OFF TOPICExample of a woman coming out of the fog into reality. A pure and clean example. (self.RedPillWomen)

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Was watching some videos on line and I watch a lot of Jordan Peterson's videos I run across as they tend to have titles about powerful concepts and he words things fun so it's fun to watch. So this video comes up about a woman talking about how Jordan Peterson Red Pilled her.

I find this to be a wonderful video example of a woman just coming out of the fog. She looks dazed, confused, and curious where she is going to go now that the world inside the fog was bogus.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn44uyLkUo8

She talks about how she likes conforming to gender roles as she feels like she actually has advantages being a woman. (Sidenote, both genders have excellent perks for their gender. It's what makes working with each other great.)

Jordan Peterson talks about social and relationship dynamics quite often so it seems to be a fitting entry into RPW and other civil and non-censorship Red Pill communities.

Sidenote, your moderation team should come out of the fog into reality.

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I really like Jordan Peterson's videos - especially the ones about gender dynamics and social dynamics. It's a shame that he doesn't seem to be doing any public speaking / Q&A because I would definitely travel to see him speak.

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He's an intellectual/academic and not much of a "crowd-pleaser" type.

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We need more women doing shit like this, seriously. People authentically enjoy seeing the transformation in others. So many of us are scared, or simply feel like no one else understands us, so sharing these experiences gets that message out there "Hey, you're not alone kiddo! The world doesn't suck, people do! So let's try and make ourselves better, OK?"

We really do need more women just sharing their REAL experiences. I think that's why so many women are confused right now because so many women "lie" in public space due to their insecurity, and so instead of feeling a similarity with each other, which we ALL have at the core of being human, we feel alienated, and alone with our thoughts and feelings. This is why mama told ya "Don't Lie!" lolol

Ah well, sometimes ya gotta learn the hard way ;)

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Excellent comment. Thank you for sharing your views on this.