Marion Cotillard on Feminism: "For me, it doesn’t create equality, it creates separation". (self.RedPillWomen)

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Hello! This is my first post. I'm a lurker who has recently become more active because, why not? I'm tired of hiding. :)

Actress Marion Cotillard said something in a recent interview with Porter Magazine that caught my attention:

“For me, it doesn’t create equality, it creates separation. I mean, I don’t qualify myself as a feminist. We need to fight for women’s rights, but I don’t want to separate women from men. We’re separated already but we’re not made the same and it’s the difference that creates this energy in creation and love. Sometimes in the word feminism there is too much separation.”

I agree with her so much, and I definitely think this applies to RPW! Appreciating the differences between the sexes has made me more comfortable with myself and others in my life. I'm not saying I'm perfect-- I still have some ways to go-- but I'm happy with just being me.

Have you become more appreciative about yourself since discovering you were a red pill woman?

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So yesterday I was watching this TED talk by Anita Sarkeesian (Sp?). To me her premise is flawed for being a feminist.... Men have a boys club, therefore they are wrong. That was the impression I got. She chooses to disrupt the boys club because they don't include her. By that, not only is she trying to join a club which by definition she doesn't/shouldn't belong to, but she is also creating an air of toxicity that is damaging to what feminism started out to be.

My perspective is that feminism should be about creating an all-inclusive club. One where people respect each other and don't use gender as a way to discriminate or devalue each other. We know we cannot be equal, even amongst women we are not equals, but as a collective we are all one and it isn't some boys club or girls club.

This brings me to my last point. I also believe that we make that word feminist out to be an ugly word. In the work space, I work just as hard, if not harder, than some men I work with. I expect to be paid fairly. I am. Feminist fought for that! Feminists won the battle. Now they are moving into a domain of supplanting the other gender which I believe to be counterproductive for society. I don't want men to be subjugated and censored. I just want my opportunity to speak and be heard and I think we have that.

edit: Forgot to answer the question. yes. I appreciate my differences more because of RPW. I see what I am capable of and what I'm not and embrace it. I have been happier ever since.

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    I am entitled to a relationship with a great guy, even though I don't work to make myself great for him.


    I am entitled to the same pay as a man, even though I take more time off.

    I think we are entitled to the same pay but I just think the system is structured to benefit women more. We just started doing paternity leave here and that is great. The system inherently favors a woman right now so actually we are imbalanced towards us. If I were told "CQ, if you get pregnant you are going to have to use your vacation time or not get paid at all" I think that would be a deterrent for having children for some. I don't think that is the solution but I think that if we are going to give women the time off then the men should also take the time off too. That is the only balance I can see there. Of course you are free to choose not to take time off but still that is beyond the scope of this.

    I am entitled to being respected as a "strong, independent woman", even though the state pays for my mistakes and life decisions.

    This one also kind of hits home. I had my kid at 17. I agree with you in that there are women who use the system to their advantage. Pop kids out at regular intervals to continue to collect checks. This is another inherent flaw in the system. There is no accountability. You meet x, y, z criteria then you get a check. That doesn't mean that other systems aren't being abused by men and women. Social Security. Unemployment. These all have requirements that are easily met by just doing what is in a checkbox. I never took welfare when I had my kid. I did use programs like healthcare and childcare so that I could work and finish school so I could get off the programs. That is what they were intended for but sadly not how they were designed.

    I am entitled to say whatever I want, live a sheltered life, away from aggression and "triggers", and treat men (and other women) however I want, but you're not allowed to treat me that way.

    yes. This one is the one I agree with most. it is so freaking ridiculous how these people are lobbying for twitter and facebook to police every single detail of information that is being posted just so that they don't have to listen to people who don't agree with them. You don't want to listen to the people on the internet then stop looking.

    edit: I also want to say it isn't that I think you are wrong. I just think we sometimes forget what the actual argument is because feminists and the like have skewed the real issues at hand with preposterous ideas to fix it.

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    Both of you have made excellent points. Feminist has become an ugly word because of people who use it in the wrong way. I believe men and women are equal, but different, which is why what Marion stated resonated so much with me. One site I frequent completely took her quote out of context and bashed her because God forbid anyone state anything other than the standard women are better than men and deserve more B.S.

    I'd also like to say that entitlement has become an issue with men and women alike.

