I want a 1950's life style, that I want to be controlled/abused. It's very comical how they view what we do. Anyway, I figured this submission was an invitation to introduce myself, so hello /r/redpillwomen! It's lovely to join in the conversation with you all, I learn something new every day here and appreciate you all who post and interact.

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            many friends and family members who tell me I want a 1950's life style, that I want to be controlled/abused.

            Isn't it weird that they think being nice to your husband will get you abused? No people! Being nice to your husband and putting him first will MAKE HIM APPRECIATE YOU MORE!!!

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            Thank you, I absolutely agree! I just laugh as they carry on to argue with their boyfriends/husbands over things as simple as who cleaned what last, who paid for dinner last, etc. Basically just daily pissing contests. It's silly, and I don't want those kinds of issues in my future life and/or marriage.

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            Isn't it weird that they think being nice to your husband will get you abused? No people! Being nice to your husband and putting him first will MAKE HIM APPRECIATE YOU MORE!!!

            I think it's two things: a misunderstanding of who we are and what we do, and a lack of awareness in their own relationship. I generally don't tell people that I have a RP mindset, but I do tell people that I find my relationship works better when I focus on the good things I know I can bring to a relationship. When I present the idea that putting a concerted effort into making my relationship a good thing, and that the ways I tend to do that are domestic, people are like, "Yeah! Totally!" I've gotten some snide comments about playing housewife when it comes up that I like to cook/clean/pack his lunch/rub his back/whatever, but it's a lot less hostile than it would be if I was blatant about the RP influence. The other thing is they don't tend to frame their own relationships that way. People joke that I spoil my man, but then I point out two things: one, that he always fulfills his parts of the relationship, and that by bringing the good stuff that I can to our relationship, everyone benefits. Nobody ever tries to dispute that being good to him makes him happier, and that a happy man benefits me, but they don't take the same principle and apply it to themselves. Generally, they're focused on what they should be "getting"--and then wonder why they are always frustrated and miserable.

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              I absolutely agree. There is a major difference in the two, closed minded people just don't understand that.

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              If you are in an abusive relationship it means you both have seriously unhealthy case of ONEitis. For the woman to stay with an abusive partner means she values the relationship more than herself, she doesn't think she can be with anyone else...this person is her only option and she'll suffer trough abuse rather than leave him.

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              Congratulations on hitting 5000! I ended up here while searching for RP material for women after having read "manosphere" blogs for months. I've been lurking for about a week, wondering if I should make a account or not - this post is what decided it for me.

              First, English is not my native tongue, so please forgive me if I write anything strange. I'm 19 and have soon finished my first year of college. I've learned now that I've always been more of a RP person, despite never knowing that this mindset/way of being actually had a name. Needless to say, I have very little (if anything?) in common with my peers where I'm from when it comes to views on sexuality, men, what's important in life etc. However, I'm glad to tell that it never stops me from doing what I feel is right for my family, SO and myself. Later this year I'll have been with my SO for four years, and I want nothing more but to one day become his wife and bear his children.

              Sorry if I wrote too much in this first comment of mine, it's just that I'm so happy to finally find someone to talk to about all these things aside from my SO and nearest family! There is so much I would like to tell and to talk about that I hardly know where to begin or where to stop!

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              You can never write too much! Welcome

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              Hi :)

              Long time lurker here, this thread has encouraged me to finally make an account. It's nice to see a little place on the internet where women help each other become better women. I want to improve myself for my future husband and children, as well as become a better daughter, sister, and friend.

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              most of the most active of us are introverts, intj or infj, come say hi on IRC sometime, you know how intro's love noncommital online chat relationships lol

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              Oh man. Intj's? I have found my people. I may come out of lurk mode more often.

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              i'm an intp and lol yes i do love noncommittal online conversations. chat rooms can be overwhelming for me though.

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              I'm very extroverted but don't have many friends I can share these views with so end up spending a lot more time on my phone haha. Wish I could host a RPW party but don't have anyone to invite in person!

