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This might be interesting for TRP men as well.

After a terrible nights sleep and an enormous day at work I arrived at my SO's apartment on Friday night tired and emotional. I was on the verge of tears, exhausted and overwrought.

My SO took me in hand took me to bed and made hard fast love to me, he put the electric blanket on, it's cold winter here, tucked me in bed and told me not to come out, to nap and he would come and get me in an hour.

I slept with the wind blowing, warm and safe, I woke at one point wondering about the time but handed over my faith in my captain.

After an hour or so he woke me and I got up feeling happy, safe and loved. I cooked his dinner and spent a lovely evening together, feeling like the reset button and been hit.

Faith and trust... It's worth it. So lucky...

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The port in the storm is such a perfect analogy ! The port (or the lighthouse) stays steady and strong while the storm out there is wrecking havoc.

On Thursday I had a severe allergic reaction to the perfume my beautician wore. My fiancé drove me back home and I started having panic attacks and crying and screaming because it would hurt and itch and burn so much. He stayed calm. He was empathetic, but he didn't give in and start screaming or such. He remained very cold-headed and took me to the bedroom (after I took a bath) and held me in his arms until I fell asleep. The morning after my allergy symptoms were all gone, and I felt so safe in his arms... :)

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Wow, and I thought we had it rough here weather-wise ! (Canadian here)

It is a very beautiful story, thank you for sharing :)

Edit : May I ask what FR mean ?

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field report.

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Thank you !

For me FR means "french", so I was reading it as "French sent for a nap". It sounded a bit strange.

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oh i have seen that meaning of fr elsewhere, but not in rp. it certainly does sound strange in the context of this sentence, i giggled a bit.

glad i could help!

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Field Report. It's a holdover from the old days of the pickup artist forums.

Come to think of it, I wonder what those original guys would think of it being used in this context.

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Thank you !

Maybe they would disapprove, but it can still be applied in a variety of contexts.

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Wonderful, thank you for sharing. My SO is always looking out for me and during my busy season, I miss out on quite a bit of sleep. When I finally get to spend time with him, I usually want to stay up late, but he makes sure we settle down at a reasonable hour- I always thank him when morning comes.