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    If I were told "CQ, if you get pregnant you are going to have to use your vacation time or not get paid at all" I think that would be a deterrent for having children for some.

    Uh, where do you live? Because you just described America. There are companies who offer paid maternity leave, but it's not the standard nor is it required.

    I never took welfare when I had my kid. I did use programs like healthcare and childcare so that I could work and finish school so I could get off the programs.

    Who paid for the healthcare? Who paid for the childcare? Because if it was paid for by the state, you took welfare. What do you think welfare is?

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    Welfare is from the department of transitional assistance. Its food stamps and cash. These are the programs most people are referring to when talking about women who have children to live free.

    On the whole topic of maternity leave, you are right. I didn't know that. I've only worked places they were offered and thought it was the standard.

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    State-funded healthcare is absolutely a major aspect of welfare in America. It's actually the most expensive aspect of it. And cash programs aren't what people think they are. You're not just handed a blank check while you sit on your ass and the government subsidizes your existence--unless you're counting SSI or Old Age Assistance? That's generally just aiding the elderly though. I'm guessing you're talking about TANF when you talk about living free, but with little exception, you have to work to continue receiving benefits. Oh, and child care falls under TANF--and is considered welfare.

    I'm not saying welfare abuse doesn't exist, but I don't get people who used welfare and then later poop all over it. I briefly needed food stamps. You briefly needed child care and healthcare. Both of us are productive members of society, but that doesn't mean we didn't struggle, and that's how welfare helps.

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    I am entitled to being respected as a "strong, independent woman", even though the state pays for my mistakes and life decisions.

    I was actually defending it in my post against this specific statement made by another user. I know that these are helpful programs but when people talk about it as a negative, I can understand why. People abuse the heck out of the system because it is flawed. That was my argument.

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    In that case, we are in agreement. People who abuse the system do no one any favors, and whiny, tantrum throwing children masquerading as adults set my teeth on edge.

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    You know, since I started posting in this sub, it has been so refreshing to not have people swearing up a storm for no reason. It is so nice to be around ladies :)

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    I think you would agree with me that the way you described these feminists constitutes to immature behavior. The problem is that politics can benefit easily from immature behavior. They only have to pose as a parent figure and they get the votes of these people. So this situation will only get better if the other side starts to voice its opinion with about the same vehemence.

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    All of the things you are so proud feminism fought for women destroyed marriage and the relationship between the sexes. There is a reason we are anti feminist here, feminism is female supremacy and revolved around extracting concessions for women at the cost of men. There's no way to spin it otherwise

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    I think you are right. I still don't think feminism is bad. I think it is a bastardization of what is should and could be though. The contemporary definition of feminism isn't something I agree with but inherently I agree that I want my rights and choices but not at the expense of men. I think it is possible to have the two but then again I am an optimist in the potential society has.

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    I think that's the issue - what wingnut described is feminism. What you are describing is equality. The feminist propaganda machine took "women's rights" that the 1st and 2nd wave fought for, and turned it into a power platform, while convincing everyone that they are still fighting for equality. The word "feminism" =/= "equality" anymore.

    I agree with OP - the word now has a feel of separation and (to me) outright hatred towards men and anyone else who disagrees with this falsehood.

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    I do not agree with feminism for many reasons, the most of all being is that it starts from a point that "women are wonderful"and their way of doing is the only way right.

    Feminism seems to be about giving power without consequences to women - just think that any young woman can flirt with an older guy, even your husband, and still not be shamed because that would be slut shaming.

    Power without consequences.

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    The biggest problem in the separation of the sexes is that we don't know if we are cognitively different if we were to be educated exactly the same way. Because there still is an emphasis on prestige for boys and girls need to work harder to proof themselves.

    At least there was when we grew up, and I don't want to sound like Freud but our education has a huge impact on our personality. So I would say be yourself and raise your children the same way regardless of gender and maybe one day we will all be equally judged.

    For the word feminism tho I find it to lopsided. Disassociating men from the problem when they are a bug cause of it. As Jackson Katz said, violence against women is a mans problem. So I would like to coin the term equalist. Because we strive for equality and we can only be equal when everyone is in it.

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    I've long thought that the smaller population of Feminists that want equality in bad things as well as good (selective service, for example), should abandon Feminism and start fresh with "Equalism" or something similar. Feminism as a term is too tainted with crazy and bad PR.