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              INTP here. ;) Love my online chat relationships (will be returning to the IRC as soon as I can)!

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              Hi, TRP whilst great after being on it for a year feels like the simpsons - the same thing all the time now and it's mostly about non helpful girl-bashing rather than useful life advice. (although the new mods seem promising)

              Also RPW is almost the LTR-version of redpill because I for one do not care or want short term flings. Yes sorry I am a man in this place but I have gotten express permission from dana over on the irc that it is okay to come post here.

              The most interesting bits of the the redpill for me is the parts that lie in the gray area between TRP and RPW - the compromise that must ultimately happen but get's lost in the idealism that is spewed out constantly (not a bad thing, most new-comers need to be shocked but for us more older-piller's it gets tiring)

              Edit: I'm also a total fanboy of TempestTcup and PhantomDream... their advice just makes me want to give them a strong handshake. #1Fan

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              lol you are allowed to post here as a man with or without my permission! welcome aboard

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              They make a lot of new subreddits at TRP, wonder if there's enough demand for /r/trpLDR?

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              Not wanting to dismiss you, as you bring a fair point. The problem with most offshoots is the best discussion happens in the main subreddit, and as a whole trp is very anti-ltr or marriage. Seddit is decent for long term game but imo its not what it used to be and still gets flooded out by the ONS information.

              However if it does get made, I am interested. Yourself, do you think it would be a useful sub? I find i'm the odd one out when it comes to a lot of trp conversations since im not getting action left right and center (but im cool with it)

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              Hi everyone! I know I'm a bit late to the part so I don't know if anyone will see this, but here goes.

              I've been subscribed to RPW since last year and I've lurked here for even longer... I guess I was too nervous to make any comments or posts and "put myself out there", but seeing this post encouraged me to do so :)

              I still can't believe just how much my outlook on everything has changed within the last year - it all feels so surreal. It started when I came across Karen Straughan a.k.a. GirlWritesWhat's videos on Youtube (I highly recommend them!), and from there I discovered the MRM, TRP, and finally RPW.

              I'm so happy to see other young girls on this sub! I'm 18, and I was so relieved to find a place where I knew I wouldn't be crucified for having "warped", "backwards" or "outdated" opinions on men, women, dating, relationships, etc. While the majority of girls my age are out "finding themselves" and "being independent" (i.e. sleeping around and partying), I'm incredibly lucky to have a best friend who's on the same wavelength as myself and this sub. We do cute things like buying matching aprons for each other and cooking in them together (from Jessie Steele, if anyone's wondering) :) I should really encourage her to make a reddit account because she and I already read posts on this sub together!

              Thank you to the mods and everyone else here for making the RPW community the wonderful place it is, and thank you for reminding me that improving myself and being honest with myself about what I want out of life is the only way I will ever truly be happy.

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              awesome ! welcome, please contribute!

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              I understand and love that biologically there is a difference between men and women, and I embrace it.

              I stumbed upon RPW I cant even remember how, but I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and decided to join :)

              So hi :)

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              Hello! I lurk and comment occasionally...if I have anything meaningful to add. I'm in my 30s, married for 10 years, three kids five and younger. I stumbled upon RP stuff while looking on advice on keeping marriage 'hot' after time and kids. Turns out I was a shrew and didn't know it, and things are rapidly turning around. It's amazing what a little info can do. Now I just have to work on my patience.

              I have a few questions for the group that I haven't posted yet (all sex stuff, so at least it will be entertaining, lol). Truthfully, I haven't fully worked them out in my head yet. So, look for those coming sometime in the near future. :)

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              lol welcome--PLEASE unscare these young women from having kids! thats how you can help :)

              [–]HappySnowGirl 1 point2 points  (0 children)

              Ha, or I may scare them more. It's a circus here.

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              things are rapidly turning around

              I am so glad to hear this - I love hearing success stories!

