DISCUSSIONthe little moment that he knew she was the one (self.RedPillWomen)

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I got a bunch of male friends (really my BF's friends, not mine) in a sappy mood and they started sharing stories about little things women did that made them feel very smitten (indicators of RMV mostly). This is a fairly RP crowd though not uniformly.

-Man, woman, and 2 friends were at a dinner, and they brought over 3 scallops (restaurant was famous for them). the woman reaches over the cut them and serve them, saves the tiniest piece for herself. little gesture of selflessness that just got to him!

-Man wanted to get out of a gym membership but as everyone knows, gyms are really annoying about it. It wasn't a big deal to him (not a lot of $) but he hates wasting money and it was nagging at him. He was surprised to find that a few days later GF had taken care of it - demonstrating her resourcefulness (she had a funny story about how she got him out of it) and thoughtfulness.

-Guy & girl meet at super pretentious artsy event (guy is not the type to know anything about art). Pretentious attendee tries to give guy shit/shame him about his ignorance, which just goads guy into being even more obnoxious ("Art is a waste of human effort" etc., making really ridiculous statements just to be defiant). Guy is basically cornered at this event. Girl (he doesn't know her super well) jumps into convo and makes some jokes about some esoteric and weird new performance artist. She simultaneously defuses the situation, sides with Guy (makes a point about modern art being ridiculous), and shows everyone there that she can hang with the best of them (basically saying don't F with me)

-Man watches woman complete super crazy race - she was coming back from an injury and he was really struck by her dedication & perseverance!

-GF telling her friends about BF's startup proudly (he was watching and very moved by her enthusiasm and faith)

-Guy visits girl's home for the first time and meets her parents, sees the place she grew up. It's a total shithole, and guy is really moved by realizing how far girl has come in life

Do y'all have a similar story about a small moment where you realized your guy was "the one" or he realized you were?

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I met the man I'm with now online; we both posted on a homesteading forum. There was nothing romantic going on between us, though, as we were both in other relationships. Coincidentally I happened to move about 20 miles from where he lived, so we struck up a friendship IRL.

He offered to do some work on my property that I couldn't handle myself (the barn needed new electrical wiring and the well lacked a pressure tank). The first morning he showed up for work, I was sitting on my front steps drinking coffee. He pulled up in his old flatbed truck with the windows down and reggae on the radio, jumped out with the engine running and started dancing in my driveway. OMG, I nearly hurt myself laughing! And the thought went through my brain like a lightning bolt that he's the man I should be spending the rest of my life with. It was just a passing thought at the time; as I said, we were both involved with other people. It took us about five years to figure things out, but, well, we're together now!

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This is so adorable! My very crass friend used to say, find a funny man, he'll be making you laugh long after he's stopped making you, well, you know ;)

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Well let's hope it doesn't come to that, LOL.

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You're story really made me smile. :)

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Moved into a new flat and became friends with the next door neighbour. She'd pop in for a chat and a cup of tea 2 or 3 times a week. One Tuesday, I casually mentioned that my chess club had a league match Thursday evening.

Got in from the match about 11pm. A few minutes later she's at the door. As I let her in, she says 'Congratulations.'

'For what?'

'You won.'

'How did you know that?

'I could tell by the way you were walking when you got out of your car.'

I was walking on air for days.

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this could be straight out of a sitcom, I love it. I assume it was so meaningful not just because it showed her insightfulness but it showed that she was watching you from her window?

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I empathize with this so much! This is very similar to my/our story. We had gotten Sunday brunch & coffee and he mentioned he missed having a gaming console. I insisted we drive straight to a Best Buy & pick up a console + a game, and then we spent a few hours hanging out, him with his new game, me half watching him play half reading a novel, splitting a few beers & pizza. No idea why but the afternoon meant a lot to him!

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We went to the same summer camp for years as kids, so we knew each other, but didn't get romantically involved until we reconnected at a party in our late 20's. The first weekend we spent together was perfect in every way, but the end sealed it for me...he sent me home with a huge bag of his comfiest clothes and an origami flower with a quote inside from a mutually favorite movie we'd watched together that weekend. That was March, I quit my job and moved two states to be with him in July that year. He proposed that next January, we were married that August. That was 8 years and two kids ago and he's still my very favorite person ever.

Edit to add, there was also a cd he made on the fly of songs we'd listened to and danced to that weekend. Still some of our favorites today. He's pretty fantastic.

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Sounds like Disney

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Ha! He's very very real. My own personal Prince Charming. Saved me from several metaphorical dragons over the years too!

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There are so many little things that made me fall in love with my man but one moment i've always remembered is visiting him when he was lifeguarding one day and watching him help teach some toddlers to swim and calling all the little girls "sweetie" and the little boys "buddy". He was sooo sweet and gentle with them but also silly and making them laugh. The little girls just looked in love with him. He didn't know i was watching him, so i knew it was genuine. I was so used to his masculine athlete slightly obnoxious 19 yr old guy side that this contrast really stood out. My ovaries basically exploded tbh.

The first family party he took me too i also noticed how he enthusiastically took his cousins toddler daughter to the playground and took real joy in playing with her. I could see what an amazing dad he would be!

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-Guy visits girl's home for the first time and meets her parents, sees the place she grew up. It's a total shithole, and guy is really moved by realizing how far girl has come in life

Hrm, this is more of a red flag than a special moment...