              [–]HappySnowGirl 2 points3 points  (0 children)

              Weird stuff is happening around this house. :) Today DH told me at dinner that he was thinking about using his bonus money for a family Disney trip. I almost fell out of my chair in shock. Not really an example about keeping things "hot" per se, but a completely out-of-nowhere, uncharacteristic behavior from a man for whom planning a family vacation is like scheduling dental work. He was so proud and happy of himself, too. It was adorable. I just beamed at him and told him how happy he had made all of us.

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                I have sex on the brain. Apparently the third baby is the one that makes you horny all the time.

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                I've been a lurker since about 4500 and I've been watching that number steadily grow. Way to go RPW. ..here's to the next 5000

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                Kinda still a newbie, just started posting a month ago.

                I'm so glad I found this sub. It's really encouraged me to become a better person.

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                I've been commenting a little, but writing is not my best medium. I have grown up knowing all this was so important. However, it is such a relief to know there are more women like me. Pleasing my man makes me feel good and makes me a happier, more content person.

                God bless RPW

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                I posted this with a different account but it was removed because that account was too new. Luckily I remembered about a spare I have that's never been used. I have been lurking for a few months now under my main account though. I guess I'm what might be called "purple pill" so I don't agree on everything posted here, but I'm not here to argue with people! Just to improve. I don't post much even on my main account, so I won't be getting in any debates around here.

                I come from a very liberal northern city but now live in the rural South, so I've seen a variety of lifestyles. In high school and somewhat in college I was pretty awkward and tomboyish. No surprise that I started a very masculine career after that, but I enjoy it and it's where I met my current boyfriend so I can't complain.

                Right now I'm working on becoming more feminine, learning how to cook better (especially recipes for my bf, who dislikes most fruit and almost all vegetables), and tending to my first garden. I feel more content with life than ever before, so I'm happy with how things are progressing!

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                Hello! I'm fairly new, and I don't post a lot. I'm currently in a monogamous, LTR with a great man. We live out a lot of RP philosophies, although we've never really discussed it outside of my talks about how hard it is to have friends when I'm in a very liberal city--it's a lot easier to find poly, 3rd-wave feminists than it is to find girls with my interests and hobbies who aren't constantly spouting off. I would like to participate more/read more RPW blogs, but I have a hard time feeling like I'm not going to insult someone or get it completely wrong.

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                Hi RPW. I am always too nervous to say anything, but I've been a long time lurker! I've always been RPW. Mom left when I was a kid and my father always valued my sister and I as treasures in his life, but had us be the women of the household (cooking, cleaning, caretaking of the chickens and such), and I didn't know the word for it (only some biblical things) and now, I'm young and about to be married and be a stay-at-home wife for the coolest guy ever :D (sooooon!)

                I really want kids but I do plan to finish out college at some point very soon because you never know what can happen, and since I am pretty young I probably need to, but the field I am best at is heavily male dominated and I am rethinking all of that.

                I'm a florist right now and I love flowers, cooking, crocheting, and makeup! :) I usually mind myself, because I am very nervous when talking to people online, but I'm working on it slowly but surely!

                So that's a little bit about me, and hello! :3 Thanks for being here RPW, and being such a welcoming place ♥

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                Yay! Excited that we're growing!

                [–]LadyLumen 1 point2 points  (0 children)

                Wow, I'm surprised how popular this has became. I'm a subscribed purple pill lady, but still check out this reddit for interesting tidbits and advice. Good job.

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                    TBP :( You do know that they only exist to mock us and troll us, right? They pretty much make the mods' lives hell around here. I spend at least an hour each day cleaning up after them and banning the worst of them. I have no clue why they can't just let us live in peace.

                    [–]swift-heart 4 points5 points  (0 children)

                    blue pillers have poor reading comprehension skills. they have such a hard time understanding that 1) we chose to become rpw and are not saying that women should have no agency whatsover in romantic relationships 2) we're not uneducated full-time housewives 3) most of us seem to be agnostic or atheist.

                    instead they rely on lazy snark and 'wow just wow' statements to feel superior. go outside you nerds.

                    [–][deleted] 4 points5 points  (1 child)

                    Haters gonna hate but all press is good press!

                    I came to TRP bc a feminist girlfriend was complaining about it and I instinctively knew that I'd agree with the opposite of anything involving her and relationships!

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                    Zealots and trolls with no open mind; they have nothing better to do with their lives than mock people who are happy so they feel better about themselves.

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                    Welcome! I hope you feel better, and it was good seeing you on the IRC!

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                    Hi :D I'm 22 and a housewife to my wonderful husband, 9 month old daughter and we have another daughter joining us in a few months :)

                    We naturally fit into very traditional gender roles so I joined here in hopes of bettering myself as a wife and to keep my mind focussed on more than just my children, which is surprisingly difficult, when you spend 24-7 caring for an infant you sometimes forget you are a wife too.

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                    "men with chests" excellent reference!

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                    Newbie here. Thanks so much for everything. RPW deals in facts... I wish more of the world would too.

                    I came to lurk RPW via my husband discovering TRP.

                    [–]webleytempest 0 points1 point  (2 children)

                    I found this subreddit when someone on Askmen made a topic about which type of people would you prefer in terms of subreddits, for a relationship or something like this. A couple of people replied with this place (who coincidentally seemed to get voted down just for mentioning it), and I took a peek out of interest. I never knew it existed before that.

                    I lurk a lot, but for the most part I don't have a lot to contribute. I'm a 36 yr old virgin male, who's never been in a relationship or experienced affection or intimacy, and kind of don't really think I have a place in today's society (I'm shy, introverted, highly sensitive, fairly passive - and don't feel like a "man", though I am pretty sure if I did meet the right girl, she would definitely inspire me to become more than I am).

                    I learnt about redpill before this subreddit by a totally separate blog that people may or may not be familiar with. This place - http://therationalmale.com/. Quite an eye opener in some ways because in truth I was very naive and clueless about how both genders operate (sometimes without realising it themselves). So from purely an interest in intergender dynamics and my own curiosity, I found his site to be vastly illuminating. It also showed me numerous errors/flaws I had probably made in attempting to get to know a girl online a couple of years ago, which emotionally/spiritually destroyed me. Just to clarify: she didn't do that herself per se, but the process itself/end result did. I am selective in who I pursue because I feel I have to be, but nothing has ever amounted to anything so I feel pretty hopeless and jaded about that side of things.

                    Anyway, rambling aside. I felt like replying because it seemed friendly and invitational, but I really don't post a lot here, so my input probably doesn't have much consequence. It's a cool subreddit though. Thanks for reading.

                    [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

                    welcome aboard, i hope you find your way to love, at least you are fortunate that men have a much longer span in which to do this than women

                    [–]webleytempest 0 points1 point  (0 children)

                    Thank you for the kind message.

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                    no i said dont do it HERE. period. you dont make the rules, you dont set the tone. and since you are apparently a feminist you dont belong here at all. you dont have any rights on our sub. you have to follow the rules like everyone else. go bash trp on other subs, we dont need you

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                    Hey RPW:

                    I stumbled into this subreddit for the first time the day before yesterday. It was from a thread that was bashing RPW. (troll x and twox) I decided to come in here to this and what I saw was refreshing. I am ashamed to say that I listened before when most everyone there was saying RPW were just basically women that alphas could walk all over. The straw that broke the camels back was that it seemed like I was always getting downvoted a lot for bringing another opinion and view into the conversation. While I'm not 100% RP, I do think this sub has much better ideas and is more welcoming on stuff.

                    I want to say to you all: I'm sorry for believing what trollx and 2x said.

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                    just as bad as idiot feminists who come here and cant read

                    [–]TempestTcup 2 points3 points  (0 children)

                    Well, we advocate RPW to have at least a commitment of exclusivity before sex, so if you want to put in some time and wait it out, if you do get into a relationship with a RPW, she will have sex with you A LOT for a LONG TIME!!!